Mother City Dwellers 4, Braves 2, or is it Braves 1, Mother City Dwellers 0. I am confused. Are you?

Last night the Braves ended their fourth game in 30 hours or so. But they only played 27 innings. Strange.

Braves competed yesterday in a place famous for mimicking modern toilets. Or is it ancient compost piles? Something like that.… Finish Reading

Braves have… Money?! BRAVES HAVE MONEY!!! Shopping in the AL AisLe

Alex Cobb trade to Angels from Orioles

In an interview with Jeff Schultz via The Athletic, Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos dropped a nice surprise on fans as he said that the team has financially benefitted from being back open at full capacity and ownership has given him … Finish Reading

26 years of marriage, and a night off from watching the Braves, who then play great… maybe I’m the problem: Braves 4, Cardinals 0

Beyond Trivial

What does the following list of (for the most part obscure) pitchers have in common?

  • Felix Doubront
  • Mike Dupree
  • Juan Eichelberger
  • Jim Foor
  • Roger Hambright
  • Bill Harrelson
  • Hunter Harvey
  • Justin Marks
  • Ryan Meisinger
  • Steve Mintz
  • George Piktuzis
  • Cliff
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