Braves 3, Marlins 2 – Acuna Walks It Off

Make it 15-4. That’s Atlanta’s record against Miami this year, and I bet the Marlins are ready to be done with us. And unfortunately for us, they are. At this point, you found dissatisfaction that even with our beleaguered offense, we couldn’t put enough runs across to get Mike Soroka a win.

Nonetheless, plenty to be happy about in regards to Soroka. He took a shutout into the 7th, giving up 2 runs on 3 straight hits, but finished strong to record the following line: 7 IP, 2 ER, 5 H, 0 BB, 5 K. The Braves also let him break 100 pitches for only the 5th time in 23 starts. Soroka could very well end the season with a 6 bWAR season. To put that in perspective, a Braves starting pitcher has only cracked 4 bWAR 4 times this decade: Tim Hudson in 2010, Kris Medlen in 2012, and Julio Teheran in 2014 and 2016. What Soroka is doing is unprecedented in recent Atlanta Braves history.

Luke Jackson recorded a scoreless inning with no baserunners and two strikeouts. Mark Melancon also had two strike outs in a scoreless inning, but gave up a shift-induced infield single to Neil Walker. In the last 8 days, the pen has seen a significant improvement as they have a 3.62 ERA in 25.1 IP. They’re also striking out almost a batter an inning with less than 2 walks per 9.

Ronald Acuna delivered the walk-off hit for Atlanta, Freddie Freeman hit his 34th home run, and Adeiny Hechavarria contributed two hits and a RBI. It’s a thin offense until the gang comes back.

Off to New York for a 3 game series. Mike Foltynewicz vs. Jacob deGrom.

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  1. Well done, Rob. Thanks.

    DeGrom tomorrow. Bring your bats, boys.

    Gracie Jane is a great name. Congrats one more time, sdp.

  2. Gracie Jane is perfect, sdp, and she’s also perfect in her Braves record. Congrats on the blessing and gift.

  3. @6 Awesome, Bethany. Yes.
    Gratuliere, sdp. And Gracie Jane is a beautiful name. Well done. Go Gracie Jane!

    RAJ looked great even in the post-game interview. Loved that he spoke some English. Not sure Kelsey got that though.

  4. Looking at Ronald’s walkoff, I was struck by the swing – it looked really easy, not like he was swinging for the fences. It more looked like he was trying to make contact and put bat to ball, just lift it to the outfield. It was a swing more tailored to produce a flare than a blast. Really nice job of situational hitting and taking a pitch at the bottom of the zone and just serving it into left center.

    He’s such a fine hitter. So balanced, and he has an awareness and maturity of a much older player. The way Freddie and Chipper rise to the occasion.

    What a player.

  5. @8
    He’s been accused of “chasing goals” lately so it was very nice to see him focus on contact with 2 strikes.

  6. Ronald’s approach and discipline at the plate really are remarkable for a player his age. Stanek had been throwing sliders and four seamers in that inning, but he threw that splitter/change-up and got RAJ to swing over it. So he threw it again and Ronald laid off. The third straight time, RAJ was a little out front, but kept his hands back and just guided into the outfield. Not many hitters, let along a 21 year old, can do that.

  7. Gracie Jane for Braves Journal MVB (Most Valuable Baby).

    I mean her CAR (Cuteness Above Replacement) is off the charts.

  8. @ #12

    The Marlins announcers were talking about how Acuña made a similar at-bat adjustment in the previous game. Smith had beaten him with two heaters, but Ronald hit a HR when he went back with a third. They were amazed and astounded, as was I.

  9. @15
    That’s what I’ve gathered from reporters, as well. Former Braves reporter Nubyjas Wilborn has said as much.

    Speaking of Cervelli, if he’s coming to the Braves as reported, and if it’s an MiLB deal, it’s going to have a very quick opt-out date (no later than 8/30) because he really wants to play in the playoffs and if he’s not going to get that chance in Atlanta, he’ll want it elsewhere.

  10. Someone mentioned “Screwball” on Netflix. So I watched it. It’s definitely worthwhile. A-Rod comes off as such a douche and cheater. Our new boy Cervelli was mentioned as well by the way.

  11. That’s fab, Eephus. But if it catches on, Belllinger is going to add a tilde to his n, and Yelich will add one to his name just for kicks.

  12. I was looking through some old data and found that the ’74 Braves won 88 games. And I’m sitting here trying to remember any ’70s winning team. Turns out they were 17-1 against the Padres (who were much worse than the Braves at the time) and under .500 against the rest of the league. Probably why they didn’t strike me as a great team at the time.

    Even with a 15-4 against the Fish, we are still above water against everyone else. And we have only lost the season series against three teams and only one of those by more than one game. Some of the best teams are consistently good and occasionally great.

  13. @17 Yes!!!! I love how bonded this team is, and how they all clearly adore Ronald. I think they know how rare it is to play with someone at his level, and there’s no telling what he does next.

    So, I got an on-demand printing service hooked up to a little shopify account so I can sell the shirts (Ryan, if this goes well I can show you how I did it, which would make selling BJ swag much easier on you)

    These shirts are supposed to be lightweight, which seemed like a good choice with all the Atlanta heat. I hope they aren’t flimsy. I won’t have one in hand to see for myself for another week (I ordered one from myself to make sure everything was working) but if you feel like getting one soon, it looks like the turnaround time is around 7 days.

  14. @23 I saw reports that he wasn’t running super well, which concerns me.

    Aww, thank you Ryan! If the shirt gets to you and it’s not up to snuff, let me know and I’ll refund you.

  15. We had the game on in the hospital last night. :)

    Again, thank you all so much for the kind words.

  16. DeGrom against Folty. The way Jacob’s been pitching, it does not bode well for us tonight. Last time he gave up as many as three runs was against the Braves actually, back in June. He’s got an ERA around 1.30 in July and August. We need 2018-Folty to show up. Go Braves.

  17. It’s good for the team to see a pitcher of DeGrom’s level this close to the end of the year. Let’s hope for a good showing!

  18. This is the player’s weekend, and I know most people are wildly opposed to the jerseys this time. I like the idea (not sure it actually works in execution) but I am a big fan of the jerseys and hats as streetwear/fashion. If anything, I am glad to have a few new pieces for my wardrobe.

  19. Watching the Nats-Cubs game. The Nationals are playing very good baseball. I could see them taking the Dodgers in the playoffs, especially with Scherzer coming back. Max says his down time will make him a better pitcher. Happy days.

  20. Soto and Rendon terrify me, and the Nats probably have the best front three starting pitchers in baseball (though I could see a case for Ryu, Kershaw, Buehler).

    The issue with the Nats is the same issue they literally always have under Mike Rizzo: they don’t have a lot of depth, and they generally tend to wilt if you smash them in the mouth. Right now the offense is absolutely unconscious, but every single Nats fan is utterly terrified of that bullpen now that Doolittle’s on the shelf.

    I like our guys against their guys.

  21. We’re a good team too. With Matt and Max heading our staff, we don’t give up much but been there to Washington. Anibal threw a great game today. Not sure we can get close to their number three starter. Nats-Braves would be a great NLCS.

  22. @34 Their Scherzer is, of course, better than our Soroka, but it’s really up to Folty whether or not we have someone to match up against their #3. I’ll take Soroka and Fried against anybody’s #1 and #2.

  23. Everything DeGrom throws is near a corner. It’s like the middle of the plate doesn’t exist.

  24. Agree with Tom—Alex is doing a great job receiving, framing, and calling the game. If he can figure out how to hit at the MLB level he’ll be a good player.

  25. @65 in fairness Ozzie doesn’t get to many 3 ball counts when swinging at the first pitch most of the time

  26. What the hell is wrong with Donaldson tonight, swings at every ball and takes called strikes down the middle.

  27. @69 He’s been in a funk for a few weeks. Could be wearing down, he hasn’t had a day off in ages.

  28. Hamilton and Culberson ought to be fast enough to stay out of most double plays, so I don’t get giving the Mets a free out there.

  29. Really bad AB by Ozzie there. There’s a reason he was moved down in the order. When he’s on, it’s amazing, but you can’t leave him there once Dansby is back if he’s still running cold.

  30. @82 I agree 100%. His lack of situational adjustments is maddening. He just does what he does and that’s it.

  31. If the General blows this, I put some blame on Snit. Anthony was lucky to get the first two people out, and they still didn’t get anyone up.

  32. The pitch calling this inning has been very questionable. Don’t think it’s a coincidence Flowers is now in the game.

  33. Exhaaaaaaaaale.

    And Snit will be praised while he says something like “well he was just a pitch away from getting out of the inning and he did it.”

  34. Braves well on their way to getting the strikeout record (26). They are at 21. Give it a couple more innings if they don’t blow it.

  35. The 3-0 green light thing shouldn’t be absolute. It should be completely situational for some of these dudes

  36. Snit was warming up a lefty last inning (to face the guy on deck who couldn’t possibly have come to the plate?!?!). If we bring in a lefty to pitch to Alonso…

  37. Nuke is just who you want against a part of the order that can drop bombs into the seats.

  38. Flowers is garbage defensively and offensively (even if most catchers are)

    And robo umps now. If you give it to degrom all night, that still should’ve been called. Didn’t matter in the end.

  39. Has Newk always telegraphed his curve so much? His delivery is so much slower when he throws it.

  40. The Braves and Mets haven’t been scoring, but the Braves’ innings sure are a lot less exciting.

  41. Just as the ball always seemed to find Brooks Conrad, the high-leverage situation always seems to find Luke Jackson.

  42. I don’t think the Braves are going to score even if this 20. Either the Mets score or this game goes on all night.

  43. Better hope the pitchers have another three good innings in them because those ATL bats due up if there is a 14th or 15th inning … ugh

  44. No matter what happens, we can take joy in the Phillies blowing a 7-0 lead to the Marlins, losing 19-11.

  45. Still, who’da thunk these two guys would have done what they did? Second and third, nobody out ain’t too shabby.

  46. I have no doubt that the (correct) replay review will ensure we emerge scoreless from this inning.

  47. @154 he’s got a good eye, mostly, but whiffs a lot when 3-2.

    How will they screw this up? :(

    Edit: whew, can we please score another ?

  48. Mets fans are the worst. A pitcher will eventually give up runs. After striking out Albies, they still boo the pitcher.

  49. How about that bullpen?!! In the midst of intense struggle, the Braves find a way to scratch out a win.

  50. Great win. There is absolutely no way we could have won that game without our 3 bullpen additions.

  51. Billy…

    how could i call you ugly…that was beautiful.

    Bullpen for the ages, by the book.

    Sit Ozzie..

    line drive doubles by Adeiny…where are we going to play him when Dansby returns? He is a doubles machine when it really matters. And they are all line drives.

    Start Cervelli, rest Tyler

    Alex Jackson made contact about 3 times in 16 pitches. He caught well enough but someone must explain…you have to hit the ball too.

    Another great game for us to watch, we are blessed.

  52. What about hechavarria?

    This guy looks like Honus Wagner out there!

    In the past Camargo would have been given ABs and Braves State Media would run stories about how “He’s changing his swing and we need patience”

    This may have been our best pickup of the year.

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