Did Dennis Green speak Eternal Truth? Braves 1, Ohio River Badmen 11

“We are who we thought we were.” Or, from Bill Parcells: “We are what our reord says we are.”

On most of the Braves journey from the end of around 2003 (maybe actually not fully realized until the 2005 postseason) until the mid season of 2018, the theme seemed to be that at least one component of the team would perform badly enough to offset the good. Then, until this year, it seemed that if there was a failing, something else or someone else would bail them out. At this point in the season, I have become convinced that we are what our record says that we are.

I still live where getting th4 Braves live feed is very difficult. I don’t see how it helps Sinclair to have fewer viewers, particularly when they are trying to monetize sports betting. So, I did not view this debacle. I saw it as a 1 to 0 game in the Braves favor that became 6 to 1 Pirates the next time I checked scores on my phone. So, I rechecked to see what pitcher had blown up, and it was Maximus Friedimus Decimatus. That pinch hit was awfully costly, apparently.

But “Gasoline Bucket” Tomlin put 5 more on the board. It is past time for him to go and one of the young pitchers start working more at Major League level.

Something is rotten at Truist Park. These Pirates are HORRIBLE. THIS WAS TIME FOR A SWEEP.

AA, pick somebody and fire him or her or release him or DFA him.

As Don Meredith used to say (and sing) “Turn off the lights, the party’s over now.”

19 thoughts on “Did Dennis Green speak Eternal Truth? Braves 1, Ohio River Badmen 11”

  1. Teams that haven’t been over .500 on July 6 aren’t buyers.
    Dansby Swanson’s cost is starting to vastly exceed his value.

  2. Imagine thinking a team that hasn’t been over .500 for one day, this many games in, should be buyers.

    Even if the Mets were to LOLMets, this team would get swept in the first round of the playoffs.

    I guess since there’s nothing worth selling that’s not off limits to Braves Country ™ the Braves should just do nothing.

  3. I think if we add a bat and two relievers, we can win the division. But we need to do it sooner than later.

    It doesn’t matter how many games over/under .500 you are. It matters how many games back you are. Being 4.5 games back isn’t that much.

  4. Imagine thinking a team that hasn’t been over .500 for one day, this many games in, should be buyers.

    That’s one data point. There are many layers to this. They were over .500 for the month of May and so far in July. They will be decidedly more healthy in August and September. Their bullpen has improved, young pitchers are stepping up and will return from injury, and at this point, there is a glaring need in just one part of the roster. If you fixed that one spot, you’re going to win a heck of a lot more games than we have. Is that enough? Not sure, but it’s considerably more complicated than what their record is on X date.

    It’s a flawed roster, no doubt. Regardless of how Ozuna and d’Arnaud were performing before their injuries, they were two key pieces to the roster that aren’t here anymore. They need to replace them. Dansby was not hired to be a 5-hole hitter. The cleanup hitter and the 5-hole hitter are gone, so now the 7-hole hitter has been moved up. Can they replace an outfielder and catcher at the deadline? Not sure, but to say those two missing pieces aren’t really holding up the season at this point is dishonest.

    I also find it humorous that Chief is saying it’s absurd to be buying after a 11-1 loss, and he was notably absent when we were 6-3 in our last 9 games.

  5. My position hasn’t changed and won’t until the team has at least reached the .500 mark.

    The org is still trying to compete instead of trying to win and that also needs to change.

  6. Is DirecTV available in your area? Spectrum took over Time Warner cable and the service immediately took a nose dive. I switched and haven’t looked back. The price is about the same.

    This team is so frustrating. You think they turn a corner and then they lose 11-1 to a team like the Pirates. AA needs to DFA Tomlin immediately no matter what Snit says. He doesn’t belong on an mlb roster. Replace him with Bryse who does belong on an mlb roster somewhere. Speaking of Snit, why does he continue to use Matzek in blowouts. Use the Panda as a pitcher, but don’t use one of your few decent relievers.

    This team needs a LF. I still wouldn’t buy a rental because it would be a waste (unless he also comes with a cost controlled reliever). Everyone is dreaming if you think you are getting a Bryan Reynolds for one premium prospect at the deadline. I doubt he is even available unless the GM is blown away. Even Mitch Haniger would be costly. I’m still not convinced about buying at all as long as Snit/Kranitz are around.

  7. The 2006 Cardinals were 83-78 during the regular season and won the World Series. On a more painful note, but with better records, the 97 and 2003 Marlins, along with the 2019 Nationals were all Wildcards that won the World Series. If Atlanta was in any other division in baseball, I would say sell, but they aren’t.

    Atlanta is 10th in baseball in OPS and 4th in the NL. I think we need two more bullpen pieces for an average bullpen and an outfielder and backup catcher. If all things fall into place, I think we can be about 10 to 15 games over 500 in the 2nd half. I’m still undecided on whether or not we need a new manager, but I think that gives us a good shot at the playoffs. As history has proven, anything can happen after that.

  8. td – I like how you think at #10

    Let’s take a trip to the store, buy a few pieces – – bring it home and throw it in the stone soup – – and see how it tastes.

    Hoping Liberty Media is willing to allow the trip to Kroger happen in the first place though.

  9. @10 the problem is that we can’t even go on a winning streak against teams like the Marlins and Pirates. Also, we can get the pieces we need …….but don’t forget the Mets are finally getting healthy and will be getting pieces they need too. I’m not 100% against buying, I just wouldn’t give up good prospects for rentals.

  10. Getting d’Arnaud back should help a lot.
    Getting Ynoa back should help a lot.
    However, getting an OFer, a capable bench bat, and good reliever will help more.

  11. I still wish we would bring up Langeliers, but in this case, people who know a lot more about him than me can tell with reasonable accuracy if he’s ready for the majors or not. If given a choice between Contreras and Langeliers, I would still prefer trading Contreras. He would make a great part of a trade and I think his value is fairly high right now.

    I’m pretty confident that we can get a suitable replacement for Tomlin or Santana from the minors or maybe the Minneapolis Loons have somebody else we can get for 12 dozen baseballs and 2 cases of bats (https://devonteeple.medium.com/kerry-ligtenberg-saves-and-sideburns-419c9deabb82 ) .

    That just leaves us with the need for one relief pitcher ( a 3 month rental should be cheap), a backup catcher (again a 3 month rental should be cheap, but it will be harder to get), and an outfielder (probably more than a 3 month rental and probably extremely expensive, but worth it).

  12. Went for a haircut and my barber said AA was under a blow dryer discussing the following:

    ATL Gets- Ketel Marte, Caleb Smith, Mitch Haniger and Kendall Graveman
    SEA Gets- Josh Rojas, Harris and Newcomb
    AZ Gets- Cal Raleigh, Shewmake, Waters and Wright

  13. @15 lol that was an awesome dream.

    No wonder you guys get so mad at AA for not making deadline trades. Most of the ones I see proposed on social media are ridiculous. Players like Ketel Marte and Bryan Reynolds are going to take multiple top prospects (NOT including players like Newcomb, Wilson, Wright, and any other player you don’t like). Haniger will cost a top prospect plus 2 from the mid-tier range – I think he has a year left.

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