Merry Christmas from Braves Journal: 12 Days in Braves Land

On the first day in Braves Land, Bobby 6 gave to us, a World Series Championship.

On the second day in Braves Land, Tom Glavine gave to us, 2 Cy Young awards.


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The Hall of Monikers: Best Braves Players by First Name Hank Aaron 1959 Topps Vintage Baseball Card #380 Milwaukee  Braves: Collectibles & Fine Art

So in today’s mailbag, one Ryan Cothran of Santa Rosa Beach, FL writes: “Who are the best Braves by first name?” Well, little Ryan, it’s almost Christmas, so I’ll answer your question.

Step 1: Who’s A Good Player?

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2020 Atlanta Braves Season Review: Ozzie Albies and Worst Name Challenge 2019 Topps Opening Day - Ozzie Albies - Atlanta Braves Baseball  Card #98: Collectibles & Fine Art

We will get to the Ozzie Albies 2020 Player Review, but first, take a stab at winning something!

Editor’s Note: In a move that has sparked some conversation and controversy amongst Braves fans, the Cleveland Indians have announced that they’ll … Finish Reading