Atlanta Braves Spring Training: Notes from Game 1

Atlanta Braves Spring Training got off to a good start against what will likely be the worst team in the Major Leagues in 2020, the Baltimore Orioles.

Felix Hernandez “looked” good

While the velocity did not all of a sudden reappear after 5 years, Hernandez pitched 2 solid innings, giving up 0 hits and striking out 2 while walking 1. I wrote this a few weeks back when the Braves signed Felix, but it looks like he threw at least 2 cutters yesterday, and could’ve been more. Also, the velocity seemed dialed back a little more than his new norm, which could be the way he goes forward to increase location and allow his offspeed stuff to play up.

Left-handed Relief Pitching Battle is On!

If yesterday is any indication, the Braves really do plan on giving Sean Newcomb the chance to win a starting slot. 4 left-handed pitchers were used in yesterday’s game: Chris Rusin (2 innings), Grant Dayton (1 inning), Tucker Davidson (2 innings), and Phil Pfeifer (1 inning). While none gave up runs, Rusin, Davidson, and Pfeifer definitely looked better than Dayton and it’s going to be tough for Dayton to fight those guys off, especially Davidson and Pfeifer as they both have 40-man spots.

Shea Langeliers Impresses

We knew his defense was good as he was immediately considered the best defensive catcher upon being drafted, but I’m not sure anyone expected this from Shea Langeliers in his first spring game of the year.

Drew Waters has Strikeout Swagger

We’ve heard whispers that Drew Waters is…um, full of confidence. Yesterday it was on display after a strikeout.

Today’s Atlanta Braves Spring Training Game

Bryse Wilson gets his shot to prove he’s capable of filling the 5th starter spot while Austin Riley gets a start at 3rd base.

Thanks for reading on Atlanta Braves Spring Training Game 1. If you enjoyed this piece, take a look at the complications of roster decisions that could pop up at the end of Spring Training.

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Author: Ryan Cothran

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29 thoughts on “Atlanta Braves Spring Training: Notes from Game 1”

  1. blazonsays:
    February 23, 2020 at 8:06 am
    You have to wonder how Brian McCann is feeling right now, the first spring training games of what was to be the second and final year of his contract. All that went by the board in October when everyone agreed the body had had enough so it was entirely expected.

    What nobody knew then was the oncoming explosive exposure of Astros baseball, the way they played the game, the opprobrium that was instant and game wide. The tainted World Series in ’17. He had to know only too well what was happening, said nothing, nobody did.

    But he was our Brian McCann, coming home to play his last games with us amid a welter of goodwill and happiness for everybody. Sic transit gloria, the Romans had a word for it. What is unkind in a sense in this instance was this was no power crazed, corrupt Emperor meeting his self righteous fate. Knowing our Mac he would have been a well liked arrival there, popular with all, but not a name to be reckoned in any power politics and not one likely to take a hugely unpopular and many would undoubtedly say traitorous position and shining light on it.

    BEFORE the post season. Front Office first, then the media if they were unresponsive.

    It would take a man in a hundred to do that. Which is about where we evaluate Mac. Had he been able to do so his name would be on Olympus in the years ahead.

  2. Hey blazon. I was at the ER with my kid last night and I didn’t take the time to look at your post.

  3. Well…once again the computer gods have it in for me! You see, Ryan, you should have done it! There’s a decent piece on Mac in there somewhere. Mea culpa everybody.

  4. @4
    Thanks for asking, Coop. Scary night, but she’s good. I think I hit 100 MPH in my Volvo V50 4 cylinder last night on the way.

  5. @Alex

    She woke up around 1ish, couldn’t breathe, windpipe swollen which causes wheezing. Was a scary 30ish minutes but got her to ER and they gave her a combo of drugs to alleviate symptoms. Pretty severe case of the croup but thank goodness that was all.

    But thank goodness I could edit blazon’s post that was JC’d on the last thread otherwise my life priorities would’ve really been out of whack.

  6. It’s only his first start… But we might need to put the Bryce Wilson in the rotation idea to bed. The Tigers hardly even have a major league caliber team.

  7. On Bryse: working on offspeed. Literally threw 0 fastballs, only cutters and change ups. Looked better 2nd inning. Caught way too much plate in 1st.

  8. @13 gotcha. I hoped that he was working on something…

    Glad your daughter is ok. Such a scary a situation

  9. @Timo

    Thanks man. She’s all good. Taking a nap with mommy right now while I watch baseball and complete lesson plans.

  10. @22 Darn, that’s a harsh analysis. I missed that from you, Chief!

    Consider me an optimist on everyone for the time being.

  11. Any idea what his velo was today?

  12. In Mac’s honor, your annual reminder to take Spring Training stats with a grain of salt. They’re not worthless – read Dan Rosenheck’s analysis, etc. – but they’re noisy as hell and mostly don’t tell you much.

  13. @chief
    Bryse Wilson is a 22 year old that has a 98 MPH fastball as a starter. Predicting his future is pure foolishness.

    Gun was off today. I’d say Weigel was 96.

  14. Just seeing this, hoping everything is alright Ryan!

    I think it’s a bit too early to say Wilson won’t be successful in the majors. Even if he’s not a starter, that fastball and secondary stuff could play well in the bullpen. Also another note, it’s hard realizing when you’ve hit that plateau and you can’t make the next step. It’s the reason it’s so hard for so many to hang up the cleats. You want to keep playing the game you love, even if you can’t find the success anymore.

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