Braves 5, Mets: Golf Course

This concludes our regularly scheduled programming.

The Braves take the meaningless final series 2 games to 1 to finish the 2021 regular season with an 88 – 73 record and 6.5 games ahead of the 2nd place Phillies. The Braves went 44 – 28 since the All-Star break, and 36 – 19 after July 31st.

The Mets started former ace Noah Syndergaard, making his 2nd appearance of the season following Tommy John surgery in 2020 . Any chances for a feel-good offseason disappeared over the left field fence along with the baseball, as Jorge Soler homered on Syndergaard’s 2nd pitch. An Ozzie Albies double and an Austin Riley single had the Braves up 2 – 0 after the first.

Syndergaard did not come back for the 2nd, and neither did the Mets. Charlie Morton, Spencer Strider, Tyler Matzek, Luke Jackson, Chris Martin, and Will Smith shut them down on 3 hits and a walk. Morton went 2 2/3 innings in his playoff tune-up, and allowed 1 of the hits. Strider went 1 1/3, allowed the walk, and was awarded the win.

The Braves added the final 3 runs in the 3rd. Soler drew a 1 out walk, and Freddie Freeman singled him to 3rd. Jorge scored on an Albies groundout. Riley doubled Freddie home, and an Adam Duvall single concluded the season’s scoring.

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to report on our other NL East friends. The Mets ended up 11.5 games back, and the Marlins finished in fourth, 21.5 games back. The Nationals came in last, 23.5 games behind.

The crapshoot starts Friday at Milwaukee on TBS (time to be determined.) Charlie Morton starts for the Braves; the Brewers have not announced a starter at this time. The Braves were 46 – 35 on the road this season.

Author: Rusty S.

Rusty S. is a Braves Journal reader since 2005 and an occasional innings-eater. It was my understanding that there would be no expectations.

27 thoughts on “Braves 5, Mets: Golf Course”

  1. Hat tip to all the recappers. It’s been said before, but the quality of the writing has been outstanding all year, even when the team was not.

    The Braves won the season series against all NL East teams, and also most of the rest of the NL except for Dodgers and Rockies (2-4 against each), with splits against the Giants and Brewers. Braves beat up on the Nationals (14-5) and Cards (6-1). Against the AL, not so hot (6-14).

  2. The Manager Brian Snitker needs to make better choices on the Relief Pitching Roster he should Avoid using Smith, Rodriguez if The Braves to be Successful in winning The best Of 5 Series against the Brewers the Have a high tendency of giving Up Too many runs . When The Starting pitching staff has worked so diligently to keep the Runs low. In addition the Braves have to work extra hard tmlllo overcome These pitcher’s mistakes. Web should be avoided as Well.He doesn’t have The Experience built up yet to prove himself worthy we all must remember this is the playoffs. Smith Botched up the 2020 Playoffs. After the Team has a 3-0 Lead on the Los Angeles Dodgers before Totally collapsing. The Dodgers went on to mow down The Braves.
    Bill Edwards Photo Editor of The Palm Coast Tribune in Boyton Beach And Lauderdale Lakes Florida.

  3. The Nats screwed up one last time today, with their loss to the Red Sox allowing the Sox to secure the final AL Wild Card spot, preventing the feel-good Blue Jays from securing a spot.

  4. IWOTM goes from 7 games up to 11.5 games back… That might be described as epic.

    @5 What is a Peope anyway??? Sounds like Photo Editor Of the Palm Eeeeeeeeeeeeee………. (vague Holy Grail reference). He might have died while writing his name.


    Baltimore Orioles (52-110)
    Arizona Diamondbacks (52-110)
    Texas Rangers (60-102)
    Pittsburgh Pirates (61-101)
    Washington Nationals (65-97)
    Miami Marlins (67-95)
    Chicago Cubs (71-91)
    Minnesota Twins (73-89)
    Kansas City Royals (74-88)
    Colorado Rockies (74-87)
    New York Mets (compensation for failing to sign Kumar Rocker)
    Detroit Tigers (77-85)
    New York Mets (77-85)
    Los Angeles Angels (77-85)
    San Diego Padres (79-83)
    Cleveland Indians (80-82)
    Philadelphia Phillies (82-80)
    Cincinnati Reds (83-79)
    Oakland Athletics (86-76)
    20. Atlanta Braves (88-73)
    Seattle Mariners (90-72)
    St. Louis Cardinals (90-72)
    Toronto Blue Jays (91-71)
    Boston Red Sox (92-70)
    New York Yankees (92-70)
    Chicago White Sox (93-69)
    Milwaukee Brewers (95-67)
    Houston Astros (95-67)
    Tampa Bay Rays (100-62)
    Los Angeles Dodgers (106-56)
    San Francisco Giants (107-55)

  6. @5 – lol.

    We can probably all agree “Web should be avoided as Well” is good advice.

  7. As some have mentioned, thanks so much for the awesome job done by the recappers this year. Truly amazing work work. I’ve also enjoyed most of the posts and the exchange of opinions whether I agree or not. Unfortunately Bill Edwards has not made it on my list of favorite posters.

  8. No season series with the Mets is meaningless, at least not for those of us with bets with friends of 50 years’ duration. Listening to Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez today on the Mets broadcast was a classic example of what great announcers can make of a horrible situation. They could not have been more entertaining for the 2 1/2 hours I spent with them today.

  9. @10

    Congrats on winning your bet with your Met fan friends! I’m guessing you were happy when you saw the starting lineup featured the A team today.

  10. My friend called the game “a slow morphine drip to the car crash season.” Almost makes me not want to collect…. not.

  11. @8 I would take Webb over Rodríguez on the playoff roster. So I guess I don’t agree.

    Yes, great job recappers.

  12. @3 I live in Toronto. Watched Jays/Orioles with one of my pals who is a Jays fan. People are SAD. One of the talking heads on the broadcast was almost in tears.

    … and yes. Kudos to the recappers. I may not post everyday. But I read everyday.

  13. Also listed to the Mets broadcasters. They ARE the best.
    Huge thanks to all recappers. This has been a World Series deserving season with you guys.
    Bill Edwards has apparently done a great job as well and has been promoted for his territory to now include Lauderdale Lakes.

  14. I concur with everyone’s praise of the quality of the recaps this season. I don’t know how everyone managed to produce those insights given the dreck they were served, especially in the first half. May there be many more recaps this season.

  15. Dear Chief,

    My Venmo is @Rob-Copenhaver.

    Seeing it come in will make me rather… Smyly.


    Rob Copenhaver

  16. Yet another note of appreciation for the recappers. Really great work from the newcomers and old timers. Everyone brings their own style, and it keeps this page fresh from day to day. Please all stay with us; we need you.

  17. Thanks everybody. The commenters make Braves Journal special, it is widely agreed.

    And thanks to Ryan, Rob, and Alex for doing the heavy lifting to keep Mac’s dream alive all these years.
    The story of Braves Journal is a compelling story all of its own.

  18. @13 – I wasn’t trying to comment on the relative merits of Mr. Webb, it’s the World Wide Web I was thinking of. Clear in my own mind only.

    @10 – I actually hesitated to use the word “meaningless,” because I don’t believe anything is totally without meaning. But I decided it rounded to meaningless.

  19. @23 I got it. Mr. Edwards leaves so many humorous possibilities in his writing style.

    And, of course, I agree with all that’s been said about the recappers this year. I think this year’s group brought new styles and thoughts which greatly enhanced the Journal experience.

  20. Totally agree with Timo @17 — just reading that interview with Wash, I would run through a brick wall at full speed for that man, and I am 100% certain that everyone else in the lineup would too.

    Snit is not a perfect tactician. But even in the middle of the summer, when people on this blog were worrying that he’d lost the clubhouse or that the chemistry had become toxic, he actually managed to keep the team on an even keel. Just looking at the nosedive the Padres suffered the last couple of months, or the multiple collapses the Braves had under Fredi Gonzalez, helps to highlight what Snitker, and Ron Washington, and Eric Young Sr., and the other coaches were able to do this year. They kept the team from turning against itself. That isn’t automatic and it isn’t easy. But it’s a big deal.

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