Braves One Year Wanker: Garret Anderson

Garret Anderson - Wikipedia

The OF of the late-2000s was largely a mess and that brings us to the subject of the day, Braves One Year Wanker Garret Anderson.

The Have Nots and Has Beens

If thinking about the outfield of the late aughts … Finish Reading

Braves One Year Wanker: Denny McLain

Braves One Year Wanker: Denny McLain: Why we hate him

Actually this is a bit unfair as I barely remember the guy; however, there was a lot about Denny that raised eyebrows for the discerning fan on his acquisition. First … Finish Reading

Braves One Year Wonder: Charles Thomas

Braves Journal is starting a new series to entertain the masses, and our first up in the series “Braves One Year Wonder” is Charles Thomas…who is actually younger than I am and that makes me feel old.

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