Braves Home Opener

It seems early for a rematch, yet here we are, Game 7 of the season and Morton vs. Wheeler again.

We did have some Braves related news in the last few days:

And this…

And unfortunately this…


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37 thoughts on “Braves Home Opener”

  1. First game I get to sit down and watch this season. Let’s see a win!

    Yasiel Puig still out there unsigned. Braves liked him last year and he’d sure improve the bench.

  2. These should be the permanent uniforms.
    Still think I like Freeman in the 2 spot better.
    Cutch is one of my favorite non-Braves players of the last decade.

  3. Can anyone offer a dependable free way for watching the Braves? The Fox strong-arm efforts left me without a regular feed. I don’t like to pay extortionists. I have a Firestick. Any suggestions?

  4. FF just wants to give a good hometown discount to the braves by playing terribly this year.

    I think the whole lineup except Acuña is under the Mendoza line.

  5. Didn’t really care for the club president coming on the air to whine about the ASG.

  6. @1 Absolutely, best to him.

    I have to say something about Mr. Acuna. In addition to all the other terms about him that I share there is one other, special, that is his alone…


    have you any idea how rare that can be for a grumpled old cynical man.


  7. So the Phils just changed an uninjured pitcher in the middle of an at-bat…that a new thing this year? 🤔

  8. Man, when Morton loses the zone he loses it in a hurry. Short leash.

  9. The announcers explained – Girardi screwed up, he went out to talk to his pitcher but forgot that the pitching coach had already been out so that was the second visit of the inning, meaning the pitcher had to come out.


  10. Alec Bohm can hit but he sure cannot field. Absolutely brutal.

  11. Wow, suddenly our bench is better than the regulars (sans Ronald).
    3 PH HR in a week!

  12. I hate to say it, but the man he replaced, Camargo, would not have done what Adrianza did.

  13. Timothy Miller is always very sharp on the last note for some reason. Otherwise he’s great.

  14. Nate jones had a K on Quinn, but of course, an obvious strike wasn’t called. Robo umps when?
    And of course he gets on base.

  15. It might be 8-1, but when you want the 9th inning done right, they know who to bring in.

  16. With these MLB Network games, for y’all in and around Atlanta, are you blacked out?

  17. @32

    Yes. We locals are not typically blacked out when we’re on ESPN (even the non-Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts), FS1 or TBS, but we get the alternate game when we’re on MLB Network.

  18. Goodness, I don’t know how much we needed that, but I know I needed that.

  19. @31

    How right you are…when we only have 7 to play with in the ninth it has to be Saint Luke…did you see how happy HE was when it was all over knowing how well he had pitched under such great pressure.

  20. To Freddy_Ballgame. Talk a good friend/relative into letting you use their cable/DirectTV login credentials on foxsportsgo

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