The Braves Rebuild: Outgoing vs. Incoming Value, Part 5: 2016-17 Offseason Trades

We’ve made it through the Hector Olivera trade and the Andrelton Simmons trade and yet, somehow the Braves are still in the positive in terms of production value. In today’s piece, “The Braves Rebuild, 2016-17 Offseason Trades”, the deals aren’t as flashy but the impact in production value is still there. If you’re not caught up, here are the first 4 pieces in the series (I’d recommend reading them before proceeding):

The Braves Rebuild, 2016-17 Offseason Trades

The Braves Rebuild, 2016-17 Offseason Trades: Value Outgoing

Outgoing Production: 6 fWAR, 48MM value

Total Cost: 6.65 MM

41.35 MM of lost production

Value Incoming

Incoming Production: 5.3 fWAR, 42.4 MM value

Total Cost:12.9 MM

29.5 MM of gained production


At the time, I felt like I was the only guy on the planet that wasn’t a fan of the Luiz Gohara trade. Sure, I’d read the glowing scouting reports and comp to C.C. Sabathia, but I’d also read some lackluster reports on his character. I’ll not get too much into that, but what I do know is Mallex’s character was easy to cheer for and I thought his skillset was valuable to have on a roster. John Gant seemed like a guy with real potential to be a back-end starter/high end reliever that Coppy traded too quickly, but no one would’ve known that Gant had 99 MPH up his sleeve. Those 2 guys make up the bulk of the outgoing value.

Without the good season from Brandon Phillips (another guy that was fun to watch) and the emergence of Luke Jackson‘s slider, this would’ve been a bleak part of our series, but they’ve added value for little cost and that makes a big difference. Still, today’s piece comes out in the negative in terms of production. Here’s the total from the first 5 parts:

  • +59.03 MM of gained production in Part 1
  • -79.5 MM of gained production in Part 2
  • +27.9 MM of gained production in Part 3
  • -2.975 of gained production in Part 4
  • -11.85 MM of gained production in Part 5

Total: -7.395 of gained production

However, we’ve added Luke Jackson, Alex Jackson, and Thomas Burrows to the list of unknown future values. Here’s that full list:

On the other side, here’s the full list of players traded away that are still playing and have not reached free agency or have not been non-tendered:

Thanks for reading “The Braves Rebuild, 2016-17 Offseason Trades”. Check out our entire catalog on the rebuild here.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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13 thoughts on “The Braves Rebuild: Outgoing vs. Incoming Value, Part 5: 2016-17 Offseason Trades”

  1. This is a really useful series as it helps remind that when it comes to trading away your’n for their’n, inaction can frequently be better than action.

  2. I can also conclude that I have not been hoodwinked by a fan account.

  3. Follow up:

  4. Interesting.

  5. No complaints here.

  6. Given it would only be a 60 game season, I would have no problem with a 16 team playoff in 2020. The thing that I struggle with is I read that they want a 16 team playoff for 2021.

  7. I’m done with baseball. Looks like Manfred is using COVID-19 as his ‘in’ to shove the DH on the NL.

  8. I yield to no one in hating the DH, but I don’t think this is just a power play by Manfred. My general understanding is that there’s pretty much consensus in baseball that this is happening. I think both sides saw this as a way of expanding the pie.

    It’s a crappy win-win.

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