Clan Anderson, wear your tartan: Braves 3, DUI Enablers 0

Well, once again I am recapping from the state of “I didn’t see a damn bit of it.” I have been at work accomplishing a little toward trying to meet professional responsibilities and generate revenue. I did keep GameCast and the preceding thread open most of the time. So, it would not be accurate to address me as Alicia Silverstone (despite my sudden interest in pearls as an accessory) because I do at least have a clue.

The first clue is my cousin Ian is back. When you strike people out, don’t give up walks, and don’t give up homeruns, you usually finish fairly well. Yes, he was wobbling in the 5th, but 5 innings, no runs, no walks, 3 hits and 6 K’s is postseason ace territory (where Ian resided last year). The WHIP was barely over .5 Yeah, that’s good, real good.

For much of the game, the Braves offense struggled. Finally when a little wiggle started moving in the bottom of the 5th, Snit decided this is the appropriate part of the season for pearls. He threw those pearls before the swine of Mule Hockey. And, with 2 on, Joc Pederson put Milwaukee’s post season hopes on life support. It was Earl Weaver’s favorite baseball play, the 3 run homer. And on this day, 3 runs looked like a mountain.

Yes, Duvall had done a monumentally stupid base running blunder in the second. He went on a short fly ball for 2nd, but didn’t pull up after he drew the throw. So, he made an out before the runner on third could score. Like, really?

But the relief cops provided some of its name required production. The professional impersonator for Jesse Chavez continues to pitch somewhee between good and excellent almost every time out. Good thing it is not REALLY Jesse Chavez. Then, Deathstar did his thing with only a double. Luke Jackson must be a Molly Hatchett fan, because once again he flirted with disaster, but ended up allowing no runs. And then the Fresh Prince was actually kind of fresh as in a WHIP of 0.

My concern in this post season was the bullpen. So, far, that is zero runs for 3 games and 8 plus innings. If that continues, it could be a fun fall for the diehards of BATRA fandom.

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  1. We’re at least saying Morton on short rest is an option. Honestly, it’s the only viable option…if you want it to be a Morton-led bullpen game, fine, but I think you have to pitch him.

  2. @3, you may be new here, but the “I didn’t watch it” recap is a cherished practice on this blog. Me, I’d rather read one of cliff’s recaps.

    Dumb question but uh, who’s Deathstar?

  3. You have to pitch Morton, especially with a chance to clinch at home.

    And if you end up back in Milwaukee, you have Fried on regular rest.

  4. btw, happy birthday Timo

    You and I are the only ones not complaining about the start times of this series

  5. @ 10,

    Darren O’Day gave Matzek the nickname Deathstar last year. O’Day was interviewed about his bullpen mates and in response to a question about Matzek said something like “He’s the [bleeping] Deathstar. he destroys everything.”

  6. A strange game. The only winning move is… not to have expectations?

  7. I can’t say it’s the first rule of Braves Journal…but don’t question the recap.

    Great win!! Got them on the ropes. Go for the kill.

  8. OK, I’ll be the contrarian. I am not sure Morton on 3 days rest is the best option. He tired before either Fried or Anderson (I didn’t see Anderson’s 5th issues as being from fatigue). I may be the only one here that thinks a tag team of Smyly/Ynoa, both of whom have had a lot of rest, would be a pretty decent choice. I think Jackson and Matzek may not be available so we’re going to need a bunch of runs anyway.

    BTW, Joc has an OPS of 4.000 for the postseason. That’s pretty good…… LOL

  9. So if I’m keeping track, here are the starters on our roster who are available to start:

    Game 4: Smyly, Ynoa, Morton (short rest)
    Game 5: Morton, Fried

    IMO this decision depends entirely on Snit’s sense of how Morton is likely to perform on short rest. I would actually be intrigued by a plan of starting Smyly and letting him go 3-4 IP and then swapping to Ynoa or Morton to take it to the 8th – 9th, at which point you go with standard bullpen selections.

  10. @ 19,

    Brewers brew beer. Consumption of beer induces intoxication. If there were no intoxicants, there would be no DUI.

  11. I think it depends on how Morton feels pitching on short rest. If he thinks he can go 5 innings, then you take that option. If not, go with Ynoa / Smyly tandem game.

    But yeah, the better option is for the bats to wake-up early and make everything moot.

  12. Now that I know how fraught with bogus criticism recapping is, I think the Braves should win tomorrow so I don’t have to recap on Thursday…. (I’m very sensitive.) Get it done, Hammers.

    Oh, and nice job, cliff.

  13. Cliff, I suspect you take solace in Matthew 5:11-12. Excellent recap, and if anyone doesn’t like it they should demand their money back. You are blessed indeed.

    And JonathanF, as much as I enjoy and am enlightened by your recaps, I devoutly hope you won’t be recapping a Thursday game this week.

  14. I would like to see Chavez/Smyly/Ynoa tomorrow. Charlie on regular rest on Thursday (if necessary). That leaves Max available for an NLCS Game 1 (and 5), Ian for Game 2 and Charlie for Game 3.

    I may be guilty of counting my alligators before they hatch, but that plan makes sense in my head.

  15. When I was growing up in the 1970s, I often read about the pinch-hitting heroics of Dusty Rhodes in the 1954 World Series. Rhodes only played in three games of that series, pinch-hitting in all three and staying in the game twice. As a PH, he had a 3-run walkoff HR, a run-scoring single, and a 2-run single. (After staying in, he had a solo HR, an IBB, and two Ks.) Of course there’s a difference between doing this in the World Series and doing it in an NLDS, and Rhodes’ WPA was higher because of the extra baserunners and the timing, but Joc’s pinch-hit heroics in this series have been similar to Rhodes’ as a pinch-hitter, with a solo HR, a single, and a 3-run HR.

    (Digression: Dusty Rhodes now is ancient history, and I haven’t seen his name as often in the last couple of decades, but it would be like a kid of today reading about Randy Johnson winning game 7 of the 2001 Series in relief after starting and winning game 6 the previous night, or a kid in a couple of years reading about Schilling’s Bloody Sock game and the Red Sox coming back from down 3-0 in the 2004 ALCS, so it wasn’t all that long ago at the time.)

    P.S. Thanks to all who provided clarification during the game on Duvall’s Debacle. My son & I were seated in left-center almost directly under the video replay board and so couldn’t see any replays.

  16. Rays Eliminated. Wow.

    @30 With the entire back of the bullpen rested it will be interesting to see what Snit does do tomorrow. He could start Minter as the article above suggests. The Brewers apparently don’t like lefties. Follow him with Smyly. Morton could be ready too to close it out. Matzek and Jackson need a break.

  17. @31 My Dad often talks about Dusty Rhodes…..his big heroes from that era were mostly Reds players. He did get to see Jackie Robinson play in Cincinnati so that is a cool story.

    That bloody sock game was something else. I was a Sox fan too back then.

  18. I’ve never been a fan of the bullpen game but it has worked well lately. Problem is our most reliable bullpen arms have been called on all 3 games of the series so far. Morton was almost unhittable for much of game 1 and brought the heat. I don’t think he would have the same edge on 3 days rest. My preference would be to start Ynoa and have him on a short leash with Smyly waiting in the wings. There is no perfect solution but that’s the best shot I see.

  19. I went to school in Houston and a friend I have there will get me tix if it’s Braves/Astros, so I’m now compelled to root for the ‘stros in the AL playoffs. The Rays being out makes the Astros to the WS a couple ticks more likely too.

  20. The more I think about it, the more I favor Chavez/Smyly/Ynoa. Chavez has only thrown 8 pitches in a week. Smyly and Ynoa are fresh. Chavez seems especially adept at handling the top of a lineup while Smyly seems enhanced by not starting from the top. Just feels like that sequence could work quite well.

    Minter and Lee could be the first relievers in.

  21. Ynoa has a ERA/FIP of 6.57/4.09 over the last 30 days. It’s a mistake to start him but he could probably handle an inning when the back of the order is due up (maybe).


    The more I think about it I would start Minter, then Smyly. If the Braves take a big lead use the regular relievers. If it is close let Charlie relieve Smyly. He can bring the game home. Of course that would require Snit thinking way outside the box.

  22. I guess given our options I can live with another bullpen game. The issue to me is we can’t expect an inning to an inning and a third from relievers like we’ve done recently. If we can get 3 innings from Ynoa and 3 from Smyly, I think we could be on to something.

  23. Nathan, I hereby give you a pass to root for the Stros, on the condition that you feel appropriately bad about it!

  24. Dusty Baker is with the Astros, and that’s good enough for me. Well, that and the Red Sox.

  25. Not starting Max Fried in Game 5 is exactly as stupid as only pitching Soroka once in 2019…it is not even one iota less stupid. Probably more stupid since we’ve all spent the last two years complaining about it.

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  27. Anywhere I Wander
    Entirely far from home
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    I’ll never play for Rome.

  28. I would start Ynoa (sorry Nick and Smitty) though I might be tempted by Chavez or Minter. I especially like the idea of closing with Morton if you have the lead and saving him for game 5 if not.

    I think Morton could pitch on short rest, but you are not getting optimal Morton, as a tired Morton is a hittable Morton as we have all seen (think the Arizona game when he was left in too long and Game 1).

    I could also see the argument for going Fried over Morton in game 5 even if we don’t use Morton in game 4.

    I will also say that winning the LDS would be nice, but getting through the LCS (and ultimately the WS) should be the goal. If we burn both Fried and Morton to where they can’t go games 1 or 2 in the LCS, we certainly worsen our odds there. I know you have to get there first.

  29. Brilliant timing on my post, oh well maybe ATL will do this like the 19 Nats and win the whole thing using like 6 pitchers.

  30. Win today and you can go Fried game 1 and Morton game 2 on regular rest.

    Lose today and win game 5 it’s Anderson game 1, Morton game 2, Fried game 3, Ynoa/Pen game 4, Anderson 5, Morton 6, Fried 7 (well that could work actually).

  31. Let Morton roll once through the order, then Ynoa once through, then Smyley once through? If all goes well, that could get you through 6 innings. Then onto Jackson/Matzek/Smith? Don’t let any Brewer hitter see a pitcher twice. I’d approve.

  32. I think Minter needs an appearance as well, as much as I love Matzek, I start to worry about familiarity.

  33. I think we should just score 10 runs and let whomever pitch.

    Man, they really outta let me manage these teams. I have all the answers.

  34. @59 – I like it, Rob. Maybe Atlanta turns the tables and this time THEY score double-digit runs in the first inning!

  35. Yeah, going with Morton feels right to me. I’d have a short leash, especially his second time through the order, but even if “sinkerballers get more sink when they’re tired” is a myth, I’d say that I’d much rather we go with our ace on short rest than a bullpen game with the pu pu platter.

  36. Blazon, lovely to have Rabbie on the blog! Is that an homage to the etymology of “Ian” relating to the name “John”?

    Braves, wha hae wi’ Snitker bled,
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    Lay the proud usurpers low!
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    Liberty’s in every blow!—
    Let us do or die!

  37. I don’t trust Ynoa much at all. Check the stats I posted above. I would follow Morton with the lefty Minter or Smyly, who has been great out of the bullpen. It would be great if they could stay away from Jackson and Matzek.

    I hope we just bust out and score 10 runs in the 1st inning too.

    Given that Lauer is a lefty I guess Joc won’t be starting today.

  38. Alex…

    Two reasons, Anderson itself as a name and, more importantly, still the greatest love poem of 2 people sharing a lifetime’s affections together. Ian/John? I know not, you may be right.

    Third reason. Getting back home after successful surgery! Wow. And btw, the second piece was all about Wander Franco; gone for ever presumably. Shame!

  39. Well, if the Brewers beat us, they have to beat our best guys. I can get behind that strategy.

  40. Yes I have come full 180, I think this is the right move (though not as a couple would say the only reasonable move).

    Seeing how the big 3 can still start 6 of the 7 potential LCS games, really feels like you aren’t sacrificing future rounds, assuming you don’t damage Morton.

    And you could argue you want Fried in a potential game 5 anyway and now that is lined up.

  41. Soler tested positive for COVID and is out. Heredia is started in CF against the LHP Lauer and Duvall shifted to RF.

  42. And Pache takes the roster spot. This almost feels like the Martin injury all over again. We are gonna miss Soler.

  43. Just to point out how far we are from a championship at the moment, in the pivotal play finder, Joc’s homer last night leads the season, raising the Braves’ probability by 2.49%. All time, however, that homer ranks 883rd, tied with Fred McGriff’s single off Jimmy Key in the top of the 1st of the 2nd game of the 1996 WS.

    Glad you’re still among us, blazon.

    [Edit: does the rule that replacing a player due to injury makes him unavailable for the next series apply to COVID?]

  44. One more note: if you restrict to NLDS games only, Joc’s blast ranks 51st, tied with Mark Wohler’s strikeout of Andres Galarraga with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the 9th in Game 1 against Colorado in 1995. (The real fun of this stuff for me is finding, and recalling, comparable situations in terms of cWPA.) (Hinske’s homer off Romo is #1, at 7%.)

  45. Per MLB postseason rules, the replacement is only eligible until the Covid player can come back, then they can come back at any time I believe.

  46. @ 69,

    Yeah, Jordan made the Pro Bowl one time.

    Deion was probably a near star platoon centerfielder. He couldn’t hit lefties, but otherwise, he could go get em and run the bases. Throwing, not so much.

    I remember an inside the park home run for Dion at Coors Field and he rounded the bases in under 13 seconds. 120 yards on the square but more like 140 yards with the curves.

    Same game McGriff hit one and it was like 15 seconds and the crime dog looked near death on the stretch in from 3rd.

  47. It still amazes me that in October 2021 that teams don’t just guarantee negative tests for their players. I could have no taste or smell and on a dadgum ventilator and if you put a PCR just in the tip of my nose, I’ll be negative and good to go.

    Sad story: my wife, as I’ve mentioned, has been doing Covid testing since we were two weeks to slow the spread. This fella came in that was working a job that all of us here would love to be able to graduate from, if you catch me. He just could not produce a negative test even though he had no symptoms for like three weeks. He was sitting on a bench after his 787th consecutive positive test crying. My wife and her co-worker friend came over and were talking to him. He said he hadn’t worked in 3 weeks, and his employer wouldn’t let him come back to work until he produced that magical negative test.

    He walked out with a negative test 10 minutes later. Back to work.

  48. He is reportedly vaccinated and asymptotic; I think that means he is much less likely to spread it, especially to other vaccinated folks (which I hope includes all his teammates)

  49. True or false: you can pretty much take our top five outfielders, and there’s a three-man configuration that is about the same across the board. Of the top five, there’s no one you can’t live with, and there’s no one you can’t live without.

  50. @85 I would say the top 4 but not necessarily the top 5. I think the drop from Soler to Heredia is pretty significant offensively but Heredia can certainly go get it in the field.

  51. @87 The net difference is pretty negligible because of how much Heredia adds in center with Duvall pushing the right field.

  52. For a single game sample size it can make a huge difference or no difference. Heck, Heredia could hit a big RBI double and have us feeling really lucky Soler got sick (given he recovers)

    Also – I did not expect to see Morton today. Snit will receive a ton of criticism if the move flops (and Morton will receive the praise if he pitches well). Tough position for the manager. That’s why they get the big bucks!

  53. Honestly, I know Snit will be criticized if it doesn’t work out, no matter what, but in my opinion this is the right call. Morton’s the hoss. Occam’s razor would say to saddle up your hoss.

  54. I really liked Soler at leadoff. Dansby is going to have to really get locked in, put together some good at-bats and bring a disciplined approach. If he can do that, he’ll set the tone for the whole offense.

  55. An aside – the Brewers blue jerseys and blue/yellow caps look friggin’ great. I hope today is the last day they wear them until 2022.

    I miss the Braves blue-text road blues. They were slick!

  56. Thanks to all you nice guys.

    Maybe this will help. Pre surgery i had to be tested for Covid, standard practice i believe. Positive, BUT asymptomatic. This was a Tuesday. By Friday I had been reinstated on the hospital schedule and life went on. In the meantime I got a free $1400 booster blood injection, arranged by my family doctor through a new government program. Hemogoblins, Antibodies and all that Harry Potter stuff. Rightly or wrongly I now feel myself to be less at risk myself -and to others -than when I simply had my Moderna shots.

    Good health to us all.

  57. Martin, Duvall and now Soler. Seems it’s always a vital cog that goes down just as we need them. But I still have faith. We win this tonight.

  58. Ugh, I hate that about Soler. I’m glad he (and almost the entire team) is vaccinated. Hopefully he will test negative soon and can come back soon.

    Please do well Charlie. Please score lots of runs offense.

  59. Listening to the radio call — did Riley just make the Chipper Jones play? Charge, barehand, throw to first?

  60. Austin Riley is a good fielder. He deserves that 3B WAR.

    @100 Yes sir.

    Edit: Playoff Charlie, we will never doubt you again!

  61. Ozzie is always swing happy. Too many times he swings on the first pitch. Sadly, it works out nearly as much as it doesn’t. So he won’t stop. Kid could use a better eye. I’d love it.

  62. Heredia has been in a horrible slump but has looked a lot better at the plate with no results recently. Let’s hope there are results this time.

    edit: Guess not. Another terrible piece of baserunning by Duvall didn’t help either.

  63. Did someone drop Adam Duvall on his head before yesterday’s game?

    Has he lost all sense of baseball judgement?

    EDIT: #118, if that’s the case, I’d ask the same question of Wash. I cannot imagine that anyone thought that ball was going to drop in.

  64. Given that Morton was up next, it wasn’t the worst baserunning play imaginable. But then again, he made the worst baserunning play imaginable the day before, so it would have been at worst the second-worst baserunning play imaginable.

  65. It would have been nice to clear the pitcher’s spot at the least. They need to have a team meeting about being smart on the bases.

  66. d’Arnaud saw Duvall running for home and would look pretty silly standing at first if it did drop in.

    Playoff Charlie doing great. Good call by Snitker.

  67. Well, it appears starting Morton was a great choice. Snitker needs to be quick with the hook beginning in the 4th inning, but no complaints about the results so far.

  68. Yeah, D’Arnaud was on 2nd. Somehow I think this time everyone is blaming Duvall without knowing the facts.

  69. The batter clears the pitcher, not the runner. You don’t just head out for home if it’s questionable. This one is actually worse than yesterday. Just mind boggling. Duvall really needs a homer today to make up for two bone headed plays.

  70. @126 d’Arnaud was at second when the throw made it to the base, but the inning was over before he was tagged.

    The organist is a MONSTER.

  71. Not as bad as yesterday, as it’s trying to go for a run in a situation where we’re unlikely to get one with runners at first and second with two out and Morton at the plate. However, there was no chance of that ball falling in, so still not great. If Yelich had made a diving catch or something, it would’ve looked less stupid.

    And d’Arnaud was only at second because Duvall had taken off. He did the right thing on that play.

  72. What we don’t know is if there was a call for the runners to run on contact. Everyone is blaming Duvall but they BOTH ran on contact.

  73. Late to the party here (work, go figure), but WTF is Duvall doing out there? Get your head in the game, man.

  74. There’s never a call for both runners to run all out on contact on a fly ball to the outfield with one out. The bad play was clearly Duvall’s…it’s just not as bad as yesterday’s, since there was at least some sort of rhyme or reason for it.

  75. @135

    Francoeur said he was pretty sure he knew there was one out based on how he was looking at the flight of the ball, for what it’s worth. He was clearly trying to read the flight early, so I’m inclined to agree.

  76. Bah, braves are choking offensively as usual; Morton left in one batter too long. Not looking forward to burnes vs fried with no Soler power.

  77. Yeah he shouldn’t have been in for the 4th at all. But especially after the first base runner. Boo.

  78. This one is on Snit. You pull your young horse always to early but leave the old guy on short rest in too long constantly. Then you compound it by bringing in a contact pitcher with runners in scoring position. Snit giveth and tak-ith away

  79. I honestly don’t have a huge problem with how he handled it. Maybe you take him out one batter earlier, but you definitely don’t preemptively pull him after three just cuz.

    UPDATE: Whew! Still in it.

  80. Yeah, it’s been beat to death on this blog, but Snit has his strengths and weaknesses. Managing complex bullpen games is a weakness. He just doesn’t seem cut out for it.

    It also shouldn’t be lost that if the Drew Smyley signing wasn’t a failure, they wouldn’t be in this spot. You wouldn’t be tempted to go to Morton on short rest of your 4th starter was decent.

  81. @145 Look at today’s Sox/Astros box score. Must be because La Russa is a bad tactical manager.

  82. Lauer’s front foot went behind the rubber before the throw to first, is what EY is on about.

  83. Umpires are making themselves irrelevant and replaceable, especially the sorry excuses who monitor plays in NY (notwithstanding the call that was apparently not reviewable). There’s no reason this group should be eligible for a generous defined benefit pension.

  84. It’s just so completely asinine that that play isn’t reviewable. The fair/foul down the lines not being reviewable is clearly meant to keep ground balls right down the line from being reviewed. How in the hell does it make any sense to not review that play?

  85. ARCIA AGAIN????? Holy moly, where is Adrianza????

    Everything about this game has been wrong. Morton should not have started. Joc should not have started. Soler should not have gotten COVID. This is crazy.

    Edit: OK, Rosario is better.

  86. I’ll add on…why have two extra umps for the postseason if not to make sure the plays are fairly called? Oh…umpire’s rule book. Right.

  87. Bullpen game now. Come on Ynoa, two innings would be great here.

    Ah eff it, spoke too soon…

  88. This is why I didn’t want Ynoa to start this game. Instead, we see it in the 5th.

    Still…A LOT of game left to be played here and we’re into the pens.

  89. THAT is why I would have stayed away from Ynoa in this game. Would have gone with Minter or Smyly.

  90. There was no way we were getting through this game without seeing someone we didn’t want to see.

  91. Any guesses with a choice to replace an outfielder (or not) why they chose to replace Pederson? If it’s because he was later in the order than Duvall, that’s just dumb. It’s only one batter different.

  92. @178

    They didn’t. They replaced Heredia. It’s still a weird double switch, as it pushed the pitcher farther up in the order instead of farther back.

    Though since we’re now behind, I’m glad we have Rosario in the order instead of Heredia.

    EDIT: They pushed Duvall to center BTW, so Heredia is the guy that actually got taken out of the game even though Rosario went to left.

  93. Remaining position players are Adrianza, Contreras, Pache, and Gore, for future pinch hitting reference. I guess Max is also on the list.

  94. @177 Ynoa would have been my last choice in a close game. He has been trending downward for a month. Minter & Smyly have both had better numbers.

  95. I was gonna say before the inning started that I would’ve gone with Smyly instead of Ynoa, but then I thought “maybe Huascar will pitch good, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt”. Yeah, no.

  96. Man, Urias is saving their asses down at third base.

    Also, the weird double switch cost us Ynoa, but I’m guessing no one’s shedding a tear on that count and it gained us Rosario for the rest of the game, so whatever.

  97. @196 – Agreed. Could do without the umpire jackassery but apparently it’s all over the place this postseason. Get the win, Braves!

  98. Jesus, who does Counsell have left to double switch with? These benches are getting empty.

    EDIT – Can we shoot Urias to the sun? Is that allowed on Braves Journal?

  99. Milwaukee’s out of catchers. They brought three and used all three in the span of six innings.

  100. Don’t wanna try to nurse him through a righty so that he can face Telez, Snit? Not sure I’m too huge a fan of that.

  101. Wow, not sure I’ve ever seen Luke so fired up. The boys really want to end this tonight, and my biggest concern is that if they don’t manage to pull it out, they will be emotionally deflated for Game 5.

  102. Welp, it worked out. We need to see more of Minter in the playoffs. He has been really good since returning from AAA.

  103. Sweet!

    I guess it’s Matzek and Smith for the eighth and ninth. You’re likely looking at Webb in the 10th and Smyly for the long haul if this goes extras.

  104. @212v hard agree. Snit is managing for the short term, which i get, but AJ looked fantastic and this is a tie game and could be tied for awhile.

  105. Luke’s got towels around his arm. I think he’s coming back if we don’t get to his spot in the order (which would only take one baserunner for us to do).

    UPDATE: LOLBrewers

  106. I guess Pache is the next PH. I might even have Fried follow him as a PH in extras rather than Gore, just to keep a position player in case of injury.

    @#%!, I thought Adames’s throw would get past Tellez and Duvall would score.

    Francouer has done a good job. If I didn’t know he were the Braves’ announcer, I would only notice a few things, like his calling Freddie & I think Ozzie by their first names. Similarly, I was impressed by the impartiality of the Dodgers’ announcer last year in I think game 7 of the NLCS.

  107. I’d like to keep Matzek around for another, but unfortunately, I don’t really think we can. He’s pitched four times in five days and we might need him Thursday.

  108. Well, that’s worth staying up for

    Just realised I have to sit through a WillSmith save op – gulp!

  109. Rusty is right–Hader looked absolutely unhittable. It was a smart call by Counsell to bring Hader in the 8th to face a couple of lefties, especially Freddie. But Freeman made him pay.

  110. So happy right now.

    Braves pitching was great the whole series. Huascar was taken deep by the same guy Charlie was. It happens.

  111. For the second year in a row, the Braves go to the NLCS. I hope we beat the Giants or Dodgers, but just relieved to not be losing in the first round anymore.

  112. Is it any surprise that even in a short series SSS both Freddie and Riley ended up .300+ AVG & .900+ OPS?

    Back of the bullpen tonight – 0 walks, one hit. Braves pitching with 15 Ks.

    @252 How about Will Smith for series MVP? (sorry JK)

  113. Back to reality

    My wife (who has been asleep for 3 hours) has just sent me a text to ask what I’m doing?

    A – Celebrating

    But it’s time for bed – night all

    See you at the weekend

  114. @256, yeah, anything after this is gravy.

    In a four-game series, Morton and Ynoa were the only pitchers to give up runs. Impressive.

  115. NLCS baby!!! Hell yeah! What a ride, what a game. Too tense, even to write comments here.

    Now to hopefully sit back and watch the Giants beat the Dodgers.

    Go Braves!!

  116. I don’t look for the Braves to beat the Giants or the Dodgers, but stranger things have happened in the playoffs. We absolutely need to get Soler back.

    I thought Ronald might be around the team for the playoffs. Is their a rule against it.

  117. @261 – Ronald is in the dugout. Saw a shot of him last night sitting on the steps. For whatever reason, he or the TV crews are not making a big deal of it.

    I was not alone thinking that Morton was the right move tonight and he gave us nearly 5 good innings. Left in for one too many batters, but it worked out. We came back. And Freddie finally got off the schneid. Just a great win and really a great game. Doesn’t hurt that we won. ;)

  118. I’m wearing my division winner t-shirt, now I’ve gotta get one of those pennant t-shirts too.

  119. As frustrating as this team was in the first half, they are now as enjoyable as any I remember.

  120. 1) The lengths this team will go to to keep me from recapping.
    2) Freddie > Austin. Period.
    3) One more pass at the craps table, and we’re still holding the dice.

  121. @275

    Certainly Fried in Game 1. I might start Anderson in Game 2 and give Morton an extra couple days and line him up for Game 7 with a Game 3 start.

  122. Fried, Morton, Anderson…rinse and repeat. If you need a game 7, it’s Fried again and he’s lights out right now. No need to overthink it.

    @279 – Wish he was part of this.

  123. This, btw, was overall a fantastic baseball game to watch, and the last at-bat of the game, Will Smith cut Yelich apart. He had some trouble earlier in the inning, but those three pitches were perfect.

  124. Depending on context, “puñeta” could mean something along the lines of, well, let’s just say “Hancock hold”…

    Hey, maybe Ronald’s been reading along.

  125. Counsell very good in the postgame interview, which has got to be about as hard a thing as a manager is asked to do.

    The question nobody asked him: did he order Wong to attempt a bunt in the 9th or was he on his own? Strategically, that’s a weak play in the regular season — it seems really puzzling when you’ve lost your closer and you need two runs to take the lead. Bunting to tie on the road?

  126. Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves, their fans, and the organization.
    And a most sincere congratulations to Mr. Freddie Freeman. A great player and even better gentleman. To those who fasley criticized Freeman early in the season, it shows they know as much about baseball as they do maxillofacial surgery.

  127. If you had told me at mid-season that on Oct. 12 the Braves had just polished off their first-round opponent & that they have 3 off-days before the NLCS as they await an LA/SF Game 5 winner, I’d think you just ate a carton of mushrooms.

    But, since August, this has been one helluva ride. (Come to think of it, it’s been a memorable week for Georgia sports — even the Falcons won.)

  128. Dodgers forced a game 5 on Thursday, so whoever we see on Saturday will have further-depleted pitching.

  129. Sorta… The Dodgers, if they win, can still start Scherzer on full rest, and Buehler in full rest on Sunday. I’m always afraid of getting what I wish for, but avoiding the Dodgers’ pitching staff seems like the more prudent choice… If I had one, which I don’t. (Because neither series would be easy )

  130. Yeah, I don’t see the Dodgers pitching being at any real disadvantage if they win. It will mean missing Urias for the first two games, which isn’t nothing, but like JonathanF said, they can cover with Scherzer and Buehler. Hopefully the Giants win on Thursday to make it all moot.

  131. Thanks for holding down the fort, everyone.
    Hats off especially to you, Mike. I got up early and caught the last couple of innings.
    So much fun to read through this thread – this is the best place on the internet. And GO BRAVES!

  132. @292

    I am tired… but I have next week off work as it’s half term for schools

    So child 2 and I will be sitting up again just like we did this time last year – let us hope for a better result

  133. If the Dodgers win we get home field advantage. I don’t think there’s a huge difference between the 2 teams so I’m pulling for the Dodgers and the potential of 4 games at home.

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