The Underappreciation of Julio Teheran

So, because the offense is playing like dog poop right now, I thought I’d run some numbers on Julio Teheran, who seems to be almost equally underappreciated by Braves fans and non-Braves fans.

Since his rookie season in 2013, he has made 211 starts, fourth-most in baseball behind only Max Scherzer, Jose Quintana, and Jon Lester. He’s one of only 10 pitchers who have made 200 starts over that period — that is to say, averaging 30 starts per 162 over the last six and a half years.

Among pitchers with at least 1000 innings pitched since 2013, Julio’s ERA is 3.59, 16th-best in baseball. He’s behind Kershaw, deGrom, Scherzer, Greinke, Sale, Bumgarner, Kluber, Arrieta, Strasburg, Lester, Verlander, Cole, Price, Hamels, and, by just 0.05 runs, his teammate Dallas Keuchel. In 17th place, just 0.01 runs behind Julio, is Lance Lynn. (Teheran is a few ticks lower than 16th in ERA- and ERA+, but he’s basically always right around Jose Quintana, Lynn, and Keuchel.)

Now, he doesn’t look like one of the better pitchers in baseball. He looks like Old Livan Hernandez, throwing slop for the Giants. That’s what accounts for the fact that, from 2013-2019, Julio has the single largest gap between his ERA and his FIP — his ERA minus FIP is -0.59, meaning that his FIP thinks he’s more than half a run worse than he’s been!

(In second place is his former teammate R.A. Dickey, and everyone knows flutterballs break the metrics. But Zack Greinke is fourth, and Kershaw is seventh. A lot of extraordinary pitchers prevent runs better than their components would suggest.)

Why is Teheran’s ERA so much better than his FIP? Well, he also has the second-lowest BABIP in baseball over that period, .268, tied with Jake Arrieta. In first place, just a single point lower, with a .267 BABIP, is Kershaw.

Julio Teheran isn’t Clayton Kershaw — hey, no one is. He’s much more similar to guys like Quintana and Keuchel. But Quintana’s a guy the Cubs were so desperate to add that they traded away Eloy Jimenez, and Keuchel is a Cy Young Award winner and two-time All-Star. (Of course, Julio’s a two-time All-Star, too.)

He doesn’t pitch deep in games, and his four-seamer looks weaker than a 90-year-old bookkeeper in a swimsuit. And he’s still one of the better pitchers in baseball and always has been. As Branch Rickey once said about Eddie Stanky:

“He can’t run, he can’t hit and he can’t throw. But if there’s a way to beat the other team, he’ll find it.”

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  1. JC’d

    Great breakdown. Admittedly, I’m no Julio fan, merely because I feel like ya just can’t trust him in the postseason. His pickoff move had a lot to do with his FIP always being higher, but now that it doesn’t show up nearly as much, I think that his inability to pitch late in games actually plays to an advantage to his ERA as he’s just not going to let guys beat him and will either force them to swing outside the zone or take a walk, driving up his pitch count early. Not many people survive with a 2:1 K/BB ratio combined with a 40% GB-rate, yet here he is again doing more than surviving.

    The obvious downside to Julio is that he rarely makes it past the 6th inning and that has a greater impact on the bullpen in the long run.

  2. Julio also had high expectation as a prospect (even though guys like Bowman now say his ceiling was always thought to be a #4)

  3. That’s one reason why I think the Braves should seriously consider bullpenning their young starters who are having trouble breaking into the rotation — Newcomb, Toussaint, Wilson, Wright. Let Julio go 5 and then let Newcomb go 2-3. Let Wilson start a game as an “opener” and go 2, then let Toussaint throw the next 3. Et cetera.

  4. I think the lack of WAR, which relates to the FIP issue, also hurts his perception. The pitcher described also has WAR totals between 2013 and now of 2.5, 3.5, 1.4, 3.1, 0.8, 0.7, 1.2.

    I have found WAR to be a mostly reliable way of evaluating players, especially as it compares to starter vs. reliever, pitcher vs. hitter, etc. I’ve not seen a ton of occasions where WAR has completely misread how much the player has created production above their replacement level counterparts, so I think Julio has had to overcome that perception.

    And yes, the lack of innings pitched is also a concern. His inning per start continues to decline, and if he doesn’t produce some nice starts between now and the end of the year, he’ll end up with the lowest innings total of his career, even though he consistently takes the ball.

    But he’s still somebody that has been worth his contract and then some, and he’s a very stable fixture in an otherwise erratic starting rotation.

  5. I like Julio and appreciate what he has done as a Brave; but he’s only a little less stressful to watch than Folty. I hate the drama inherent in his starts but generally admire the results. I’d rather have one Scherzer than two each Teherans and Foltys.

  6. When he’s not going through an episode, I enjoy watching Julio pitch. He pounds the black, and when he’s on his game it really is pretty to watch.

    He can also handle the bat. I find it hard to believe he’s got a negative oWar this year.

    The Braves will exercise his option for next year, no?

  7. Alex…at first -skim – read I saw ’90 year old beekeeper in a swimsuit’ – either is hilarious.

    211 starts

    ‘yet here he is again doing more than surviving.’

    so begrudging.

  8. I had the misfortune of being at Wednesday night’s debacle.

    The entire time Julio was pitching, I couldn’t wait for him to leave the game. It seemed like he was going deep into counts needlessly, couldn’t put anybody away, couldn’t get the opposing pitcher out to save his life, etc.

    In the middle of the sixth, it was obvious that he was done and wouldn’t come out for the seventh. I breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t worse, then after about five minutes realized that he’d actually pitched pretty well and hadn’t given up any earned runs (though obviously deserved some fault for giving up an RBI single to the pitcher after the Freeman run-scoring error on a play that should’ve ended the inning).

    That’s basically watching Julio in a nutshell: “Oh God, make it stop!” progresses to “Thank God he’s gone and we’re still in the game!” progresses to “Wait a minute, he actually wasn’t bad at all.”

  9. 4 – I am completely on the other side regarding Pitcher WAR. I won’t call it meaningless, but it relies too much on FIP and has some screwy defensive adjustments that make it almost unusable (meaning pitchers get big bumps for putting up okay results in front of sub par defenses).

    On FIP, I concede it’s one of the more predictive stats for what you will get going forward, but it is not great at telling you how well a pitcher prevented runs historically.

  10. @9

    Yeah, FIP is OK (though still not my favorite) as a predictive tool, but people who use it to tell what “should’ve happened” drive me nuts.

  11. Re-posting this from the other day concerning rWAR for starters with the numbers updated:

    “Time to go on an advanced stats rant. I say this as an advanced stat guy. I was perusing this bref WAR by position by team tool:

    and it struck me that Tex is #2 in SP WAR (6.6) while the Giants are dead last (-4.2). For reference ATL is 17th at 0.7.

    So then I went to look at the basic stats and SF has a better ERA (4.78 to 5.20) in 21 more innings.

    I understand there are other factors (park, quality of opponents, team defense, etc.) but that is insane and leads me to believe pitching WAR is worthless.”

  12. @15, couple things there. First, I think you’re looking at Wins Above Average, not Wins Above Replacement. Second, it basically seems like TEX is high up because Mike Minor is good and their bullpen hasn’t killed them. WAS is lower down because even though Stras and Scherzer have BOTH been amazing, their bullpen has been appalling. And the Mariners are at the bottom of the list, right where they belong. So, all of that seems right.

    I guess I’m not really understanding what you’re seeing in the numbers that feels so off?

  13. 17-You are correct that it is WAA good catch. You are wrong though in factoring in the bullpens as what I am talking about is the stats of SP only. That was the WAA and ERA quoted.

    If you switch it to WAR you still have the same thing. TEX starters have a 5.20 ERA and 12.0 WAR (2nd), SF starters have 4.78 ERA and 0.6 WAR (30th).

  14. We were close on Diekman last year too.

  15. Sounds like Dish/Sling has now officially pulled fox sports from the programming so no Braves games for me.

    Already pulled HBO from us, they really must want me to cut the cord. Is there a better way to stream everything and still be able to watch live sports?


  16. @20 I’m not prepared to blame the carriers. There’s a “provider” vs carrier war underway, and the littler guys like Dish are going to get held up at gun point while mega carriers like Comcast are sort of driving the war because they own their own content providers for which they’re willing to demand a king’s ransom in carriage charges for. Pretty soon, provider carriers are all that will remain, and you’ll have to subscribe to each streaming service (each with it’s own app), and all of them will think they’re worth $50/mo.

  17. @20

    Live streaming services (YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV, etc.) are all pretty good at this point as long as you have a good internet connection, and most of them have a large percentage of the live sports networks you’d be looking for. Just check out the channel lineups of each.

    Personally, once you factor in that a lot of sports channels are on extended digital cable packages that cost more, dropping it and going with a live streaming service and two or three on-demand streaming services (Netflix, Prime Video, etc.) saves me money every month.

  18. @20 Dude, just get YouTube TV and and be done with the thing. I think you get every single sports and live sports channel you’d possibly want with YouTube TV, and then you’d have every major league baseball game too.

    Plus, it’s so nice to cut the cords. For me, we “cut the cord” by getting YouTube TV about a year ago, but I more recently physically cut the cords. We were painting our house a few weeks ago, and I went through and cut every single piece of coax around the exterior of my house except for the one coming in for internet. Now, some of the lines were from old installs of different telecomm providers by previous owners of yesteryear, but it just felt… good. Like I was my own man. Like I was finally free. As we speak, a single tear flows down my cheek.

    Plus, if you cut the cord, you can put TVs wherever you want, and you don’t have to be confined by cable outlets. Break these shackles and chains that are causing you pain (obscure Office quote).

  19. @18, I get what you’re saying but I really think you can’t wave away park factors and league factors. The Rangers have a multiyear park factor of 110. The Giants have a multiyear park factor of 95 plus they get to face the pitcher, so their games are another 11% easier.

    Another way of saying that: Ariel Jurado has an ERA of 4.83 and an ERA+ of 105 on the Rangers. Tyler Beede has an ERA of 4.85 and an ERA+ of 87 on the Dodgers.

    The park and league contexts are WILDLY different.

    That said, the numbers certainly do look a little screwy. Why are Cincinnati’s starters higher on the list than Los Angeles’s? I’m not sure that there’s an amount of digging that will make me feel totally satisfied. But that’s why in-season thin-slicing is typically something you have to take with a grain of salt.

  20. @22

    I’d have more sympathy for that argument if Dish Network hadn’t been engaging in these carriage wars since well before cord-cutting became a thing.

  21. I’d also like to add that YouTube TV has a pretty cool interface, and it does a better job of consolidating the channels you watch the most.

  22. 22-24 – Thanks for the feedback. I agree the fault doesn’t wholly lie with the carriers, but it still sucks for the consumer to say okay Dish, I will use you for all my TV needs, only to have the programming you want taken away.

    I was paying Dish $180 per month (we paid for all the premium channels as well). I’m also locked in for 5 more months I think due to the deal we got on equipment at install.

    Youtube is where I was leaning, looks like $50 per month. Also pay for Hulu, Netflix and HBO separately and I’m sure I will have to pay for Disney when that’s a thing with a 5 and 3 year old.

  23. I love YouTube TV. If you have a smart TV or Roku/Fire Stick/Whatever, then it works just like a source on your TV at that point. It streams just fine, it’s 4K (I think), and you get all the channels you want, or at least I do. I chose YouTube TV because I wanted MLB Network, of course, and other streaming services didn’t have it in their sub-$50 package.

    Like I said, the interface is cool where it shows your most commonly watched channels on the main page, along with popular movies and shows that are either live or have been automatically saved. I’m not totally sure how it works, but it’ll have movies that I’m inclined to like that are not live that I can just click. But it’s like they “recorded” it off live TV. It’s hard to explain. It also saves your shows like a DVR would, but it’s a little cleaner in how it’s organized.

    A couple drawbacks:
    -It doesn’t do compulsive pause and rewind quite as well as cable/satellite. Maybe it’s the Samsung version of the app, but if you keep pausing and rewinding, back and forth and back and forth, it sometimes gets stuck, kinda like regular YouTube.
    -The TV guide only shows what is live, and going ahead in time to see what’s coming on next happens on a different screen and it’s not as intuitive.

    But it’s cheap, and it literally never goes out. I use it on our Samsung TV and Rokus on two other TVs, and it just works for significantly less money. As long as your internet provider doesn’t skyrocket because you’re going a la carte, it’s a no-brainer.

  24. And for clarity, even though I’m pretty sure all of the streaming services are doing it at this point, you get all of the local channels, local sports channels (I get the FS channels that have the Rays and Marlins), and regional, quirky channels like SEC Network.

    The only channel we don’t get that we would have liked is HGTV, which Mrs. Copenhaver enjoys.

  25. I have YouTube TV, as well, and the only sports network it doesn’t get that I might ever watch is NFL Network. And 90 percent of the football games on NFL Network are simulcast on Fox, anyway.

    In addition to sports, it has all of the main broadcast channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CW) for almost all markets. The only set of cable networks it’s missing at this point is the Viacom networks (so no Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, etc.). In fact, Rob, I believe it does have HGTV now, so you may wanna double-check that. At least I know it has it in Atlanta.

    It’s $50 a month now, so cable does have some basic packages that are, in theory, less expensive, which caused a bunch of hand-wringing about how you might as well not even cut the cord when Google (corporate parent of YouTube) raised the price to that point. And maybe there’s a hint of truth there if all you watch is basic cable channels. But for sports fans, specialty channels (read: anything other than ESPN/2, FS1 and NBCSN) are all on expanded digital cable packages that cost more, anyway, so it’s still a great deal for sports fans.

    On top of that, once you factor in the fact that you have to “lease” the cable box from the cable company every month, pay extra for multiple TVs, DVR, junk fees, HD upgrade, etc., and be locked into a contract to get any type of worthwhile price on it, I’m not convinced basic cable is actually cheaper. At the very least, it’s way more inconvenient.

    With these streaming services, there’s never any contract, so you can move around as much as you want. You can watch them from anywhere (in the country at least…I found out you’re pretty much SOL with any of them if you go out of the country). Most of them have free or cheap DVR.

    Yeah, I highly recommend it. Look at the channel lineups and price points of YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV (…Sling TV I guess??? When they’re not in the middle of a carriage war?) and see which one works for you.


  26. Wait no Nickelodean on Youtube? No Paw Patrol? The 3 year old will be crushed…

    Once again thanks for the great info. I may wind up getting youtube right now, just so I can still watch the Braves. I have but of course they are blacked out in Chattanooga.

  27. In other news, Swanson is still out and Camargo is in. Joyce has great numbers against Arrieta, but Inciarte is back in there. Ugh.

  28. Triple post (that is sure to get me pre-emptively blocked by Ender on Twitter).

    Braves with Ender on 25 man roster: 23-25
    Braves without Ender on roster: 37-18

  29. Quad post (does this break the site?):

    Ender is actually good against Arrieta as well .333/.444/.533 vs Joyce .333/.423/.571 so I guess you’ll take the defense of Ender there.

  30. I think there’s at least an 80 percent chance that, come mid-August, Ender is back to being our everyday center fielder. It won’t even require that he’s playing well at all, just the Riley continues playing like crap.

  31. What’s sad is that we might have 3 legitimate options for a third outfielder between Riley, Ender, and Camargo, but you can argue that Camargo has been mismanaged, and the Braves may not do a platoon with Riley and Ender, which they probably should. And they may go a long stretch where they have no production.

    They’ll get mileage out of Ender, but I hope it’s not as the starting centerfielder.

  32. There’s literally no reason not to send Riley down to AAA to work through his struggles, so… why not? The Braves could try plugging the hole with someone like Duvall unless “Good” Ender wants to give us a second half of above average CF’er.

    Either way, the Braves can’t hide a struggling Riley right now.

  33. The Braves typically have some kind of summer slump. And it makes sense, it’s hotter than hell, et cetera. I can’t know for certain that the bats are scuffling because they’re tired, but it’s the best reason I can come up with. The Braves need a better rest rotation strategy.

    For what it’s worth, and I know that some people on this board hate Keith Law, but he seems pretty opposed to the idea of sending down Riley — the only way Riley’s going to learn to hit big league pitching is to face big league pitching. Keep him in the 8-hole and let him learn.

    On the other hand, it sure looks like Neck Kakes needs a breather. Freddie needs a rest. And Ozzie and Ronald might need one too.

  34. I signed up for fubo TV free 7 day trial. Maybe dish will have it back by then. If not we will probably sign up for the free 5 day trial with youtube tv.

  35. On the other hand, they just got a weeklong rest fairly recently, and there have been two off-days in the last four days. None of them are going to sit for more than a game at a time unless they’re injured.

  36. Riley isn’t the only one not hitting. At some point he’ll get hot again. Ender isn’t remotely capable of having a run like Riley did in June. Missing out on that chance would be dumb. Let the kid play through the slump. And let Ender play for someone else.

  37. Oh I know @43. If they can’t hit tonight, it’s got nothing to do with rest. But the “rest” complaint is really twofold:

    1) Our hitters are slumping. Maybe they should get a breather more often.

    2) Our bench is being mismanaged. Johan can’t get out of a slump if he never plays, and maybe some of our players should platoon a bit more take advantage of, you know, the platoon advantage.

    I’m kind of smudging those two arguments together, but I think that they’re both reasonable.

  38. Hulu with Live TV, premium channels (HBO/Showtime), Netflix and Amazon Prime combined are far cheaper for me than any version of U-Verse. Very happy to have made the switch six months ago.

    I also read the Klawchat where he said keep Riley in the majors to work things out, and tend to agree with him.

  39. FWIW…I’m a long time Dish guy and i just checked my Guide for tonight to see the Phillies game was up ok. If i lose it some time in the future i will post here to say so. Our blackouts here in south east Ohio are Reds —–and Pirates!

    I was tempted by what Rob wrote about You Tube tv BUT here’s a list of other sports i watch on Dish which i’m not sure would come via that route…

    Tour de France cycle race
    early morning Wimbledon and Open Golf
    Formula 1 and World Superbike m/cycle racing
    Various Rugby programming
    Anything on BeIN sports which has become a major carrier…La Liga soccer… etc
    And there’s the Almighty Premier League. the world’s highest grossing tv sport.

    I pass this on as the status quo for this moment for myself on Dish…no doubt there are major explosions ahead. And the Braves would be the most important.

  40. @46

    Actually Law has been pretty restrained in the circumstances considering his pre-season concern was slow bat – which i assume it is. He’s not crowing, he’s saying be patient and keep him up. Or did somebody already say that, sorry! ith Acuna i have the greater concern tonight. Slow bat i assume is not his problem. But something sure seems to be.

  41. Ronald Acuna
    why did it not show up sooner
    these multitudes of swings and misses?
    The Ozzie party machine is not something the coach dismisses.

    Might be these contract extensions they have now. Security. Have a case of the local brew flown in once a month. Cheers! Get on it, Snit. Snit with Russo today was cliche city. Deadly.

  42. Austin Riley

    June: .226/.287/.498 .778 OPS 115 PA
    July: .169/.219/.288 .507 OPS 64 PA

    Do not ride this bat based on a 1.143 OPS over 63 PA (fewer than he had in July). Send him down and let him figure it out. This team needs all the production it can get to defend this division lead.

  43. Right now Riley is swinging at everything between the dugouts and won’t walk. It’s like another Francoeur. Remember he was so hot when he first came up SI put him on their cover?

    I’m about ready to have him sent down for Duvall.

  44. @47

    Tour de France – On NBCSN, which YouTube TV has
    Wimbledon and Open golf – ESPN and NBC/Golf Channel, respectively…check on both
    Premier League – Various NBC channels, all of which YouTube TV gets
    Formula 1 – I believe that’s now on ESPN networks, which YouTube TV get (possibly you’d be missing the very least important game on Championship Sunday, but you’d be golden every other matchday)
    Rugby programming – Depends
    BeIn Sports – Not available on YouTube TV (though I’ve read you can sign up for a cheap international sports Sling TV package for like $10 a month and get it that way…if the U.S. men’s national team winds up back on it for some World Cup qualifiers, I’ll look into that)
    World Superbike – Absolutely no clue


    If the Mets want a current starter and a top prospect, why not send over Folty along with Wright? We could send Folty, Wright, Contreras/Jackson, Duvall, and Clouse/Burrows/Ortega/Parsons for Thor and Diaz. That would be a good ML pitcher, two top 100 prospects (one top 30), one ML ready hitter, and a ML ready hitter or reliever. I think that should be enough and it wouldn’t really hurt the farm very much. Those guys are all either on the 40-man or Rule 5 eligible this year. Would totally resolve our roster crunch.

  46. I mean, maybe it’s not reasonable to expect us to score 8 runs a game like we did for most of June. This team is not *that* good. Just like we’re probably not *this* bad. A bad streak was inevitable. Let’s have a little more patience before we demote everyone and play Inciarte at every position.

  47. Austin Riley is walking in 5% of his PAs for the season…including his hot streak in May. That is the exact same number as Jeff Francoeur’s career walk rate.

    Obviously, something has to change. Nobody is throwing him good pitches to hit anymore.

  48. If you sent everyone away who has a bad month then you’d end up with 100% roster turnover by the end of the year. It’s one bad month, on the heels of torrid stretch that almost single-handedly put us in first place. Patience for rookies. Impatience for Inciarte. That should be the plan.

  49. 57 — It’s not just one month, though. Since May 30 he has hit .202/262/411. It’s almost August.

  50. To me Riley struggled through June, but he seemed to be learning and was still getting some big hits at times. In July he seems to have lost all confidence and is striking out more often than making contact. I don’t see much choice but to send him down.

  51. TV Update…

    …since earlier post the Braves have disappeared off the Dish Grid and we have just one choice, the Philly home crew. Something really wild must be going on between Dish and Fox Sports South. Disappointing.

  52. According to the home booth the Phillies bullpen has been ‘transformed’. Recent road trip they were 3 and 0, 0.7 ERA

  53. Sorry I’m wading in late and after the game has begun, AAR, but another big recommendation for YouTube TV (plus MLBTV, natch.) I run them both (along with a smattering of other streaming services) on an Nvidia Shield and it’s by far the most seamless TV experience I’ve had since there were only 3 networks.

  54. Isn’t that the second time,back to back, Sorotka has been deprived of a tenth win by a nose.

    What a play by Nick – Athlete of the Year?

  55. Not seeing the game, is Soroka okay?
    Second time he’s left with an out to go to qualify for the win ( not that this stat matters)

  56. @93 He is fine as far as I can tell, but never really got it together in that 5th and I think Snitker made the right move in pulling him.

  57. What’s with Chip and the Christmas in July blabbering? Is it still the 25th? Did I time travel?

    Come on, you bums. Whup them gNats.

  58. last half innings, 39 pitches, 4 runs, 1 hit.

    Newcombe to be praised earlier for one very important out with bases loaded. Doing the job.I am a convert.

  59. Yes, Chip…we freaking get it! It’s Christmas in July night at the stadium! HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Very funny!

  60. @89

    The Nvidia Shield
    Sir Jonathan finally demands that they yield
    give me your channels, your chattering classes
    perforce I have triumphed, me and my opera glasses.

    I had vaguely heard the name, now i will read it up. Thanks.

  61. I sure don’t wish anything bad for Nick, but if he were “forced” to get some rest (i.e. a stint on the 10 day IL), I’m not sure that would be a bad thing. That would also give us a chance to call up Duvall for a few days and see what he can do in the bigs.

  62. A huge trade within the division? Can’t see it happening – but wow that would be guaranteed to stir things up. I bet he goes to the Astros.

  63. Don’t forget we have Matt Joyce, who would be a good platoon guy in RF. I fear Snit will just start Culberson everyday out there and just leave Joyce and Duvall on the bench.

    Probably will be Fried coming off the IL and Duvall coming up tomorrow with Dansby and Markakis going to the IL.

  64. Clarifying what I said in the last post, I think Culberson is a nice utility guy but shouldn’t be started on a regular basis.

    Or they could trade for a rental like Puig or someone. Probably wouldn’t take much to get Puig.

    Factoring in defense, Puig would probably be a slight upgrade from Markakis anyway.

  65. Tough for Neck. But if there’s one guy we can afford to lose for a while, it’s him. Camargo, Joyce, Culbertson, Duvall… We’re loaded and should be able not to drop off at the RF position at all.
    Great win to beat the Phillies.

  66. Smother Ball
    ab initio, there was total commitment above all
    looking on, Ronald, amazed
    It’s in his glove? He doesn’t even look fazed.

    Now you go away and practice.

  67. DISH TV

    FWIW…Dish are showing on their programming grid today a pretty full basket of Fox regional games. Including our home crew at Philly, but not Philly’s!!

    As a detail there does not appear to be a choice of selecting either the home or road team’s broadcast. That used to be the norm. But still, that’s a detail, fingers crossed.

  68. Late to the TV choices discussion but wanted to add something… I was an early adopter of YouTubeTV ($35 per month) and it was great. One of the really awesome things was I could take a ROKU with me when I traveled to my place in PCB and still get the Braves games. Apparently the rule with YTTV is you have to “sign in” from your home location at least once a month. So I could spend a month at the PCB home and never miss the Braves games. I had YTTV plus Netflix and was real happy with the package. Then in the span of a couple of weeks they both raised their rates. YTTV went from $35 to $50 (a 42% increase!). When YTTV was sold to me it was advertised as “all the channels you want and none of the ones you don’t”. Well their excuse for raising the rate was because they were adding a bunch of channels… that I didn’t want! I have no idea why NF raised their rate but I had noticed a decrease in premium movies and an increase in NT “original content”. So at that point I voted with my dollars and canceled both then opened a HULU account. HULU was less than YTTV and had similar movie content to NF plus I still got the Braves games. The only downside now is HULU will not let me take my ROKU somewhere else (PCB) and watch live TV from my home region. I am sure given enough time I can hack my way around that but I haven’t had a long enough stretch in PCB of late to worry about it yet.

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