The Braves Played A Game In Canada and Lost

Sorry for the delayed recap, and there won’t be one.

Instead, call it a game thread. Folty vs. something called a Jacob Waguespack. Tonight at 7:07 PM. Check it out.

Whoops, have to put more lines so the “keep reading” button comes up.

Go Gators.

I still believe that George Lazenby was vastly underrated as Bond.

63 thoughts on “The Braves Played A Game In Canada and Lost”

  1. You could make the case that Camargo should be back up playing LF instead of Hamilton in CF, but whatever, they both suck.

  2. Hamilton as a Brave:

    .600 OBP and 1.100 OPS

    Trailing only Cervelli! And, yes, I know it is a small sample size. But I think Hamilton does a few things well and can help us.

  3. Freeman is in his pull-everything and roll over to the right side phase. If anyone had a cure for it they’d be a billionaire.

  4. Mike can’t stand prosperity. Through three shutout innings, he’s needed 20 pitches a frame.

  5. @10–in the TV pregame, Glavine said Folty needs to rely much more on a two seamer than a four seamer. I wonder if he and Folty had a chat.

  6. I’d like to point out that Folty had the batter struck out before the passed ball, but the umpire called a pitch down the middle a ball.

  7. Umpires are so bad these days. It’s almost like they are trying to be so bad they get replaced by robots.

  8. They just panned to the dugout and caught Snitker apparently cussing about Folty going 3-2 after being 0-2 on Vlad Jr.

  9. Folty isn’t the answer right now…but who is? He throws way too many pitches but actually seemed to get worse with Flowers and his antics.

  10. I think you have to keep trying with Folty. He’s had some very good starts since coming back.

  11. I apologize to Rob and all the Braves Journal folks for not posting a recap. Between having a generally rotten day and the Braves game being such a frustrating, disappointing affair, I totally whiffed. Thanks for everyone’s forbearance.

  12. @33 not with Flowers behind the plate. He looked a lot better with McCann or Cervelli than with Flowers

  13. I just noticed how far Billy Hamilton chokes up on the bat… seemed like almost a whole hand’s width in that last at-bat. Somewhere my little league coach is nodding his approval. Has anyone else choked up that much in recent memory?

  14. I blame some of this on the rain. Can’t be easy for a pitcher like Luke who relies on spin to pitch with a wet ball.

  15. Folty does need to pitch better if he wants to unseat one of the guys ahead of him to start a playoff game.

  16. Good to see Vlad Jr get off to a good start in the mlb. However, he appears to be generously listed at 6-2 250. His size and shape wouldn’t appear to age well.

  17. @ #41

    The way Hamilton chokes up reminds me of “The Kitten,” Felix Millan. I noted, however, that Hamilton holds the bat in his palms instead of in his fingers.

    Coldplay looked good.

  18. @61

    The Lady has the perfect end line.

    I was an early DFA Joyce guy three weeks ago. First time i’ve ever been wrong.

    For Acuna…keep your head DOWN..IT’S JUMPING UP LIKE A RABBIT..
    back to back 3K nights mock your natural talents..

    Bo Bichette is good, as to a lesser extent is Vlad. KLaw on record today as saying Biggio will not endure.

    Billy’s first 0 for 4. Bunt, Billy, bunt.

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