Don’t worry–real baseball starts Thursday

I’ll take my lead from Seat Painter and JonathanF, which is always a good idea.  You don’t need to read a recap of Saturday’s game.  It doesn’t matter!  Instead, I’ll take the recapper’s prerogative and share my ruminations on the postseason. If you insist on a result, IWOTM 3, Braves 0, on a couple of … Continue reading “Don’t worry–real baseball starts Thursday”

Ruminations On a Meaningless Game.

Since last night’s game had a Kelvin Bearing on the Braves’ post-season (Absolutely Zero), I figured rather than give you a full blown recap, I’d just give you some impressions from last night. Dansby Swanson continues to look like he’s found a solution to his swing. He went 3-5, with a first inning line drive … Continue reading “Ruminations On a Meaningless Game.”

A Reflection on Last Night’s Game

Hey Braves Journal friends. We have been hard at work loading up some good writers for the offseason and beyond. It’s our focus to stay true to the Braves Journal model by focusing more on building quality writing while maintaining the feel of what Mac established, which is a bar-like atmosphere where people can gather … Continue reading “A Reflection on Last Night’s Game”

Royals dethroned: 10-2, but mostly 40/40 ruminations

“Funny how being north of south of a round number makes a big impact to us.” – Rob Copenhaver, on Monday. “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.” –  Groucho Marx I was once on a plane seated next to a formidably impressive fellow who informed me, … Continue reading “Royals dethroned: 10-2, but mostly 40/40 ruminations”

That is Not Good: Braves 6 – KC 9

This game is not worth much of a recap. Here’s what I’ve got. 1. Bad Julio is back with a vengeance. His playoff role needs to be seriously reconsidered. 2.1 innings, 6 hits, 1 W, 2 HBPs, 1K, 6 runs. Even without giving up any HRs, he managed to lose a game in one inning. … Continue reading “That is Not Good: Braves 6 – KC 9”

Last Update: Odds on Braves Postseason Roster

This list is assuming Ender Inciarte is healthy enough to swing a bat as the Braves, at the least, really need another LH bat off the bench. This list is also assuming that Johan Camargo will not be ready for the 1st round of the playoffs. I make a few assumptions that seem logical to … Continue reading “Last Update: Odds on Braves Postseason Roster”

AA Was Right and I Was Wrong: The Division-Winning 2019 Braves

(Ed. note: yesterday was dumb and there’s your recap.) I’ve been cranky almost all of 2019. I was ecstatic when Alex Anthopoulos was hired and excited when he brought in Josh Donaldson on a one-year deal last winter. But as the calendar turned from 2018 to 2019 and no additional moves came, I soured. Hard. … Continue reading “AA Was Right and I Was Wrong: The Division-Winning 2019 Braves”

Our Brave Guys 8, Not So Scary Giants 1

On Friday night the Atlanta Braves won a trip to October-Land.  It’s just the best place to be this time of year.  It’s where all ballplayers want to go. And how excited they all were! Some of them misbehaved a little; usually you’re not supposed to play in the fountain or spray wet stuff all … Continue reading “Our Brave Guys 8, Not So Scary Giants 1”