Will Braves put a little something in the Water(s) in September and Game Thread

2019 will be the last year that MLB teams can invite their entire 40-man roster when September 1st rolls around. In the new CBA that goes into effect in 2020, the active roster will increase from 25 to 26 for the full year and can increase up to, but no more than, 28 in September. … Continue reading “Will Braves put a little something in the Water(s) in September and Game Thread”

The Braves Earn Their Loonies: 9-4

For those of us who have been Braves-addled since 1966, some of the run from 1991 to 2005 has aspects of a blur: some things, like 1991 and 1995, have a sharp presence and can be recalled with minimal effort.  Others, like the 1992 World Series loss to the Blue Jays are, at least for … Continue reading “The Braves Earn Their Loonies: 9-4”

The Braves Played A Game In Canada and Lost

Sorry for the delayed recap, and there won’t be one. Instead, call it a game thread. Folty vs. something called a Jacob Waguespack. Tonight at 7:07 PM. Check it out. Whoops, have to put more lines so the “keep reading” button comes up. Go Gators. I still believe that George Lazenby was vastly underrated as … Continue reading “The Braves Played A Game In Canada and Lost”

Whoever the Crap’s Tube it is: Braves 1, The Herbally Intoxicated 3

Somebody came up with the idea for the Braves to play a game on something called “You Tube TV.” Yes, I am yelling for kids to get off of my lawn. This game started during my work day, but then I can finish this off in the evening instead of the next morning. Major League … Continue reading “Whoever the Crap’s Tube it is: Braves 1, The Herbally Intoxicated 3”

Braves 9, Metropolitans 5

Man is this team fun right now.  The Braves squandered a 4 run lead, but came on strong to come from behind and defeat the Mets 9-5.  Everyone contributed—homers by Albies, Donaldson (#30), and Freeman (#35, his career high), two hits by Ortega, Acuña with the go ahead RBI’s on an 8th inning hit, four … Continue reading “Braves 9, Metropolitans 5”

Atlanta 2, New York 1 (14 Innings)

Okay, I think it might just be time to go on record that this Braves team might just be pretty good, because even when setting a record for futility, Our Heroes somehow found a way to pull out a win. Now that that’s out of the way, Atlanta rolled into the Big Apple to face … Continue reading “Atlanta 2, New York 1 (14 Innings)”

Braves 3, Marlins 2 – Acuna Walks It Off

Make it 15-4. That’s Atlanta’s record against Miami this year, and I bet the Marlins are ready to be done with us. And unfortunately for us, they are. At this point, you found dissatisfaction that even with our beleaguered offense, we couldn’t put enough runs across to get Mike Soroka a win. Nonetheless, plenty to … Continue reading “Braves 3, Marlins 2 – Acuna Walks It Off”