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Today’s a big one…a big one that most working people will not be able to watch. I get it, but I don’t have to like it. If you’re the guy in charge of making such calls, the Braves vs. the Brewers is the obvious right call for the early game, followed by another early game at 2:30, the Astros vs. White Sox, followed by Rays vs. Red Sox and Giants vs. Dodgers in prime time. Here’s today’s lineup for the Braves.

Atlanta Braves Game 3 Lineup

Many on social media would’ve rather had Joc Pederson over Eddie Rosario, but I think playing the larger sample is the right call. Ian Anderson takes the hill and, while he’s had good results, the stuff hasn’t been there like it’d been in the past. His ERA since returning is 3.62, but his FIP is 5.68 (likely driven by a .202 BABIP during that span). Hopefully his voodoo magic can continue through the playoffs.

Milwaukee Brewers Game 3 Lineup

Freddy Peralta takes the mound and while he doesn’t have the big fastball that we’ve seen from the first 2 starters, he’s been equally as effective at getting strikeouts. Much of his 2021 success is credited to a new, cleaner, and very quick delivery, which feels a bit like a small sample fluke but I’m no MLB hitter so I’ll let the results speak on Peralta’s behalf.

Will Ron Washington Leave This Offseason?

Word leaked this past week that the Padres are looking at Ron Washington as their next skipper and that makes me incredibly sad. When asked about the rumor, Washington had this to say:

“I think I’m qualified. I think I can get that team over the hump. That’s my thinking. … I’m definitely able to get them where they want to go.”

Ron Washington

An Apology

For those that were on the thread yesterday, I am sorry for my ignorance. I assure you that I did not know the media source but that is no excuse for haphazardly posting something on impulse. I’ll learn from it and continue to grow as this blog’s head hauncho.

Game 3 starts in 2 hours. Let’s get it!

Author: Ryan Cothran

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157 thoughts on “Brewers @Braves Game Thread”

  1. You need to stop apologizing for yesterday. You did nothing wrong. Your interview was awesome.

    I will be VERY sad to see Wash leave. He’s earned it. I wish he was the Braves manager. I imagine he would be a better tactician and we know the guys love him. The work he did with the defense of these young infielders can’t be measured.

    I am nervous about today’s game. Duvall really needs to get his magic back.

  2. MLBTR already on the Arb-estimates!

    Braves (15)

    Adam Duvall – $9.1MM
    Dansby Swanson – $10.1MM
    Luke Jackson – $3.8MM
    Grant Dayton – $1.2MM
    Orlando Arcia – $2.1MM
    Guillermo Heredia – $1.6MM
    Richard Rodriguez – $3.1MM
    Johan Camargo – $1.4MM
    A.J. Minter – $2.1MM
    Max Fried – $7.1MM
    Mike Soroka – $2.8MM
    Sean Newcomb – $900K
    Edgar Santana – $1.0MM
    Tyler Matzek – $1.5MM
    Austin Riley – $4.3MM

  3. Prime time Braves playoff game over here in Europe. And on my birthday! What can go wrong? The Brooks Conrad disaster game was on my bday as well. Time for redemption. Go Braves!

  4. Honestly, that’s a great job and he’s a great baseball man. Hard to be anything but thrilled for him and hope that he wins every game he plays against the other 28 teams.

  5. STAY
    Dansby Swanson – $10.1MM
    Luke Jackson – $3.8MM
    A.J. Minter – $2.1MM
    Max Fried – $7.1MM
    Mike Soroka – $2.8MM
    Tyler Matzek – $1.5MM
    Austin Riley – $4.3MM

    Adam Duvall – $9.1MM
    Johan Camargo – $1.4MM
    Edgar Santana – $1.0MM
    Grant Dayton – $1.2MM
    Orlando Arcia – $2.1MM
    Guillermo Heredia – $1.6MM
    Sean Newcomb – $900K

    Richard Rodriguez – $3.1MM

    That’s a BIG price tag for Luke Jackson, but this dude can pitch, and you’re not expecting him to put up his 2021 numbers for $3.8M. He’s also proven he can stay healthy, which is half the battle.

    I missed the Wisler discussion, but as big of a Wisler fan as I am, the Braves did give him 20 relief appearances to see if he could stick as a reliever. Was the 17 appearances they gave him when we were losing 90 games enough in 2017? Maybe, maybe not.

  6. #5
    Gute zum Geburtstag!

    I was at the “Brooks Conrad Game,”which should’ve become known as the “Eric Hinske Game”… and I’m still a little scarred.

    Go Braves!

  7. 8 — I think at just 900K they give Newcomb one more try. Otherwise I agree. I wish they would keep Duvall too but I don’t think they want to pay that much.

  8. @7 I’m living in Switzerland nowadays, Rob. @9 Danke, ububba. Ouch, that must have been an ever tougher game attending.

  9. Someone mentioned (as an insult to Snit) that Counsell was managing like it was the postseason and Snit was managing like it was just another regular season game.

    And for all the talk of how Atl ended the game with Arcia at the plate in game 1, Milwaukee had Luke Maile at the plate for the end of game 2. I didn’t love pulling Fried that early, but I thought Counsell overmanaged the game and cost them.

    I’m not sure which is better ultimately, probably depends on your personnel, but their has got to be some benefit to rolling the same lineup out there and trusting your guys and managing with an even keel.

  10. Nice start, Ian… now, let’s jump on ’em early.

    Believe it or not, I’ve witnessed much worse. Compared to ’96 WS Game 4, let’s say, the Conrad game barely merits mention…

  11. @14 “Counsell was managing like it was the postseason and Snit was managing like it was just another regular season game.” — Most of the Bobby-ites are like that unfortunately. I remember Fredi refusing to use Ben Sheets on the postseason roster as a reliever because he wanted to use his regular relief corps. Then there was the Kimbrel incident.

    @4 I thought Duvall was signed for 2 years by the Marlins. I hope the Braves just sign him after the season.

    @8 They will keep Heredia at that price.

    Way to go Ian!!

  12. @12. A lot of people have off from work today; that’s probably what allowed it to sellout.

  13. I was also at the Hinske/Conrad game. As excruciating as the loss was, overall it’s not an unpleasant memory for me. When Hinske homered in the 8th, the place was rocking like i had never heard before. There is nothing like October baseball.

    I was also there the next night when the Braves were eliminated. That is also not a bad memory. It was Bobby’s last game, and I still remember how classy the Giants were in coming out to clap for Cox after it was over.

  14. I’m glad to see the crowd has both showed up and is into the game for a 1 p.m. Monday start. Was worried about that, but it was evidently unfounded.

  15. I just checked. Duvall’s contract called for a mutual 7M option in 2022 and 3M buyout. Does that immediately go away with a trade?

  16. What if Duvall is willing to sign for a lower salary?

    @8 And some of the other cheap guys might stick too. Santana at $1.0M? Where would you find a good mop-up guy for less? I’d sat Arcia and Heredia are on the fence, too. Overall, your “stays” are the slam dunks.

  17. Rally time!

    I was at both, as well. The Hinske HR was definitely the loudest noise made in that stadium since Andruw Jones earned that based-loaded walk from Kenny Rogers.

    And Bobby’s last game was the beginning of the Madison Bumgarner post-season legend. Who knew?

  18. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? He was in medium left field!!! NO ONE TAGS FROM FIRST ON A MEDIUM FLY BALL TO LEFT!

    Why do they do this to us every year? Are we the suckers if we keep watching this?

  19. They concede a run and we decide we don’t want it. Is this little league base running?!?!

  20. Need a new series: “Which Inexplicable Braves Playoff Baserunning Blunder Are You?”

  21. Another Barves postseason stupid moment.

    Why is he still in the game? Will Snit rip him in the press like he would Acuna? Just total garbage.

  22. He clearly just assumed the throw would go home. I mean, you have to at least be prepared to go halfway or (at the very least) to pay attention to the throw and pull up if you’re gonna be out.

  23. @41 If the Braves lose this game by a run, Snit needs to rip into Duvall 10 times worse than he did Ronald. Inexcusable.

  24. Nice to see Ian fly thru that inning.

    He tagged up on the previous fly to RF — like, why? — but went back to first. Rickey Henderson, he ain’t…

    Just hit a HR today, Adam, and most will be forgiven.

  25. You have got to at least pull up there and make them work to tag you out so the runs scores, just mind numbingly stupid.

  26. At the game. Home plate umpire signaled safe emphatically twice after the play, so we all thought the run counted (because Riley crossed home before Duvall was tagged). What did the broadcast show?

  27. Little League Level stupid. At the least, Duvall could’ve gotten in a rundown when it looked hopeless (which was immediately).

  28. Duvall is one of my favorites and I love the guy, but that was so bad. I do want to see his option picked up. I hope he hits a ball to the moon at his next at bat.

    Ian is in playoff form.

  29. Duvall will likely decline his side of the mutual option, but the Braves can retain him through arbitration, which would likely be around $10MM.

  30. That was the dumbest thing anyone has done all year for this team, but Ian Anderson just struck out the side and has six K’s and no walks through four. He’s got a good shot at being our third straight starter with nine strikeouts, which is cool. Not bad for a scruffy-bearded upstate New Yorker.

  31. @50

    In that specific situation and that situation only, if the home-plate umpire points at the plate that means the run counts. If he wildly waves his arms in what would normally be a “safe” motion, what he’s actually doing is waving off the run (a la a basketball official waving off a basket). They probably need to come up with a better way to do that, but he was actually signaling “no run.”

  32. 60 – Does that mean if he declines the option, that Atlanta isn’t obligated to pay him the buy out? I assume so. It goes from being a $4 mil decision ($3m buyout vs $7m contract) to a $9.1 mil decision.

  33. Kinda got a break there… Cain almost made a splendid Tommy Agee-style catch at the fence.

    BTW, thank you for staying at third, Adam.

  34. @ 64, correct.

    Step 1, Braves opt or not. If not, pay 4 million and walk away. If opt, go to step 2
    Step 2, Duvall says “no”.
    Step 3, Braves opt arb or not. If not, that’s it. Braves owe nothing because Duvall opted out.
    Step 4, if arb offered, arbitrators set salary for 1 year.
    Alternative: Braves offer 15 for 2 or something like that.

  35. Rosario swings at a ball over his head. At least Duvall’s bat has awakened. Rosario needs to join him.

  36. Why doesn’t Rosario bunt there? If you execute it’s an easy run. He did it successfully in game 2.

  37. He absolutely should’ve started Joc instead of Duvall today. That’s not even based on today’s proceedings so much as how the two are playing in this series.

  38. I also agree @72.

    I am ready for Braves State Media stories to start about “The Braves shouldn’t even be here. It’s a miracle how they pulled this together. Four East Titles in a row is something to be proud of!”

  39. I would start Joc over Rosario if anyone. Joc is lousy in CF. Rosario’s bat has been bad.

    NOW Kranitz comes out. A little late.

  40. Tom Emansky is spinning in his grave with all this bad baseballing.

    There is a very politically incorrect Dodgeball quote concerning doorknobs that best describes this game.

  41. I am A-OK with leaving Ian in for that inning. A bit risky, but he pitched a great game and deserved a chance. I am surprised they didn’t walk the bases loaded, but the Brewers couldn’t get a fly ball and it worked out fantastically.

  42. Oh, boy. Better cash in this inning, because Milwaukee’s ‘pen > Atlanta’s pen, by a substantial distance.

  43. “Well, if you’re gonna call them up there, I guess I’ll just have to hit them up there.”

  44. Also, this is what I was referring to on the managing styles. Counsell is managing like his hair is on fire and Snit is keeping his cool. At this moment Snit looks better.

  45. Honestly, if the 2021 Braves version of “cowboy up” is for all our guys to dress up in pearls I will be absolutely thrilled.

  46. @118

    I agree. The only move I don’t agree with is Joc sitting. But not starting him today got us three runs.

  47. Does using Chavez mean he cannot “open” tomorrow? He sure is good at sitting down the top of an order.

  48. #120
    Hey, in 3 games, Mr. Joctober’s 3-for-3 pinch-hitting w/ 2 HRs & he’s knocked in 4 of our 7 runs so far… can’t complain about that. I’d say I like the way he’s being used. ;)

  49. Why should we start Joc when he is doing more damage off the bench?

    Whoever is saying Rosario is not hitting well is just wrong. He has been the most steady hitter over the last month including the post-season. No big streaks but no big failures either.

  50. Credit where it’s due, I thought Snit handled the get Ian through the fifth and then pull him for a pinch-hitter in the sixth thing exactly right.

    @123: Hopefully it means we’re pitching Morton tomorrow and not doing a bullpen game at all.

  51. My assumption is if we win game 3 it’s Ynoa tomorrow (and they may go Burnes on short rest) and if we blow this one, it’s Morton tomorrow.

  52. I think you know what I meant at @126, but yeah…get Ian through the fifth and then pull him for a pinch-hitter in the bottom half.

    @127: We’d better be prepared to skip Morton, then, because pitching Fried once in this series is completely stupid.

  53. Hmm, I wouldve kept chavez for another inning after he threw only 8 pitches instead of a possibly overworked Matzek.

  54. @129 Same. Chavez was completely on point, why not let him keep going? If the Braves are leading again tomorrow Snit will want to call on Matzek again then… and he might be gassed.

  55. Escobar’s double aside, I’m kinda glad to see Tellez out of the game. One less bopper to worry about in these late innings.

  56. I was wrong about Rosario not hitting in the playoffs. He does have 3 hits. His defense remains poor however. With Duvall’s giant bat starting to come to life today I would not replace him.

    I also wonder why Chavez didn’t go another inning.

    I would also start Morton tomorrow, but would have the bullpen ready to go quickly….starting with Ynoa.

  57. Yeah, I roll with Morton tomorrow and send this out:

    Duvall (maybe even Heredia)

  58. I don’t think any expert ever imagined the Braves starters would outpitch the Brewers starters, but here we are. Our boys can play a little bit.

  59. Holy globe, eternal home
    Sacred sphere, so glad I’m here
    Oh, what a pearl, what a well made world
    Oh, what a pearl, what a well made world

  60. I humbly propose an homage to Garret Anderson: SMACHE.

    SMith, Atlanta Closer — He’s Extraordinaire!

    (For any of you who came to the blog after Garret Anderson’s ill-fated tenure, Mac nicknamed him “ACHE”: Anderson, Cleanup Hitter Extraordinaire. He was one of those guys who broadcasters invariably referred to as a “professional hitter,” meaning that he was a long-tenured veteran who frankly wasn’t good enough to merit literally any other more complimentary adjective.)

  61. Yep, I would start Morton tomorrow with Ynoa ready to go at any sign of weakness. I would love it if our bats would really wake up tomorrow too.

  62. @155: Going into the series, Braves State Media (at least some of them) were guessing that Game 4 would be Ynoa/bullpen and they wouldn’t bring Morton back on short rest.

    But yeah, you absolutely have to go for the kill. Your best chance to win this series is tomorrow, with Fried as a very good backup plan in Milwaukee. Sort of giving away tomorrow and then not pitching your best pitcher in Milwaukee would be completely asinine.

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