Potential Atlanta Braves Trade Targets: National League

On Monday, I took a look at some potential trade targets from the American League (find it here). Today, we will take a look at potential targets from the National League.

Firstly, I chose teams that will likely be … Finish Reading

2019 Atlanta Braves Player Reviews: Mike Foltynewicz

I’ve spilled a lot of ink in the comments about Folty, so I’ll try to recap and be concise.

Look, I don’t know who Mike Foltynewicz is, and I don’t know who does. In almost … Finish Reading

Atlanta Braves Payroll: Creating Funds by Cutting Money

A lot was made about the payroll at the beginning of the 2019 season, and many fans felt shorted by the lack of big moves outside of Josh Donaldson. While I cannot argue with that train of thought too … Finish Reading