2020 Atlanta Braves NL East Three Peat and Game Thread

The Atlanta Braves woke up today NL East champions for a 3rd consecutive year. Although, the end goal is certainly much more, we should recognize this as a great accomplishment. Like many teams, the Braves have faced a lot of adversity throughout this bizarre season. Atlanta silenced national writers for a third straight year after many picked them to finish as low as 4th in the division.

The Injury Bug

The Braves were riddled with injuries, but never let up. The rotation, in particular, was hit the hardest out of anyone in baseball after losing 80% of their projected rotation. The only one left standing is Max Fried who also just came off of the IL after missing time. You would think a team starting over fifteen different starting pitchers in a short season would be far from first place in their division. Key contributors such as Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuña Jr., both catchers, and more have all missed significant time as well.

The Deadline

Leading up to the deadline you would think it would be a shoo-in that the Braves of all teams would bolster the injury derailed rotation. The only glaring weakness of the team did not receive any help from the front office. Alex Anthopolous stood pat with the exception of a few bad starts from lone acquisition Tommy Milone. The deadline was a huge disappointment to many. Luckily, the rotation has put it together recently despite the lack of help.

The End Goal

From watching Robbie Erlin make meaningful September starts to Freddie Freeman putting up an MVP season, this team has been fun to watch. The offense and bullpen have carried them through much of the season. Winning the division is just the beginning for this team. The Braves are looking to win their first playoff series since 2001. The rotation will play a huge part in just how far this team goes. For now, let’s focus on celebrating a team reigning superior in the National League Eastern division in 2020. 

Braves Roster News

While this doesn’t mean much, it does mean that Ian Anderson will get a shot at winning ROY in 2021 and that’s pretty alright.

Freddie Freeman has MVP Competition In-House?

Last night, Marcell Ozuna got fed up with Freddie Freeman getting all the MVP love so he decided to throw a wrench at Freddie and his dreams by putting his own name in the hat.

Because Braves Journal Loves Weird Stats

Tonight’s Braves Lineup

Finish strong. Give guys rest, and let’s watch some stress free baseball!

24 thoughts on “2020 Atlanta Braves NL East Three Peat and Game Thread”

  1. Forgot to mention this earlier but I saw this morning that ESPN had ranked the current playoff starting lineups and put the Braves even after the Cubs (though I can’t find it now because maybe they noticed their mistake.) My favorite was the “platoon” of Nick Markakis and “Austin” Flowers. Even after now winning more division titles than the Yankees, ESPN still doesn’t seem to realize that meaningful baseball is ever played in the state of Georgia.

  2. #1
    Probably just means that, like many pandemic-era operations, ESPN has cut back on staff.

    And after that episode, it may have cut back a little more.

  3. Fried being a team player , trying to take himself out of the cy young conversation and keep his arbitration salary low.

    I really like this offense, btw.

  4. Ozzie Albies is unbelievably good at baseball. Calling it here, he’s Scottie Pippen.

  5. The organist was straight up playing “Dark Side of the Moon” during that mound conference. I love him so much.

  6. Radio guys say Fried tweaked his ankle fielding the Marte bunt in the first inning. They took him out as a “precautionary measure.”

  7. Ankle, OK…

    Well, if it’s only something minor, he has a entire week to recover for Game 1.

    FWIW, Max will finish the 2020 regular season undefeated, 7-0.

  8. Those at bats by Ozzie and Hech were works of art. Sixto is seeing what a deep, patient lineup looks like.

  9. Call me crazy, but I’m looking forward to seeing more relievers, so I’m kinda glad Fried’s night is over. Hopefully Jackson has a strong couple-few innings here. Would love to see Webb and Smith tonight too.

  10. I think we’ve probably complained about Luke a lot more than we’ve praised him, but he’s been Johnny on the spot in a lot of these critical moments. I can’t think of another guy who has pitched more necessary two-inning stints than he has.

  11. Gosh, I love watching oppo bombs from Dansby. I do agree with Frenchy that you can tell when Dansby is getting going is that he’s hitting balls hard to center and right-center.

  12. If the weird stats tweet is correct, the only qualifier (using the current threshold, I assume) with more runs scored than hits since 1890 was Philadelphia As 2nd baseman Max Bishop, who had 117 runs and 111 hits (and 128 walks and 6 HBP) in 1930. Through five tonight, Acuna has 43 runs and 38 hits (and 36 walks and 3 HBP).

    I thought Rickey Henderson might have done that, and he did have 110 runs and 112 hits in 1996 with the Padres, as well as 40 and 40 in 2002 with the Red Sox (nowhere near qualifying) and more runs than hits in 203 PA with Toronto after being traded midseason in 1993. So not quite.

  13. Bonds was pretty close in 2004.

    Yelich still has a chance to do it this season as well…. 37 runs scored and 39 hits coming into tonight.

  14. The hammers will have lost more than a full game from their offensive production because of unplayed ninth innings in home wins.

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