Braves Top Tools: Future Pitchers

Victor Vodnik shaking hands with Braves Scout Kevin Martin after signing his professional contract with the Braves, courtesy of @LesLukach via Twitter

Over the past week I’ve covered the Braves system by highlighting the top tools for position players and … Finish Reading

Braves Top Tools: Current Pitchers

I started a four-part series on top tools in the Braves system. Part 1 focused on top tools among position players by naming a prospect with the highest grade for each of the five tools plus additional observations. Part 2 … Finish Reading

Worst Trades in Braves History: Mark Teixeira

“Still a douche” ~Tim Hudson

No one wants to remember it. No one wants to write about it. And EVERYONE wonders…what if? Today’s topic…*Ugh* Worst Trades in Braves History: Mark Teixeira.

July 31st, 2007

The Braves were going … Finish Reading

Braves Minor Leagues: Top Tools

David Lee has been studying and scouting the Braves Minor League system for years His knack for nailing player’s tools before most has made him a longtime trusted voice for Baseball Prospectus. David has now taken to focusing solely on … Finish Reading