Oh What a Beautiful Morning: Braves 12, Water Creatures 2

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

Oh, what a beautiful day.

I’ve got a wonderful feeling,

Everything’s going our way.

Many on Braves Journal have been trying to coax out a game like this for the past few weeks. You hate to be greedy, but sometimes you want to eat the whole thing.

Draw it up. Good starting pitching performance for one of the young ‘uns (hopefully on the way up). CHECK. Enough runs to allow the young ‘un to pitch deep. CHECK. Enough runs to let the back of the pen finish it off (and give all of the high leverage guys a night off). CHECK.

More specifics. Touki Toussaint was mostly effective except for 2 early solo home runs. He made it to the 7th and got one out there. Then ‘ol Ed Santana finished that inning and one more. Then, Jacob Webb got the last inning.

So much offense it is hard to recap. Early, 3 straight walks in the first only lead to one run. Around the top of the 4th with the Braves trailing 2 to 1, the Braves were already 1 for 10 with runners on. The biggest offensive highlight was Adam Duvall hitting one about 445 onto the left field concourse and putting a dent in a mobile concession stand. Overall, 11 walks and 14 hits (2 HR and 3 2B).

Mac decided year’s ago that the Marlins were “PURE EVIL.” I always thought that was substantially hyperbolic, but in the past few years, “Donnie Ballgame and the Clowns of Knock Down” have fully justified the label. I wonder if the Marlins pitchers were having trouble figuring out the game plan. “‘Throw at Acuna. ” Where is Acuna?” This beat down couldn’t have happened to a more fitting franchise.

Meanwhile the short Monday night schedule meant the Phillies didn’t play, so we picked up another half. Maybe another whole tonight?

27 thoughts on “Oh What a Beautiful Morning: Braves 12, Water Creatures 2”

  1. Song of the South, cliff? Who knew you are a geezer?

    Well done, young man. I can see you as Brer Rabbit.

    Zippedy doo dah. Go Braves.
    Filet those Fish, and chunk one at Mattingly for me.

  2. @1 That is a nice piece indeed, thanks for sharing. AA did real well at the deadline. His policy to have budget available at the trade deadline is a good one.

  3. Coop… I hate to correct you, but Joe Simpson would never forgive me if I didn’t tell you those are the first four lines to Oklahoma. (I also played Brer Rabbit in 4th grade so I’ve still got the lines to Zip-Ah-Dee-Doo-Dah down pat in case Miss Cromer asks me to reprise the role.)

  4. @ 2,

    Well, my favorite under looked philosophical advice is adopted by Brer Fox.

    “And Brer fox, he lay low.” How many times in life wouldst it be so much better if we remembered these words.

    And we don’t appear to have too many young progressive firebrands in here, but the Uncle Remus tales are African fables modified to express to young African Americans being raised in slavery how to get by and overcome.

  5. Thanks, JF. I stand reproved.

    Love Remus’ wife. Reminds me of someone I married 47 years ago today.

    Great advice, Brer Fox. Wish I’d laid low more. Thanks, cliff.

    The briar patch is just fine today, thank you. Sure you won’t take a shot at Mattingly, ububba? Figure he’s owed one or two.

  6. I have a good Royals contact that I chat with fairly regularly and we were discussing Soler. He told me that Soler “loses his timing” regularly and it’s likely due to body size and fatigue. His lapses are normally lengthy, but it looked like he got back at it last night. Time will tell.

  7. @6 – Cliff, I’ll start off by saying I love and appreciate your work here! As someone who would probably fit that description (“young progressive,” at least), I usually don’t chime in on this stuff for fear of crossing the politics line, but I feel a bit baited here by your comment, so I’ll say this— I 1000% understand loving and appreciating stories you grew up with, and would never fault anyone for that! But whatever Harris’s intent with the Uncle Remus stories, they have been controversial for longer than I have been alive (I was born in the late 80’s), so, unless I’m misinterpreting you, I feel like it’s a bit off-base and dismissive just to imply the stories were meant to be uplifting and so that’s that. Things we love can also be (and, of course, usually are) complicated! I am not someone who thinks we need to, like, excise things like that from our lives and memories, but I do think it’s on us to be able to at least acknowledge, if not grapple with, that complexity.

    In any case, thanks as always for your work, and Marlins delenda est.

  8. 27-16 is definitely doable.

    If Soler loses his timing partly due to fatigue, then they can definitely help with that. He can get as many days off as he needs down the stretch with our outfield.

  9. Huscar activated. I think this is a big moment in the season. If he can pick up where he left off, we’re dangerous. If he pitches like a rookie, that’ll hurt.

    Anderson makes his 3rd rehab start tonight. Would think he’s back in Atlanta soon. So we’ll have Morton, Fried, Anderson, Ynoa, Muller, Touki, and Smyly all healthy with Muller, Touki, and Smyly not significantly distinguishing themselves from the others. I’m sure someone’s arm will fall off or something and it’ll become a moot point, but they have a huge opportunity here to build a playoff rotation. Good luck, AA.


  10. @12–thanks, cph, for your comment and the care with which you made it. I’m anything but young, and I try very hard not to be a firebrand, but I agree with your comments about the Uncle Remus stories.
    At the same time, like cph, I have enormous respect for you, cliff. Your contributions to this blog are invaluable, including today’s recap.
    At this point, I will follow the sage advice to lay low on this point. Any further discussion would cross the no politics line. That line is one of the great blessings of this site.

  11. Alcantara tonight. He’s a tough one. He played well against the Braves this season: 18+ innings, 5ER. Need Good Ynoa tonight.

  12. @10 I hope this is a good day for you, coop. 47 years ago, that is a long time. Lots of positive thoughts on the way for you today.

  13. Gosh, how’d I miss that line in your comment? Thinking of you, coop.

  14. Happy anniversary, Coop.

    I never liked Mattingly’s targeting of Acuna – and let’s face it, that’s what it’s always been. And it’s certainly been counterproductive for the Marlins. In 2021, it’s pointless & stupid, if you ask me. Can’t target every young guy who plays like that. Just glad Acuna never got beaned.

    Having said that, I always kinda liked Mattingly.

    Many years ago (1988?), I went to a Braves/Yankees spring-training game in Ft. Lauderdale. I was doing a mid-game walkabout & I found a door cracked open & I peered in. It led to a short hallway & I heard thwack-thwack-thwack & followed the sound. Very quickly, I was in a batting-cage area in the bowels of the stadium, and right there was Don Mattingly taking BP.

    I immediately knew I was in the wrong place & thought I’d get hustled outta there, but I figured I’d watch him take a few swings until someone tossed me. I was taken by his concentration & realized that, even though I was standing 5 feet from him, he was so locked in that he had no idea I was there. He just kept hitting BBs. Nobody kicked me out & it was a really cool moment.

    A few years later, I was living in NYC & watching him play (with a bad back) for some very bad Yankee teams of the Stump Merrill Era. (Back then you could sit in the RF bleachers for $4.50.) In his last year (‘95), when he finally got to the post-season, I saw an ALDS game vs. Seattle where he hit a big HR & I’d never felt a baseball stadium shake like that. Some things you remember…

    These days, I just wanna keep beating up on his Marlins – we play them 5 more times. Probably going to need every win we can get – the Phils’ September schedule ain’t exactly scary.

  15. Thanks, friends. I am in great shape, mentally if not physically.

    Scroll down warning.

    Love is wonderful. I love unabashedly with every fiber of my being. There is always plenty. Love suffices

    Like you people. I love y’all. My decision. I choose to love and rejoice. It suits me better than the alternative.

    I liked Mattingly the player. Him as manager I’d choose to plunk. Still my decision. Don’t want him dead, just bruised.

    P.S. Physical condition is relative. I am not infirm, diseased or mangled, just older than I realize. Stick around. Aging is humbling. Deadly too, come to think about it. No biggie. We’re all under sentence if death.

    Wow. That devolved, didn’t it?

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