gNats Suck, Braves Don’t

Poor Erick Fedde. If the Braves didn’t exist, he’d be so much better. For the year, he’s given up 11 runs on 15 hits in 8.1 innings. Unfortunately, his career numbers aren’t much better and 1-9, the Braves lineup turns into the 2018 version of Mike Trout, spanking his bottom to the tune of a 1.101 OPS and, for Fedde, an 11.03 ERA in 10 career games. If the Braves didn’t exist, his career ERA would drop over 1/2 a run.

Sometimes we fans seem to forget that Charlie Morton broke his leg, rehabbed it all offseason, and likely wasn’t fully healthy at the beginning of the year. But, boy oh boy, we’ve had the full Uncle Charlie experience for a month now and it’s been downright delicious. In his last 5 starts, Morton is carrying a 1.60 ERA with 42 Ks to 8 walks over 33.2 IP. He’s back, folks.

The offense stayed blistering hot, scoring 12 runs on 15 hits. Eddie Rosario was the only player in the starting lineup without a hit.

Matt Olson‘s OPS bottomed out on June 18 at .777. In the 19 games since, Olson’s carried a 1.001 OPS with 9 doubles and 5 HRs. Here’s his moonshot from last night.

Acuña broke a 10-game homerless streak last night and from this video, I think it had been weighing on him. I’m expecting a monstrous 9-game stretch from him before entering the All-Star break.

Lastly, but definitely not leastly, Michael Harris II is an absolute monster. How is it that a player is promoted straight from AA carrying a good, but not great, OPS, and becomes, what is likely, the best CFer in the National League? Harris went 4-4 last night and might’ve killed someone with this rocket.

The Braves are 50-35, 2.5 games back from the Mets, and on pace for 95 wins. With 9 games before the ASB, 6 against the Nats and 3 against the Mets, odds are pretty good that the division is grabbed just in time for Mets and their fans to feel doooooooooomed for 4 days before baseball starts back. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Author: Ryan Cothran

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43 thoughts on “gNats Suck, Braves Don’t”

  1. Thanks, Ryan, for filling in on such short notice. Wouldn’t you know it, I just got my wifi back. But you did a better job than I would have.

    Man, this team is playing well now. After having one of the greatest months in franchise history in June, they now have a better winning percentage in July than in June. The starters in July have been incredible. You’re right that Charlie is fully back–another terrific start. But in giving up two earned runs in seven innings, he actually increased the starters’ ERA in July. In seven starts this month before last night, the starters had only surrendered three earned runs total. And for all the griping about the bullpen, it is still the best relief corps in the league by almost any measure.

    It’s going to be a great pennant race. With twelve games against the Mets in the next six weeks, we’ve got quite a ride ahead.

  2. I am so excited about Michael Harris but I want to have some perspective. Riley came up in mid-May and had a terrific six weeks before an enormous slump. Harris’ first six weeks will be up soon. I expect an offensive slump some time after the All-Star break, but his defense may not ever slump and he still could be a superstar after he makes his adjustments. If he avoids a prolonged slump……… watch out!

    P.S. If we have as good or better a July as June, we may end up with the best record in the majors. I’d like to not only beat the Mets but clinch early.

  3. Yep, would love to catch them by the all-star break. It’s certainly possible… as is a to-the-wire pennant race, which could determine a 1st-round playoff bye.

    There are 14 games left with the Mets. Nine of them will be in ATL, including 3 for the season’s penultimate series (Sep 30-Oct 2).

    Braves’ last (regular-season) trip to Flushing will be a 5-game series Aug. 4-7, which includes a day/night doubleheader on Sat., Aug. 6.

    Odd Possibility: Braves & Mets duke it out to the end, with the division winner taking the NL’s 3rd seed…. and then immediately playing a best-of-3 against each other in the 1st round.

  4. I’m not sure if this is going to be a great race. The Braves are a much better team.

  5. The Mets aren’t going to go away. Scherzer and deGrom are going to be back and if the get Castillo it will be tough. I don’t think the Braves have enough of a farm system to pull of a major trade. Still will root for the Braves!

  6. Yes, I agree that overall the Braves are better, but if deGrom and Scherzer are both healthy and at the top of the game they will be mighty tough. What’s wild is how many games the two teams have yet to play against each other. By my count it’s 15 left, with 10 in ATL. Only one series left in NYC, but it’s a five game set in early August. I don’t remember two teams battling it out who played each other so many times in the second half.

  7. Earlier in the season, the Braves slumped and the Mets excelled. Lately, it’s been the opposite. I don’t think either team has played exactly to their talent level. And I think the Mets will rebound and give us a really good race.

  8. Roger, Harris is on a 8.3 fWAR 162-game pace, so I agree that we shouldn’t expect this going forward. But I think it’s fair to think that we’ll have a really, really good Michael Harris going forward. Defense, speed, and average hitting is plenty valuable.

  9. @6 The idiot Braves and Mets fans on Twitter are going to be exhausted.

  10. Is it Langeliers season in Oakland? Have not followed how he’s doing lately.

  11. Correct, there are 10 Mets games left in ATL — the Aug. series @ Truist is a 4-gamer.

    Btw Aug. 4 & Aug. 18, they square off 9 times.

  12. Bethancourt has become a cromulent backup catcher who can play other positions as well (and pitch!), and won’t kill you with the bat. Good for him.

  13. @10 I got exhausted with Twitter (and Facebook) so I walked away. But I’m sure the shitstorm is continuing just fine without me.

    Mets gonna Mets. They have talent, but they’ve had it before. I expect them to implode at some point, just because that’s what it means to be The Mets.

  14. Langeliers has 14 HR, 40 RBI, and an 0.856 OPS in AAA, though it’s the PCL which I believe is notoriously hitter-friendly. He’s thrown out 20-of-67 stolen bases.

  15. This game would be a laugher if either of Harris’ or Swanson’s smoked line drives got through.

  16. Will Smith couldn’t possibly blow this

    What is the over/under on how many pitches it takes him before it’s tied? I am guessing 8

  17. Was I hearing correctly that Nelson Cruz was introduced to the tune of “This Old Man?”

  18. I’m so glad Will Smith’s contract is up after this year. That 13+ million can be spent so much better. He’s probably the worst member of the pen.

  19. @24 I was being completely sarcastic. I fully expected him to blow this because it is Will Smith after all.

    But he weaseled out of it…

  20. @23, 26 – Does the organist play topical walkup music for Braves players too, or only music they request? The Jackson Browne song “Doctor My Eyes” might work for Rosario.

  21. C’mon, AJ…

    Also, I must say, watching Ender Inciarte take big ABs for the Mets doesn’t exactly break my heart.

    EDIT: Mets take lead on Lindor 2-run HR

  22. @29 just for opponents. You can join in the fun at @bravesorganist on Twitter, where Matthew Kaminski will ask for suggestions before a series.

  23. RAJ got a pretty bad read on that; he took a kind of triangular route.

    Minter is on fire right now.

  24. @5,6, and 7 I don’t want to play down the Mets. They’re a very good team. A winning team. Canha and Bassitt have been huge for them. But they have some big holes. Those holes will show when the Braves play them. The Braves are the best team in the league.

  25. Yup, between getting a runner picked off @ 2nd base in the top of the 10th, plus 2 dubious fielding plays in the bottom, Miami completely gift-wrapped that game.

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