Braves Roster News and Game Thread

Tomorrow, the Braves Roster News will be flowing as 30 will become 28. However, some of the hardest decisions might have been postponed with last night’s injury, which makes 2 days in a row for the Braves team, whose depth is massive but is being challenged early. Also a lingering problem for one of our stars forces another player on the IL, and likely, a return a bit earlier than anticipated.

It’s weird to say, but the Braves likely won’t miss a beat without an ailing Ozzie Albies (emphasis on the ailing) and Nick Markakis will likely provide production close to Matt Adams.

Braves Roster News: A Guess on who goes when 30 becomes 28…

Alex Jackson seems like a good bet to be sent down after today’s game, and that will get the Braves to 29. Unfortunately for Schebler, he’s just not seeing time with the Braves and with the addition of Markakis, it’s foolhardy to think that anything will change. While Charlie Culberson and Adeiny Hechavarria seem redundant, they’re definitely not going to be viewed that way while Ozzie’s on the shelf. Sorry Scheb, we hardly knew ya.

Braves Roster News: Wither Ender?

The skill that has kept his career thriving is dissipating. Neither Statcast or Fangraphs sees Ender as a plus defender anymore, and that puts a lot of pressure on his offense which has been really poor. How long can the Braves keep an average fielding CFer that’s currently carrying a .600 OPS in the lineup when Cristian Pache is chomping at the bits in the player pool? My guess is not long.

A …different Braves Lineup

Freddie Freeman sits and Culberson gets Ozzie’s ABs as the Braves put their RH smashers in to face Hyun-jin Ryu. People seem upset online about this lineup and I think it rocks (aside from Ender).

Get that W, boys!

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33 thoughts on “Braves Roster News and Game Thread”

  1. He couldn’t put guys away on a two-strike count. It wasn’t really not his fault.

  2. Pretty good outing by Newk, all the same. Him having turned some sort of corner might be too much to ask for, but we can always hope.

  3. It would be sad if this ends up being Ender’s last game as a Brave but both runs could have been nullified by his glove.

    So what do we do? at 9 million per?

    Ru vs. Riley…toxic.

    Newk…better but – someone needs to count the number of pitches on the arm side that were a foot or more off the plate and thus could be ignored by the hitter.. Eliminating those would be transformational for him, all round.

  4. I was surprised to hear Chip imply that Camargo’s stop and force at second was one that Chipper would have made. I didn’t see all of Chipper’s career (was overseas a lot), but I don’t remember him having that kind of range or that kind of arm. Great at coming in on slow rollers, of course. Can’t think of a Braves regular 3B who could have made it. Chip talks up Vinny Castilla, but Castilla was older when he returned to the Braves, and his numbers don’t look like anything special. Certainly not Pendleton – he dove a lot but for balls that were much closer to him, and he didn’t have that kind of arm. I’m just a little too young to remember much about Clete Boyer. Am I missing anyone?

  5. Newk was much better. Chipper didn’t make that play often if ever. Runs would be nice.

    Clete probably would have, if memory saves.

  6. Ender Inciarte is no longer a first division major leaguer. If he isn’t going to make the borderline spectacular play, and still is going to offer exactly nothing with his bat, he’s unplayable.

  7. I don’t remember Boyer, but pretty much everyone since. Camargo is the rangiest Braves 3B I’ve ever seen. If the team can fill out the remainder of the lineup, I’ll gladly watch Johan (and Pache!) pick it all season long.

  8. How does Camargo’s range and arm compare to TP? He was a vacuum over there. As I recall, we primarily acquired him for his defense.

    Also, yeah. My recent defense of Ender notwithstanding, if he ain’t catching the ball, there isn’t really a spot for him on the roster, no matter whether it’s 25, 28, or 30 names long.

  9. I recall TP as a good but not great fielder by the time he got to Atlanta. He could charge a ball much like Chipper, and had good lateral range but was short with short arms. Camargo gets to balls that TP couldn’t, and has a better arm too.

  10. @22, I’m not sure I’ve seen a Braves infielder with an arm as good as Camargo’s, and that includes Furcal. Hard to compare, since Camargo can’t play SS so you’ll never see that deep-in-the-hole/short left field play. But Camargo absolutely lights ’em up.

  11. @25, not even Andrelton? Even when Camargo was playing short, I don’t remember looking forward to doubles in the gap where the SS would have the chance to cut down the runner from first at the plate like I did when Andrelton was here (especially going into short right to take the throw from JHey).

  12. Putrid showing by the offense tonight , except for Duvall . That Freeman kid ain’t right. Some hope for good Newk, at least.

  13. Minter finally looks like he’s becoming the guy he was supposed to be — a guy who pounds the zone with good stuff.

  14. I do remember Clete Boyer. He was the best fielding third baseman I ever saw for any team, and that includes Brooks Robinson. OK, maybe it’s a close call as to Robinson, but Clete could do it all at third.
    But Camargo’s arm ranks up there with anyone.

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