Braves Roster News and Game Thread

Last night’s game was postponed so we didn’t get to a new thread, but there was some Braves Roster News that was not so good and a move for a pitcher with good peripherals.

Braves expect to have Chris Martin back when they come back to Atlanta. Robbie Erlin is interesting as the stats that matter find him remarkably mediocre, but peripherals look good and FIP tells a different story. It’s worth noting that Erlin has no MILB options and will be a free agent in 2021.

Braves Organist Does the Spectactular!

I’ll not get into why this is so awesome…look it up. We have the best organist in the MLB!

A Date to Look Forward to for Cristian Pache

With the dilemma that is Ender Inciarte, here’s some important info to know for Braves fans.

Kyle Wright, Your Turn!

Get that W, gents!

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17 thoughts on “Braves Roster News and Game Thread”

  1. Continuing the discussion at the end of the last thread: a doubleheader puts a lot of stress on a bullpen, assuming (as seems inevitable) that 6 innings is the best you can possibly expect from a starter. Bullpen depth gives you choices in both games. Even with two seven inning games you need to use 4 or 5 relievers. And if you use any of them twice, they are almost surely not available for Sunday.

  2. Ok I looked up why that particular song was played for that particular batter…all I can say is WOW.

  3. Frenchy just commented that Hoskins may be taking too many pitches. That may be correct but Jeff is the last person I would count on for that diagnosis.

  4. In Wright’s last start his WHIP was over three. In one inning so far today it is 2. I may be wrong but if he keeps this up he may eventually give up a run.
    OTOH the trend is in the right direction.

  5. And now a third strike is not called for wright, resulting in a BB.

    The older I get, the less patience I have for this BS.

    And now a HR. I’m out.
    Not everyone can be as good as Touki

  6. Wright looked to me like a major-league average starting pitcher who gave up a bad sequence. If he can be that in the future, we should be pretty happy.

  7. Matthew Kaminski is the best, forever.

    Jury still out on Kyle Wright. But now that I’m 100% stanning for Touki, I’m willing to give Kyle the benefit of a little more doubt.

  8. It must have been Ynoa’s day to pitch at camp tomorrow, because he’s getting the call in Game 1 of the DH. He is seen more of a relief prospect long term.

  9. #14 – I’ve heard that the plan is for it to be a bullpen game. I don’t think we’ll see anyone pitch over 2 innings. Wright lasting for 6 innings tonight was a big help. We just need 6 or 7 innings from Fried.

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