Original Boston Red Stockings 3, Junior Circuit Upstarts 1

I always enjoy beating the Red Sox. Partly because their fan base is insufferable, and partly because it feels like the rightful prerogative of primogeniture. We were there first, dammit! Tonight’s game was extra sweet because three of the Braves’ eight hits came off the bat of Pablo Sandoval, who signed a $95 million free agent contract with Boston in 2014, a major contributor to the firing of Ben Cherington, the current GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates we just shellacked. Theo Epstein he ain’t.

Anyway, as of this moment, the Braves are back at .500, for just the fourth time all year: Saturday, April 10; Wednesday, April 28; Sunday, May 9; Tuesday, May 25. Tomorrow, our brave heroes will go for a shot at being a game over .500 for the first time all year.

I’ll be honest: I watched the last two outs of this particular 3-1 victory, so I have very little insight to offer. Marcell got hurt and Ozzie and Austin went ohfer, but Charlie Morton and Will Smith both looked terrific. In his last two starts, Morton has gone 13 innings, allowing a grand total of five hits and two runs (one “earned”) with 17 strikeouts and two walks.

Whereas, in the two starts before that, he went a total of 5 1/3 innings, allowing 11 hits and nine runs (three “earned”), and five strikeouts against four walks. I’d call that progress! But you’d be forgiven if you wanted to see a bit more consistency before placing your full trust in the wily 37-year-old.

So, here’s a stand-up show about a fictional academic lecture about the Bugs Bunny-Daffy Duck Hunting Trilogy by one of England’s greatest comedy monologists, Ben Moor.

17 thoughts on “Original Boston Red Stockings 3, Junior Circuit Upstarts 1”

  1. This is Bill Edwards Sports Editor of The Palm Coast Tribune in Boyton Beach FLORIDA and Lauderdale Lakes Florida. It’s great to see the Braves are finally Doing well. It’s my hopes they can build on this recent success we need to see this . I also hope Marcel Ozuna is Not injured too badly perhaps a day off will do him some good . So he can steadily get back to his old self and can Continually contribute offensively by both hits and Home Runs 🏃‍♂️. The Braves will be playing the New York Mets in the next a couple of Days and Again in June . Go Braves it’s time to take over 1st Place in The National League Eastern Division. And Sustain the Continued success. Bill Edwards 😊

  2. Murmansk Coast Tribune? It’s Boynton Beach, yo…

    Went to Jays/Yanks tonight. Would you believe Toronto won & Vlad Jr. hit a blast? No, really…

  3. So, if we assume the worst for Marcell and that he’s going to be out for a period of time, options for line up construction

    1) Move everyone below Marcell up one and plug gap accordingly

    2) Move Ronald to 3rd, lead off with AN Other to be named later – I can’t talk myself into anyone with any confidence, unless

    3) Is there where we bring up Arcia to see what he can do?

  4. @4
    It sounded like he may be back in a few days, depending on an MRI.

    No way they move Acuna down. I would put Riley in the three hole. I would also start giving Arcia reps in the outfield to get him ready.

  5. Charlie Morton on pace for about a 3 WAR season, what we hoped for.

    For the month of May, the entire staff is 9th in fWAR.

  6. I do believe Charlie Morton has another good season left in him for this year. He seems to be coming into form just in time for the summer.

  7. I haven’t been able to watch the games, and I’m wondering if you all know what’s wrong with Acuna? Is he dinged up? Hoping these struggles don’t follow him into June. May has been atrocious by his standards.

  8. @9 might be a combination of:

    -Not being 100% physically
    -Bad luck on balls in play
    -Defenses playing way back on him and catching 112mph bullets at the wall, like last night.

    I fear that if they do make the playoffs, he’ll be so dinged up by then that a repeat of his 2020 performance awaits us (not good).

  9. @9&10

    Echoing Carl, Acuna is having some rotten luck in May. He’s carrying a .148 BABIP. That’s almost unbelievable considering his hard hit rate is in the top-3 of the league. More to the point…he’s fine.

  10. I can’t understand why everyone wants to see Arcia so much. I don’t care what he’s doing at AAA; he’s never had an OPS+ of more than 95 (90 in a full season). Seems to me Arcia at his best is Dansby at his worst.

    I’d rather see someone like Demeritte get a shot. I know that’s not likely. Arcia and Camargo are the only guys on the 40-man and anyone else would have to be added. To me, both Camargo and Demeritte have a better current profile at AAA than Arcia. If they put Ynoa on the 60-day IL then they could bring Demeritte up. He’s got as much defensive flexibility as Camargo (more than Arcia) and more power than either of the others. He just needs to get his plate discipline in order (which, of course, may never happen).

  11. What is Johan Camargo’s trade value right now? He seems to be useless for us, but also useless to other teams? Could we even get a decent right-handed middle reliever prospect for him?

  12. Cowboy Joe West set the new record for number of games umpired last night at about 5375…great interview just now with Russo, wish i could remember more of it! Very good natured discussion, laughs etc.


    have asked this before but is Alanna Russo, the brains on the show, his wife/daughter/sister…have to know, help!

  13. For those who are worried about Ronald, please don’t. As I said last week, there are many things in this life to be concerned about, but he is not one of them. He’s a once in a generation talent who continues to improve. I’m just trying to appreciate the opportunity we have to see him every day.

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