Weekend Thread: The $30 Million Dollar Change and Hammers Shirt Update

I’ve sent several Hammers shirts out to satisfied customers this week. While I’ll be out of town this coming week and unable to get them shipped, send me an email if interested. The bookend sizes, M and XXL, are getting sparse so order quickly if that’s your need.

Also, the quality and the logo are so good that I want to grab the shirt in a long sleeve as well. Due to the matter of purchasing the shirts upfront, there’s a minimum financial commitment to meet before I can order. Is anyone interested in a long-sleeve Hammers shirt. I know Coop wanted one. The cost will be $30 out the door. Send me an email if interested: cothrjr at gmail dot com.

A Useless, but Fun Exercise: The $30MM Challenge

MLBTR put out my favorite piece of the year, their 2020-21 Top 50 MLB Free Agent Predictions. Our first challenge was to fill the 2021 Braves team out with only $10 MM to spend. It was tough. Here were some examples of the $20MM Challenge:

Ryan Bauer

  • Joc Pederson 9MM
  • Brad Hand 7MM
  • Mark Melancon 4MM

Ryan Cothran

  • Adam Wainwright, 1/$6MM
  • Yasiel Puig, 1/$3MM
  • Brad Millier, 1/$1MM
  • Kirby Yates, 1/$5MM
  • Mark Melancon, 1/$4MM
  • Matt Joyce, 1/$1MM

Matt Pocza

  • Charlie Morton,1/8
  • Carlos Santana, 1/6
  • Mark Melancon, 1/4
  • Tyler Flowers, 1/2

For this exercise, the players that did not make it on the top 50 can be assumed that they’ll make less than #50 on the list(the “just missed” guys at the bottom we will assume they go for $3MM).

For your shopping pleasure, here is the entire list of 2020-21 MLB Free Agents for players not listed.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Thread: The $30 Million Dollar Change and Hammers Shirt Update”

  1. For 30MM I’m still shopping in most of the same aisles

    I’m going to create depth in the lineup and lengthen it, I want another piece for the rotation and a RH arm for the pen.

    Turner 12M
    Joc 9M
    Jeremy Jeffress 3M
    Wainwright 6M

    Turner plays 130-140 games, Riley gets the rest at 3B with some starts in LF as well.

    I’m not sure Duval can replicate his 2020 and I could see him being non tendered based on his arb number.

    Wainwright will provide quality innings and might allow Smyly to be a piggyback guy with another starter or a multi inning pen piece (think Hader light if he’s really up ticked velo and maintained the curve)

    Yates was my second pick behind Trevor May for RH pen arm. Yates gives you more swing and miss than Melancon so it’s an upgrade from last year and levels out the LH heavy pen.

  2. You’re making it tough for me, Ryan.

    To recap, I spent 10 yrs/$1 mm per year on Culberson,
    then 20 yrs/$500k per year on Walt Weiss

    Now you give me another $10mm

    OK… $10MM to buy out Chip Caray and all of his progeny in perpetuity and not allow them ever to broadcast a baseball game ever again in any medium. (Now that I think about it, maybe that one should be higher up.)

  3. Ok, I have the minimum met for the Braves Hammers long sleeve tees, so now it’s the add-ons.

    Who else wants in? They will be $30 out the door and the quality is outstanding! Email me at cothrjr at gmail dot com.

  4. My $30MM plan:

    Marcell Ozuna: 4/$72MM (18 per)
    Joc Pederson: 2/$18MM (9 per)
    Darren O’Day: 1/$2MM
    Brad Miller: 1/$1MM

  5. Now that they’ve signed Smyly I think Morton is a longer shot to happen. Instead of Brantley and Villar I could’ve gone Ozuna, but then Santana doesn’t fit at all. Still would probably prefer Ozuna to Brantley/Villar but I wanted to do something a little different.

    Brantley 2/$14M per
    Santana 1/$6M
    Melancon 1/$4M
    Greene 1/$3M
    Villar 1/$3M

  6. Rafael Ortega has gone to the Cubs.
    We will always remember that grand slam against the 2019 dodgers.

  7. From the last thread… I wouldn’t want many of those hitters on the Braves. Most of those guys suck and the SABRrattling is just lipstick on a pig.

    And I’d only want Ozuna if there was going to be a DH next year in the NL as I can play a better left field than him at 46 years old.

  8. The Los Angeles Braves of Anaheim

    New Angels GM Perry Minasian is hiring three former colleagues from the Braves, sources tell The Athletic. Alex Tamin will be assistant GM, Dominic Chiti special assistant and Rick Williams a scout.— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) November 22, 2020

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