Braves @ Cubs, Game 1

What in the scheduling world is going on? Day games on Friday and Saturday, then a night game on Sunday? The world has gone topsy-turvy. I love me some Braves, but it is a bit odd that the ESPN Sunday night game is Braves @Cubs rather than Padres vs. Dodgers. I’ll take it though.

The Braves are coming off a momentous win and hope it signifies a turning point. Speaking of turning points, Craig Kimbrel had been bloody awful since ink dried on his contract with Cubs, but he looks to have found some weight, some facial hair, and his stuff. Coming into today’s game, he’s carrying an unblemished ERA in 6 games with 10 Ks, 1 walk, and a 0.167 WHIP. I had a fake trade this offseason that I was very excited about, Kimbrel and $ for Ender Inciarte. That would’ve been swell.

Hot Boy Ron

When I lived in New Orleans (from 2002-2009), there was this bloody awful rapper named “Hot Boy Ronald”. No matter where you went in the city, his music was blasting everywhere. “Walk like Ron. Hot Boy Ron” was embedded in my brain. I mean, it’s better than “Sweet Home Alabama”…I guess. Anywho, we’ve definitely got our own Hot Boy Ron right now, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. It’s too early to make MVP predictions, but dammit if he doesn’t look like that guy right now. For your viewing pleasure…and dammit if I’m not going to link this video every time Ronald Acuña Jr goes off.

Braves Roster Moves

Yesterday following the game, the Braves optioned Tucker Davidson back to the alt-site. Today, we get the news on his replacement. Unfortunately, it’s bad news on a fairly large offseason investment:

We were all 100% sure Bryse Wilson would get the call. However, we also didn’t expect the Drew Smyly news. My guess is Kyle Wright starts then gets sent down after the game and Wilson gets the start on Sunday. Wright was already scheduled to throw today, so Braves keeping to the routine.

Braves Lineup

Ehire Adrianza gets the start today and I’d imagine he might get a string of them considering Austin Riley has been the opposite of good.

Ok boys…let’s not let the Cubs get to Kimbrel.

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57 thoughts on “Braves @ Cubs, Game 1”

  1. Right before the season started I posted to these very pages the following observation:

    “Each starting pitcher has a pretty big question mark that makes them far from a sure thing.

    Morton: Father time.
    Fried: K’s & BB’s went in wrong direction last year.
    Soroka: Back from major injury.
    Anderson: Rookie.
    Smyley: Heh.
    The next five guys: Nobody really stepping up.

    Not saying it will happen, but there’s probably like a 30% chance this rotation falls apart. Am I wrong?”

    Thirteen games does not a season make, but with the performances and injuries of the last two weeks, I’m thinking that rotation implosion number has jumped to 35%. The impressive showing by Ynoa being the one positive.

  2. Panda must really not be able to play the field if he’s not getting the start today.

  3. This is only Wright’s 13th major league start (not counting postseason). Seems like it’s been a lot more than that.

  4. Braves are getting better swings against Davies the 2nd time through. A Freeman walk and 2 hits by Ozuna and TDA lead to a run tying the game. Ozzie hits one hard too but right at the 2nd baseman.

  5. Inciarte has to leave after an apparent hamstring pull while running the bases on a Kyle Wright double. It might have cost the Braves a run too as he had to stop at 3rd. Looks like another player to the IL. Heredia pinch runs.

  6. Peak Chip: “That’s lined to where the bullpen used to be.” Yet one more entirely irrelevant Wrigley anecdote.

  7. Acuña scores from 2nd on an infield single with 2 outs. Looks stupid initially but Baez makes a bad throw and the catcher can’t handle it.

  8. Scoring from 2nd on an infield single…. amazing.

    And two 100+ mph smashes from Ozuna. If only everyone would listen to me.

  9. What on Earth Javy Baez was doing on that play is anyone’s guess. I’ll take it, though!

  10. I proclaim the Cubs level of upset with being hit so much to be complete BS. Baez literally followed the pitch with his elbow to ensure that he was hit by it, then acted all up in arms that he was hit.

  11. Chief’s taking a victory lap on April 16th about the Drew Smyly signing when he only has to produce about one WAR to be worth his money. That’s a bold strategy.

  12. 30 — It’s telling that we just learned about Tyler Flowers from the actual Cubs broadcaster instead of the Braves.’

  13. And that’s the ex-bullpen-mention Trifecta! (Time to talk about Ozzie Osbourne again.)

  14. Really looks like all the Braves hitters needed was to stop playing NL East opponents.

    And Wright looked pretty good today, HBPs notwithstanding. Snit should’ve let him finish the 5th. I’m not sure Wright will be sent down; we really only have 4 SP on staff right now – Morton, Anderson, Ynoa, and Wright.

  15. @14 – For me, Peak Chip was at the end of the game yesterday, when he said some version of, ‘And the Braves with a comeback that Jackie Robinson would’ve been proud of.’ Like, really, Jackie Robinson would’ve cared about a random game between a team he didn’t play for & a team that didn’t exist until decades after his death, in April of 2021? He would have been actively pulling for one of those teams, and in particular our team? Okay.

  16. @35: Chip is like the Himalayas; it’s almost all Peak, and it’s spectacular.

    @36: Albies or Osbourne?

  17. I would rather see Newk or Matzek in this role. How many more sliders can you throw in the same goddamn spot

  18. I don’t really understand these guys like Wright and Smith with mid 90s heat and being unwilling to throw it.

  19. I’d heard Joe Simpson was revitalized by the move to radio, but if what I heard today was any indication that has worn off and then some. My small sample size observation is it’s time for an overhaul in the radio booth. If they’re sidelining Powell (who many like but who I’ve always considered robotic), maybe the transition is beginning.

  20. Well …still can’t believe we didn’t resign Duvall …sure would be looking good now …we need him .. but I did notice .. he’s back to normal now. Went 0-4 today .. lol .. can you say Waters or Harris …

  21. Biddle has the control of a 2-year-old who just ate an entire bag of prunes.

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