I’m Fried – Braves 5 – shMets 3

I’m Fried
I’m Fried
And Fried-dom tastes of victory
I’m Fried
I’m Fried
An’ I’m pitching for the Braves against the Mets machine
If I had what it takes
To reach the highest high
You’d laugh and say ‘fix that bullpen’
But with Soroka and Fried onboard
Messiahs pointed to the playoffs
And no one had the guts to sign Kimbrel!
I’m Fried
I’m Fried
And Fried-dom tastes of victory
I’m Fried
I’m Fried
An’ I’m waiting for the Braves to score for me
(Whispered) Fix the bullpen.
(Whispered) Fix the bullpen.

The Braves passed the first test.  Because tonight was the first game of the rest of the season.  Because tonight begins the race to the pennant.  From now on, we play mostly division opponents except for games against teams we’ve dominated like the Dodgers and the Royals.  Of course, as hot as the Mets have been, the Braves needed to make a statement with this game.  And they did.

The Braves wasted no time against Wheeler with four hits and two runs in the first.  And they should have scored more.  With a robo ump, we’d have scored at least one more run maybe more than one.  Really, I think the Braves won the game right there.  But my main man, Max, was on the mound.  Mad Max came out of the gates blazing with a quick K and a ground out.  Then came the walks – two of them.  I’ll have to admit, though, that walking Alonso and Davis was not all bad, because Max got Ramos to ground out to end the inning.  Then he settled in for 6 innings of one run baseball.  The only blemish was a 2nd inning McNeil RBI single after a stupid HBP of Wheeler on a curve that didn’t curve.

Meanwhile, the Braves offense did not let up.  What’s better, a leadoff double by our very own pitcher, Max Fried, led to the next run.  El Abusador put the exclamation point on by hitting a no doubter over the left centerfield fence in the fourth.  It happens very often, but Acuna always amazes me with how fast the ball leaps off his bat.  Ender manufactured the final run with a double in the fifth.  Whatever speed the ball leaves Acuna’s bat at is exactly opposite the speed at which BMac moves up on a wild pitch and scores from 2B on a double.  But there we were with a 5-1 lead after Max finished the 6th.  Then Lucky Lukey came on and pitched a really spectacular clean 7th inning with two strikeouts.  Really, a clean inning, not an Atlanta clean inning, wherein no one actually gets on base.  Bravo, Luke.

Of course, then came the rest of the bullpen.  With a 5-1 lead, the time was ripe for a Greene appearance.  Naturally, he looked eminently hittable.  If there was anything bad in this game, then it was how close Greene came to redeeming himself if only for one day.  When Culby booted the DP grounder and got only one out, he set the stage for an avalanche of baserunners and runs.

Of course, Snit gets a lot of credit for what he did next in playing pure matchup and used one pitcher per out to get out of the inning with only two runs scoring.  Snit brought Blevins in and he generated a ground out (another potential DP the Braves couldn’t turn).  Then the General came in and gave up two solid singles that included a ball hit so hard it totally ate Freddy up.  But Panik grounded out to end the inning.  Fortunately, the BABIP Gods took us for a ride for only one inning.  Because Shit called on Melancon to finish the game and he performed his job quite well.  So the bullpen was actually really good for two out of three innings – a distinct improvement.  I’m feeling quite a lot better about Tuesday nights.

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  1. I’ll say it again: Freddie should’ve done a better job with the sharp grounder that “ate him up.” The official scorer called it a hit, but to my lyin’ eyes, it looked like a boot that scored a run. I think it’s fair to say our defense isn’t doing our new-look pen a lot of favors.

  2. JC’d: Check out DOB’s latest 755 podcast: “The Moylan episode”. Great insight on bullpen(s) from Moylan and EOF. Worth listening to.

  3. @2 I thought the same thing. Playing first base he has a ton of time to just knock it down instead of trying to pick it clean or whatever the heck that was. Like you said, our defense isn’t helping the pen at all

  4. Roger, one of the best song-inspired recaps yet. Brought a smile to my face.

    Melancon looked really good tonight.

  5. Thanks, Roger, for the rare Tuesday win and usual excellent recap. Win today, Braves. Best ’em like you own ’em.

  6. “Dodgers Adjust Rotation For Marlins Series By Starting Dustin May On Tuesday To Provide Clayton Kershaw With Extra Rest”

    So with Kershaw starting tonight, we avoid him and see May instead on Sunday!

  7. @2,4

    In addition, with all the ground balls and soft line drives that found holes in Miami, one has to perhaps question the defensive positioning, as well.

  8. Yeah, it definitely should have been charged as an error. Well, at least his FIP will look better! After all, his FIP is almost 6 runs better! 14.54 ERA to 8.75 FIP.

    He’s just had a run of bad luck coupled with bad performance. He’s got a 3.46 WHIP. Bad stretches always look worse when you’re beginning the season or joining a new team. He’ll be fine, methinks.

  9. Former Braves legend Danny Santana gets the first out of the Texas game by fielding a grounder at first and flipping to former Braves legend Kolby Allard for the out. Allard’s humming 92 on their gun.

  10. To be clear, Kolb didn’t get the full Mac treatment because he stank. It’s because of the attitude he displayed.

    From Mac:

    Just to clarify… I will call a player out if he’s not performing. That’s easy. I won’t be personally mean to a player unless he says or does something outrageous. Dan Kolb, with his “leadoff walks don’t bother me” nonsense and his apparent feelings of entitlement to the closer role, has become the seventh Brave to meet this lofty standard.

    Specifically, Dan Kolb allowed the following words to come out of his mouth: “Leadoff walks don’t bother me… I’m a ground-ball pitcher; I can get double plays.”

    Until Shane Greene says something as cataclysmically dumb as that, he’s not in Dank Lob territory.

  11. @16 AAR- who were the previous 6 players that met Mac’s lofty standard to dislike personally? I don’t remember who preceded Kolb on the list and I have been here along time.

  12. Ah, the link is faint but it’s linked in my comment. Here’s the rest of the blockquote:

    Just to clarify… I will call a player out if he’s not performing. That’s easy. I won’t be personally mean to a player unless he says or does something outrageous. Dan Kolb, with his “leadoff walks don’t bother me” nonsense and his apparent feelings of entitlement to the closer role, has become the seventh Brave to meet this lofty standard. The others, in reverse chronological order:

    Rafael Furcal… For DUI #2.
    Keith Lockhart… For attacking Bobby Cox for not playing him when he was hugging the Mendoza line and Bobby had been propping his sorry career up for three years.
    John Rocker… Oh, you know this one.
    Kenny Lofton… For the whole “The Braves wouldn’t let me play my music loud” thing.
    David Justice… For fanbaiting at the World Series.
    Deion Sanders… For just being himself.

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    Been swamped with the beginning of school (life as a teacher) and I’m glad that the crew here has been able to keep up with the recaps and solid content the past few weeks.

  14. @21 I’m pretty sure I managed to block out the memories of Dank Lob with something called a “Wickmoo”–wasn’t much better, but still. Looking back at that 2005 team, a 38 year-old John Smoltz had a 5 WAR ~230 IP season with a 3.06 ERA (3 CG, 1 SHO). He clearly understood how to pitch even during the PED era.

  15. Dallas Keuchel needs to have a good game tonight. I mean, they all do. Every night. But especially Keuchel. He’s one of those guys who’s supposed to be better than Teheran and someone we look to during the playoffs.

  16. I’m not sure if I buy the argument that Braves coaches are doing a poor job of positioning the infield. They have access to a ton of hitting data like everyone else. My guess is if you use the data, which they do, the position variance is minimal. Positioning based on pitcher tendency is a little different and I’m sure it takes a while to adjust to a new pitcher. Whatever the case, it can only get better. I miss the days of Maddux calling in his shortstop to tell him where to stand.

  17. More unwelcome nonsense from Dish/FSSouth tonight – we have to watch with NY broadcasters only. They happen to be good but it’s not home cooking. There seems no logic doing something different back to back games.


  18. For what it’s worth:

    Old folks have lots. Of aches and pains we have aplenty, but what we have most of in our golden years is not gold but time. I spend a lot of what I have most driving my trophy wife wherever she wants to go, then sit in the limo while she does whatever she does. Meanwhile I listen to MLB radio while I wait. Recently I heard this:

    The retiring Reds longtime voice was reminiscing. He spoke of calling Aaron tying Ruth his first day on the job and of other memorable games he’d had the mike. Then He talked of the people he’d met and would miss. Then he said this. “My best friend in the business is Chip Carey. Chip is not only the nicest broadcaster I know. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve met my entire life.”

  19. Kaminski playing Miles Davis’ “So What” when J.D. Davis stepped up to the plate.

    Flowers delenda est.

  20. I mean at this point Tyler’s making it hard to justify playing him, and it sucks that Jackson isn’t a scenario we can really go to at this point.

  21. Good to see that young kid Tejada reappear after 18 months of a hellish rehab after Utley broke his leg in a play at second that was bad enough to cause a change in the rules. They have never spoken since apparently according to Darling who clearly has no love for Utley.

  22. With the pitcher due up, why would you not send Camargo on the Flowers fly? The odds of an errant throw home are probably a lot better than Keuchel driving in the run with two outs.

  23. A belated thanks to Braves14 for the post on starting pitchers and times through the order. Fascinating data and excellent analysis.

    But the data has affected my enjoyment of this terrific start by Keuchel through five innings. I can’t help but worry that the top of the order is up for the third time in the top of the sixth.

  24. We drew the short straw and got Matz not deGrom or Thor but we have just 2 hits going into the 6th. We have a tenuous lead thanks entirely to Keukel and certainly not our offense.

  25. The Fox SportsSouth cameraman and producer knew exactly what they were doing when they filmed and aired the replay of Rick Kranitz’s reaction to Freddie’s catch: “F*** yeah!”

  26. @54 Haha, I saw that too. It’s nice to see Kranitz be a little human. I haven’t seen a ton of that.

  27. So all the bullpen needs to do is pitch 3 shutout innings in a row if we don’t score. How many times has that happened in the last month?

  28. I’m not a huge fan of going to relievers for match-up reasons right now with how volatile our pen is. I’d have stayed with Newcomb to avoid having to use yet another reliever and risking that reliever not having it.

  29. Sigh. How predictable.

    @60 I agree with you, Sean is trustworthy and I don’t see the value in yanking him after a broken back fluke hit to the pitcher. Certainly not for Martin.

  30. That’s on Johan and Ender throwing to the wrong base. Johan needs to go away. He is adding nothing right now offensively or defensively

  31. Matz totally owns us. It’s getting to the point where we may to try to trade for him so we don’t have to face him.

  32. Martin’s not missing bats.

    If Dansby is out for a while, we might need to look at getting a defensive replacement at shortstop when rosters expand. I’m not sure how we’ll find a spot on the 40-man, but Johan has been such a disappointment this year.

  33. Yeah, staying with newcomb was a better move, rob.

    Couldn’t get the pitcher out, give away a base on a bad throw from The outfield, camargo being terrible again, another bloop. There goes the game.

  34. Camargo: *squares around to bunt and takes strike one*

    Chip: “I wonder if Camargo will try to bunt here”

  35. Remember when Pedro Martinez said the Yankees were his daddy? That’s what the Braves are to the Mets no matter what year it is.

  36. My guess is he wanted Lugo to get through Albies, but couldn’t in good conscience let him face another hitter.

  37. This inning has been eerily similar to many late innings the Braves experienced lately—but this time the Braves are at bat and not in the field. This feels every bit as good as those felt awful.

  38. How unusual is it to start an innings with 3 singles. no outs, and have not scored? Then there were at least 2 more singles making five in a row. We couldn’t help scoring some then.

  39. @100 I was just going to say that. What a wonderful rally to behold. Coming on the heels of wasting Keuchel’s great performance, it sure was nice to come back strong.

  40. Wow, Greene made a great pitch on that K. If he can start doing that, he’ll come back.

    And 3 up, 3 down. Redemption.

  41. Chip should try and get a job at the New York Post for how obsessed he is with Mickey Callaway’s bad managerial decisions.

  42. Braves bullpen, take a bow.

    This is just like that Marlins game a week or so ago. Four run lead in the ninth, one out, no one on…

  43. He wasn’t pitching bad, but let a few guys get on via bad luck and is now throwing nothing but meatballs.

  44. How the fuck did Camargo manage to do that?

    There’s a non-zero chance that they turn that into zero outs.

  45. Blowing bubbles is cool when you’re playing well. It’s not cool when you’re making errors.

  46. Poor Johan. You know he feels sick. He should, of course; but he’s not evil. Just having a really bad game in a really bad season.

  47. I don’t know about you, but I can’t take much more of that. Thank you, Blevins!

    The Mets slip to fourth place, ten games back.

  48. As a rule, any replay that takes longer than 60 seconds to decide, can not possibly present clear evidence to overturn a call on the field. I saw nothing to indicate that should’ve been overturned. What a joke.

  49. @159

    Camargo started to lose control of the ball before his foot scraped the bag. They were right to overturn, Ron Darling called it on the Mets broadcast after changing his mind when he saw that.

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