Tucker Davidson struggles in debut; Red Sox win 8-2

Well, no harm no foul.

The Braves gave Tucker Davidson an opportunity to make his Major League debut in a game that meant nothing to the standings, and he just didn’t have his best stuff. For as gaudy as their record is, the Red Sox still have a lineup with some established hitters. And unfortunately for Davdison, they took out their frustrations from last night’s loss on him. 

It was worth a try, and at least Davidson has a ball for the trophy case from his first career strikeout. Davidson can now focus on his offseason, get right for spring training, and build towards breaking into the rotation in 2021. 

And as a team, the Braves can just rest up and know that tonight’s 8-2 loss didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. 

One more game until they all matter. 


  • A 19th round pick made his MLB debut tonight. He had a pair of strikeouts in his first career inning. He is in the encyclopedia of baseball players now, the same book with Hank Aaron and Greg Maddux. His night didn’t go as planned, but it was great to see Tucker Davidson get his chance tonight. 
  • The Braves won’t have to worry about Tanner Houck in October. Or Jacob deGrom for that matter; the Mets were mathematically eliminated this afternoon. Just wanted to slide that in there. 
  • If Freddie Freeman ends up resting tomorrow to gear up for Wednesday, he capped off his MVP campaign with a hit and two walks. Take a bow, Freddie. It’s up to the voters now. 


  • Call it a controversial take, but I would have preferred to see a debut like Ian Anderson’s tonight. I’m just saying it would have been nice. 
  • If there is one thing you could actually nitpick about tonight that matters, it would be the defense. Adeiny Hechavarría’s error helped open the floodgates in the second inning, and Dansy Swanson bobbled what could’ve been an inning-ending 6-4-3 double play. This is a little bit of a recurring theme after last night’s ninth inning, but hopefully it will be out of the system by Wednesday. 
  • The Braves are still staring down the barrel of the Cincinnati Reds heading into the final day. The scenarios are very up in the air, but that Bauer-Castillo-Gray trio looks like the most likely opponent right now. 

Former Brave Of The Day: 

The Yankees walloped the Marlins 11-4 in the Bronx, but Matt Joyce did his part with three hits and two RBIs for Don Mattingly’s (playoff bound) club. 

Quote Of The Game: 

“It’s the final countdown…”

– Europe 

Tomorrow’s Goal: 

Put everyone in bubble wrap and just get tomorrow over with. We don’t need any injuries right before the postseason.

39 thoughts on “Tucker Davidson struggles in debut; Red Sox win 8-2”

  1. Tucker Davidson wasn’t pushing his velo like I’d seen before and the only thing that I can think is that it was by design to focus more on command which is ironic because his command was also poor. One start. No big deal. I guarantee that it’ll motivate him to work even harder this offseason.

  2. Some things to watch for in last game:
    •Freeman is frontrunner for MVP, but big last games from any of Betts, Tatis Jr., Machado, or Freddie could decide the outcome.
    •Marcell Ozuna is 3rd in batting average, tied for 1st in HRs, and is 1st in RBIs. A 4-5 day would move his batting average right where Soto currently stands. His other hurdle is his own teammate.

  3. Bowman still thinks Panda is going to be on the playoff roster. There are guys here (looking at your J.F.) that can find baseball oddities quicker than I can, so here’s my question: Has there ever been a player that made their organizational debut in the playoffs? I know that Mondesi fellow made his professional debut in the playoffs, but he was already in the org and had gotten playing time.

  4. On the MVP watch, I knew that Betts came out of the game yesterday after being hit by a pitch, but I didn’t realize he was hit by our old friend Julio Teheran. Betts will likely sit out today’s game.

    Tatis hit another HR last night to move into a tie with Ozuna. I still think he’ll get votes even with his tail off in September. Machado holding steady with a 1 for 3 night. I think Freddie needs to play today to put it away.

  5. @3: You can’t do this in Stathead (if you subset to playoff games, you get the player’s first playoff game for the team, no matter how many regular season games they played), and I never bothered to add postseason games to my database, so I can’t do it either. Sorry. I’m planning to add playoff stats to my database in the offseason, so remind me in February.

  6. Oh good…if we somehow make it to the world series, maybe Cole can pitch then. For an inning. Before getting hurt again. ::rolls eyes::

  7. I think the defense was more important in Davidson’s performance than Davidson himself. Honestly, of the seven runs he gave up, only two were earned. When you have to throw that many extra pitches in an inning, something is bound to go wrong, even for an established ace (assuming he’s not striking out 3 guys in an inning). The walks were bad, but only one came before the first error. If either of the defensive slips did not happen, Tucker would have gotten out of the inning with only the 2-run HR.

    Basically, that game meant less than nothing because we didn’t learn a whole lot about Tucker as well as losing a game where the Red Sox scored in only one inning. At least Dansby HR’d; with any luck that will get him on track.

  8. Panda is no speed demon. Even when running on the pitch, he can’t get to 3rd on an average single to CF.

  9. This should be Tyler’s last season with the team. I’d rather see Contreras out there. Next year, a D’Arnaud/Contreras platoon with Jackson as the third catcher seems just fine with me. Even if we don’t make an attempt to sign Realmuto (who, I think, at this point, would be more of a luxury than a need).

    Another interesting idea…. We may need to beat the Reds in a playoff series for Bauer to even want to sign with the Braves.

  10. Nick Pivetta manifestly sucks, and it would be cool if our hibernating bats would wake up long enough to knock him around.

  11. The bats have been hibernating for a while now, I’m mentally prepared for another first round playoff exit.

  12. @17 – Right?!

    In other news, Soto out after 1 at bat where he got a hit. Ends the season at .351. After that last Ozuna at bat, there goes the triple crown. With better news, both Machado and Tatis are 0 for 4 between them so far on the day.

  13. Two strikeouts with the bases loaded. How do you not pinch hit for Flowers or Inciarte in that situation?

  14. The team being this checked out considering how short the season is really sucks. I expect the typical ATL performance in the playoffs.

  15. At least he didnt wait until the playoffs began before imploding.
    Yeah, we’re not getting past the .500 reds

  16. I hope Luke Jackson doesn’t make the post season roster. Either Newcomb or Davidson would be better. We have so many lefties, though, that reducing two righties (Jackson and Martin) is likely to require a righty. Who’s left? Folty? Bryse would be ok but I thought he was the 4th SP. And Huascar was already in, right?

  17. @32

    Alex, you know how long that will last, don’t you? Memories of your day of the Simba trade. And back you came.

    I would agree that ending play on such a woefully flat note it’s going to take all of Freddie’s leadership qualities to pull this team back together, remind them of how good they’ve been for fifty plus games. And then there’s the issue of who’s fit and who’s not.

    But certainly we will give it all our support. No whimper, all bang for our collective ending!

  18. History?

    Think I just saw the Cardinals and the Brewers celebrating their post season arrival, on the same pitch, at the same time. Ever happened before, Jonathan?

  19. Eh, if we can’t beat the Reds, we would have had no hope against the Dodgers. Time to finally win a playoff series. I feel if they can win one they might go a fair way this post-season.

    Time to surprise us Braves.

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