Best Trades in Atlanta Braves History: Omar Infante

Best Trades in Atlanta Braves History? Omar Infante. How good was Infante in a Braves uniform? The answer…very.

Over the last three decades of (mostly) excellence, the Braves have made ton of memorable trades, from franchise-altering trades like Doyle AlexanderFinish Reading

My All-Time Favorite Minor League Teams: 1992 Greenville Braves

Spring 1992 saw me locate from Southwestern Virginia (yay Appy League!) back to my hometown of Asheville, NC. Our local team, the Tourists (Astros affiliate) sucked as did the Braves Macon franchise in the Sally League, so I turned my … Finish Reading

Braves One Year Wonder*: Kenny Lofton

* I’d say Braves One Year Wonder, Kenny Lofton, was about as good as he could have been, given the caveat that an asterisk is obviously needed.

Braves One Year Wonder, Kenny Lofton

Anyway, I’m sure some of you … Finish Reading