Braves 2020 Player Review: Mike Soroka

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Mike Soroka…Oh, what could have been.

It’s really all you can think about when it comes to Mike Soroka’s 2020 season, and in a larger context the 2020 season as a whole. The further … Finish Reading

Average Exit Velocity Leaders: Trade Targets/Free Agents 2020 Topps Series 2 Baseball #537 Marcell Ozuna Atlanta Braves  Official MLB Trading Card: Collectibles & Fine Art

Marcell Ozuna is the inspiration for this piece on Average Exit Velocity Leaders. Come back to us.

When Marcell Ozuna was being discussed among my fellow Braves friends as an option for the 2020 season, I just didn’t see it. … Finish Reading

2020 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Travis d’Arnaud 2020 Topps #436 Travis d'Arnaud Atlanta Braves MLB Baseball  Trading Card: Collectibles & Fine Art

Travis d’Arnaud was so good last year that it was a little hard to remember that that was basically exactly how good he was supposed to be.

It also may have been hard to remember that his nickname, according … Finish Reading