Braves @ Blue Jays (but not really) Game Thread

Remember that one time when Canada was in Florida? No? The “Toronto” Blue Jays are opening their season in TD Ballpark in Dunedin, Florida because it’s so close and convenient to Toronto. We do have some action on the transaction front.

Today’s Braves Transactions

Remember that time when no one was reading into the Tyler Matzek signing, yet I was raising the roof? I’m not there on Trevor Kelley, but I think this is more than just an MiLB depth signing. The Braves are in desperate need to find a dependable RH reliever and Kelley has MLB potential (of which he hasn’t reached yet). We shall see…

Don’t fret on the Mike Soroka news as it’s retroactive to the beginning of the year which changes nothing on his timetable. While Sean Newcomb was the one that really needed the 40-man spot, Edgar Santana is the real beneficiary here. Santana is a FB/SL combo that was on his way to a good career before he got busted for PEDs. It’s been so long since he’s pitched in the bigs that there’s really no logical guess on where his velocity sits, but anything’s better than Nate Jones right now.

Braves Lineup Tonight

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35 thoughts on “Braves @ Blue Jays (but not really) Game Thread”

  1. Let the record show that Chief has also written off Bryse Wilson after 10 big league starts. With that said, I’d written off Kyle Wright after 12 big league starts (and two playoff starts, one great and one horrendous). It’s funny, Wright and Wilson now have the same exact career ERA, 6.09.

  2. It is way to early to write off Wright or Wilson. Either could turn a corner and turn into a solid ML starter. I wouldn’t stake too much on either of them, but it’s entirely plausible for either.
    At the same time, it’s too early to count on Anderson as a top of the rotation starter. Of course I like his chances better than the double W’s, but IT’S EARLY.
    Having said that, I’ve got a good feeling about this young guy in right field. I’m thinking he’s going to be pretty good.

  3. The list of MLB pitchers that had a career ERA of 6.09 with that many career IPs ever amounting to something, I’d be willing to bet is very small. Glavine and Smoltz were bad early on but the teams they were on were horrific and they played in a different era. When the Braves could give youngsters struggling an unending leash. We’re not there now.

  4. 54 and 68 innings? I don’t know about that. I’d say the fact they’ve each had four tours of ML duty without being able to stick yet says something, though. It’s like they’re fighting each other for the right to Luke Hochevar’s career.

  5. Wilson is probably a reliever long term. Seeing as how we lack right handed relievers of quality, I’d like to see them try that sooner rather than later.

  6. I go back and forth between utter exhaustion at ever seeing another inning of the completely mental misadventures of Kyle and Bryse, and reflexively disagreeing with Chief.

    Basically, I think he tends toward excessive pessimism, obviously, since I’ve said that a bunch of times before.

    But I don’t have a whole lot of patience left to watch these guys try and fail to prove me right.

    On another note, speaking of a different Dunedin, any Chills fans at the bar tonight? I saw them live a couple years ago in DC and they were magnificent, and they’re playing concerts these days in NZ, where there’s no COVID. What a great band. That’s what I think of when I hear Dunedin – Flying Nun Records!

  7. Smyly giving up homer runs… no way. He needs to be yet another lefty reliever for us.

  8. Although Smyly stinks again tonight, I just heard a Chippism that brought a Smyle to my face. He just said “Sal Fasano knows more about catching than I’ll ever forget.”

  9. In the UK we call this tripe and onions – awful..


    Setanta will be lights out…believe it…to cheer us all up.

    he looks straight out of the Ancient Mariner…they’ll fear his skinny hand,.

  10. Hoo boy what an ass-kicking.

    I swear, of the 8 or so games I’ve been able to actually sit down and watch this year, 5 have been Smyley starts. Do not recommend.

  11. Saw Jason Isbell in concert tonight. It was better than the Braves game.

  12. Dumped in Dunedin

    Genetic engineering
    it was something we were fearing
    they have three, we have none
    power handed down, what fun.

  13. Chief, yes, please send me your Venmo. That’ll just make the money request that much sweeter when I take the victory lap.

  14. In the Limelight…Chaplin redux

    Smyle tho’ your heart is aching
    Smyle -sure, there’s no pitch breaking
    tho’ every fat one
    will depart just like that one
    Smyle even tho’ tomorrow
    your line so absorbed in sorrow
    Just Smyle.

  15. Drew Smyly pitched 26 hodgepodged innings between starting and relief during a weird season, and the Braves felt compelled based on his spin rate data to give him a pretty big commitment. What’s the spin rate data looking like right now? The guy was a strike out machine last year (42 in 26 IP). How has he so quickly lost so much swing-and-miss ability?

    Drew Smyly’s career doesn’t tell me he is a guarantee to right the ship, but if Atlanta liked something they saw in him that’s still showing up in the data, then I’m not going to just forget about all of that after 19 IP.

  16. @14

    LOL…that’s easily my favorite one this year. That might actually go on the all-time list.

  17. Drew Smyly has forgotten more about pitching than he currently knows.

  18. Tom Glavine
    what a fine old time you’re having
    say it once, we’re bored
    enough already, fall on your sword.

  19. psyched out?

    embarrassed by them filling the bases ahead of him?

    whatever…sure looked it…first pitch too…is the MVP label dragging?

    It’s a fair question. Not that we/he can do anything about it.

    Except, perhaps, back to hitting third. The whole thing embarrassed us tonight.

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