Ruminations On a Meaningless Game.

Since last night’s game had a Kelvin Bearing on the Braves’ post-season (Absolutely Zero), I figured rather than give you a full blown recap, I’d just give you some impressions from last night.

  1. Dansby Swanson continues to look like he’s found a solution to his swing. He went 3-5, with a first inning line drive single to right center, and an absolute rocket off the Mets’ shortstop’s glove.
  2. Ozzie Albies had a first inning single to take over the NL lead in hits.
  3. Dallas Keuchel wasn’t especially sharp, and not very efficient, but did manage to go five innings, surrending all 4 of the Mets runs. Both homers he gave up weren’t that well hit, Pete Alonso’s and J.D. Davis‘ both were line drives that just cleared the left center and right center wall respectively. More concerning were the 4 walks Dallas issued, although it did appear the home plate umpire was calling a tight zone.
  4. Josh Donaldson continues to torment Mets’ pitching. 2-3, with an RBI and his 100th walk of the season. ALL. The money.
  5. Speaking of people who have the authority to spend ALL the money, AA was interviewed by Chip and Frenchy on the broadcast. AA was very complimentary of The Bringer of Rain. Also, he indicated that Ronald Acuna had been pressing to try to reach 40 steals. Other comments of note included a tidbit that Nick Markakis turned down more guaranteed money to stay in Atlanta, and that everyone in the Braves clubhouse wanted him back for this year.
  6. Freddie Freeman sure did ground a lot of pitches right to the second baseman spot. But, nothing indicated his elbow was bothering him to any degree. So, I’m sure he’s just trying to get some game reps in.
  7. Anthony Swarzak struck out the side in his inning of work. If this is his last appearance for the Braves, he ended it on an up note. Plus, the month he had when he came over from Seattle went a long way to getting the Braves to this point. Thanks, General!
  8. Darn, no 100 win season.
  9. Billy Hamilton came up shaking his hand after a 4th inning steal. Not that the Braves need another injury to a centerfielder, but Ender Inciarte is definitely not going to be ready for the NLDS. If Hamilton is hurt, that leaves Rafael Ortega to back up Ronald in center.
  10. I can’t wait for Thursday. Go Braves!
  11. And on a personal note, this wraps up my 5th(?) year of Friday recaps. Has it really been that long? Wow. Thanks for letting me be a (small) part of a great community, and thanks for putting up with my stupid jokes and snarky comments. Now let’s knock out about 13 more wins between now and late October-early November.
  12. Oh, I guess I SHOULD mention IWOTM won 4-2 last night.

16 thoughts on “Ruminations On a Meaningless Game.”

  1. One of the writers tweeted that Hech was taking reps at 1B. I guess that means Riley is off the roster and Hech is the emergency 1B.

    Inpsiring stuff…

  2. They haven’t tried Duvall yet at first who has more experience there than the others they have tried, oddly.

  3. Cervelli showed he was not the (defensive) answer at first the other day. Im guessing Hech is taking reps in case Acuna cant go and Duvall is needed in the outfield, or in the series where Neck is the DH.

  4. Playoff teams, last ten games:

    Nationals, 8-2
    Cardinals, 6-4
    Brewers, 8-2
    Dodgers, 8-2
    Yankees, 5-5
    Astros, 8-2
    Rays, 7-3
    Athletics, 6-4
    Twins, 8-2

    Braves, 4-6

  5. Freddie’s at bat in the first was cringeworthy. Is he really two for his last 32? Good opener for Folty. @25 me too.

  6. Folty in the third looked like he was just practicing to give up big hits so he could be ready for Alonso and 53, which he duly was.

    Dodgers won their 105th today. Nats rolling.We are embarrassing. And dreary to watch.

  7. I don’t care if the games mean nothing, you still have to play well. I can’t see anything about this team that’s playing well right now. Folty is certainly not looking all that good.

    And I don’t care if the game means nothing, it’s still the Mets and the Mets should always be beaten.

    Do you guys really think the Braves can just turn it on come playoff time? It’s not enough the get reps. They have to be good reps.

  8. In the 7th, if i heard them right, the MLB guys spent a good deal of time during Freddie’s at bat speculating he was hurting at the plate, even while jogging his right arm was at an unusual angle. Jeez, he called himself perfect a day and a few hours ago. This is not going well, deja vu from last night.

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