Braves 6, Dbags 2 (from Braves14)

Ian Anderson had his best start of the season, and the Braves offense provided some power to coast to a victory on a night where Leo Mazzone and Joe Torre were inducted into the Braves Hall of Fame.

Matt Olson homered in the first inning against Arizona starter Corbin Martin as the Braves scored first. William Contreras hit a 2 run homer in the second inning, and added another solo homer 2 innings later. He went 3 for 4 in the game. Orlando Arcia got the start against a RHP, and also went 2 for 4. (Snitker may not be as forgiving with Cano after his poor defensive performance in his last start.)

Anderson took a perfect game into the fifth, and finished with 6 shutout innings on just 1 hit, 1 walk, and struck out 9. He lowered his ERA to 4.99. It was only the Diamondbacks, but it is definitely something to build on.

Chavez and Matzek also pitched scoreless innings. Minter gave up 2 runs in the ninth to lose the shutout but was able to escape without further damage. Kenley Jansen is day to day with a catch in his back.

Cookie Carrasco pitched into the eighth as the Mets shutout the Marlins 4-0. The Braves kept pace at 3 GB. Max Fried pitches against Merrill Kelly tomorrow afternoon at 1:35 as the Braves go for the sweep.

Author: JonathanF

Alive since 1956. Braves fan since 1966. The first ten years were pretty much wasted. Exiled to Yankees/Mets territory in 1974 --- bearable only with TBS followed by MLB.TV.

35 thoughts on “Braves 6, Dbags 2 (from Braves14)”

  1. The trade deadline seems rather quiet this year. Lots of talk, not really any big moves except maybe the Castillo trade. I’m sure it will change tomorrow, but I doubt the Braves do much.

    I’m really happy for Ian. We’ll need that from him against the Mets in his next start.

  2. “That’s the great thing about the Braves… the ‘next man up’ philosophy.”

    A few rude questions for Chip
    1. What team at any level doesn’t at least preach that philosophy and attempt to implement it?
    2. What’s the alternative to this philosophy? Give up?
    3. If this is the Braves “philosophy,” what was the acquisition of Soler and Pederson and Rosario? Why weren’t Demeritte and Waters and Pache the “next men up?” What is Cano?
    4. That’s a separate question not directed to Chip, but to AA: What is Cano?

    Sorry for this rudeness, but the man’s platitudes get to me.

  3. I think that’s just one of those cases where the umps screwed up and then they have to decide which team they want to reward, since it’s a zero sum decision. On the playground, it’s a “do-over.”

  4. Braves continuing their shitty day-game play. This is getting ridiculous. Meanwhile, the Mets are drubbing Miami. They are the better team, and they are not going away.

    Just heard Chip say that Wednesday’s game against the Phillies is Morton against Wheeler. Oh, and it’s a day game. Then five against the Mets on the road, with the last being a day game. And they probably have to face DeGrom for that one.

    Folks, the next week is going to be UGLY for Atlanta. Count it.

  5. This is what an ace looks like. Virtually no traffic until one jam due to close plays, then he pitches out of it.

  6. Facing Cy Young today throwing 92 and nothing but weak contact. This is Chip’s dream of a guy they “knows how to pitch.”

  7. Max is an ace.

    Or we win both series vs. the Phils & Mets.

    I don’t think the Mets are a better team. Overall, our lineup is better (much more power) and our bullpen is a tick better. They have a very good top of the rotation, a coupla scary bats, and a stellar closer, but I still believe we’ll run them down.

    BTW, the Marlins have a reliever named Fishman — gotta like that.

  8. I realize that Kaminski played McCartney when McCarthy was at the plate, but he chose the wrong McCartney song: the guy on the hill is no fool.

  9. @10: Mark, I love ya, but remember when you gave up on the Braves to become a Pirates fan? Even you took that one back.

    But let’s go back to about 400 days ago: How did that work out?

    You could be right, of course. Stopped watches and all that. But you’ll forgive me for not “counting it.” As Andruw would say, either of them.

  10. Petition the league for no more day games. We look utterly helpless in the sunlight

  11. Another great Ab by RAJ. Please keep telling me how he is close and will he going off sometime soon. This is the most prolonged time I can ever remember of him struggling like this

  12. Kenley is weird. Gets two quick outs then can’t throw a strike to save his life. TdA and Dansby just bailed him out.

  13. RILEY MVP. How many of you predicted Riley would hit the game winner? Everyone? I was counting the ABs until Riley can back up from the 7th on.

  14. I wonder if Riley got the double in the 9th to break the monthly extra-base hits record.

  15. Wow. I was thinking about a pinch runner for Olson, but Riley made it where they didn’t need it. Listening on radio and watching TV, I loved them asking, “Is this the time for an MVP highlight?”, about 5 seconds before the blast.

  16. Chip: “The Braves found a way to win this one down to their last three outs.”

    Except that they weren’t.

  17. @25 I caught that one too, even half-distracted while doing some work in the garage. Which then leads to me loudly proclaiming his error and talking to nobody. Good thing I don’t have nosy neighbors, they might be worried for my sanity.

  18. @15: You remembered! I’m touched (in whatever meaning of that phrase you prefer).

    And I have to acknowledge, with no irony whatsoever–no one damns with faint praise quite like you, JonathanF.

    Glad the Braves finally won a day game. Still don’t think they’re better than the Mets. But of course, I hope to be wrong, just as that broken clock is all but two times a day.

  19. Braves reportedly interested in Drury (DUH). I think he would make a great acquisition because he can take Duvall’s spot even after Ozzie returns. Plus he is hitting everyone but he is positively crushing lefties (1.042 OPS) making for a good platoon (heavy on Drury) with Rosario. Or maybe allow Rosario to platoon with Ozuna. Plus Drury will be cheaper than Duvall for next year. And he’s younger than Duvall.

  20. @25 Chip sometimes just talks for the sake of making noise. Pulls out his cliche book and boom… drops a line that doesn’t apply

  21. I feel like Chip sometimes is just filling air because he thinks dead air is anathema, and when he does that sometimes his brain grabs the wrong cliche. Do not like.

  22. Brandon Drury is the perfect piece for the Braves to get. Plays LF against lefties and second base against righties. Would he cost any more than Tucker Davidson and Daysbel Hernández?

  23. I think Braves have no choice to go above price for Drury or Happ .. they are in a spot .. hopefully we get opportunity to trump what other teams offering even if it’s above what is reasonable..

  24. Hope the Michael A. Taylor rumors are a smokescreen – – remember his days in Washington – – and IMO he’s not a winner. Taylor having his biggest season in no-pressure KC doesn’t appeal to me.

    I imagine the market on Drury and Happ have gone up.

    Regardless of today’s results – – Melancon is welcome back here to ATL.

  25. If we don’t improve team now we won’t catch Mets … bottom line .. cause they gonna spend and they got deGrom coming back .. they have better pitching staff for sure ..

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