Trade Targets from the Fence Straddlers

MLB is right at the 100 game mark and teams are gearing up for the trade deadline. With the lack of teams that are in full-on sell mode, and the new absolute trade deadline being July 31st, it’s bound to be a seller’s market and prices are likely to be high for contenders to make additions.

In a previous piece, I discussed the teams I thought were already ready to sell. Let’s check the list:

  1. Miami Marlins
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. New York Mets
  4. Baltimore Orioles
  5. Detroit Tigers
  6. Kansas City Royals
  7. Toronto Blue Jays
  8. Seattle Mariners
  9. San Francisco Giants

I still believe, for the most part, each of these teams will at least make 1 trade, and many, multiple trades (and some have already started). However, there are several other teams that are on the fence of a Wild Card berth that I think might be in the mold of “selling to buy for this year and beyond”. Some of the teams that are on the fence will sell off a few assets and players with large contracts or expiring deals in order to add players that could fit their needs for this year and beyond.

Those teams:

  1. Texas Rangers
  2. Colorado Rockies
  3. San Diego Padres
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates
  5. New York Mets
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks

I don’t think the above teams are going to let a seriously depleted trade deadline go by without putting a few coals into the fire. In my opinion, here are some of the players from those teams that we could see their names pop up in rumors.

Available? Not Available? You Decide

Fits for the Atlanta Braves

I’ve stated this before, but I’m still of the belief that the Braves truly want to add at the deadline, both a starting pitcher and a reliever (and maybe an outfielder), but do not want to give up high end talent for the acquisition of a rental. There are some interesting players on this list but some that will cost a fortune. Others, due to contract, are likely to come at a lesser cost should the Braves bite the bullet and take on the money.

Who on the above list would you like the Braves target before July 31st? In a future piece, I’ll build on my thoughts and who the Braves could target in the next 10 days.

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Author: Ryan Cothran

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36 thoughts on “Trade Targets from the Fence Straddlers”

  1. If I add nothing more of value, I’d like to say that Melky Cabrera is not welcome in Atlanta.

  2. I know this is blasphemy to some, but I would rather sign Dan Kolb to a $10 million minor league deal and see what he has left at 50 or so than bring back Melky.

  3. I think teams on the bubble will be incentivized to sell as strong offers come in. This is what the competitive balance crowd wants: teams not selling off at the deadline and going for the second Wild Card. But I think teams that a lot of fans don’t think will sell once an offer for say, Mike Minor, includes two top 150 prospects+, as an example.

  4. Hell, Chuck James is selling HVAC systems out here in Paulding County. I’d rather sign him than Melky.

  5. I think this whole thread needs to be dedicated to Chuck James and phony “what is he doing now” comments.

  6. You know, Tom Glavine got right handed hitters out for 20 years with pretty much two pitches.
    So when Chuck James came along, throwing those same two pitches, I convinced myself he could too. I did the same with Horacio Ramirez. Needless to say, it’s not so easy to do what Glavine did.

  7. Probably my favorite comment ever on this board is about Melky. i don’t remember who said it or the exact wording but the phrasing I do recall. Melky was asked about his disappointing season in Atlanta and responded by saying, “I might have been a little bit out of shape last year.” Our commentor’s response was something like, “if a little bit out of shape translates to morbidly obese then I agree.”

  8. Minor, Yates, Kela, Greinke.

    Pence is an interesting idea, except we have a glut of OFs already and SD does too. No match there. If we need an OF, we could promote Duvall or Ortega.

    Note: Kela would not be a “this year” acquisition.

  9. We guarantee most of these will be wrong — but at least a few won’t be.

    (And, of course, many other deals will happen. Just because, for example, we don’t have a reliever addition listed for the Rays or Braves, or a badly needed outfielder for the Cubs, it doesn’t mean they won’t go get one. They probably will.)

  10. Is there a concern some or even a lot of those players won’t even be traded? Seems like other websites are thinking this will be a really slow deadline.

  11. Druw Jones, Andruw’s son, committed to Vandy. Druw is class of 2022. Y’all feeling old?

    Congrats, Stu.

  12. Definitely feels like teams have been slow on the draw all year. But there are so many players clearly on the block, and so many teams with clear obvious needs, that I still can’t fathom how a week could go by without more serious action.

  13. It still boggles my mind that we ran Melky and his -1.5WAR out there for nearly 150 games.

    Well, “ran” – we are talking about Melky.

  14. Braves on Dish,

    As threatened Fox appears to have withdrawn this morning ALL of its regional sports companies from continuing to provide Dish with their programming. So its not just the Braves and Sports South it’s across the board.

    If you were watching every night on Dish like me but are one of these clever fellas who can see a way around this, please advise. Thanks.

  15. A year and a half of Bauer for 5+ years of Austin Riley. That’s tough.

    I wonder if it’s just best to say that one WAR of a bonafide TOR is worth, say, $15-20M. Just monetize that premium that a TOR is. Then probably put Riley-for-Bauer into that shredder.

  16. I’d probably do it, just because I think it will be easier to replace what Riley is doing (seems Duvall could give you say 80% of the offense with hypothetically better defense) than to just come up with an ace.

    I frankly think it’s a pretty fair deal for both sides.

  17. @29

    Dusty, I am most grateful, thanks. When i posted earlier they had closed down all twenty something channels – happy to hear they are still talking and we get to watch. I am totally addicted, can’t think of anything comparable! Has to be the Braves though.

  18. @blazon

    Be advised that Dish/Sling TV is notorious for having these carriage disputes whenever a contract is up for renewal. They are cheaper than their competitors (Dish is cheaper than DirecTV/cable and Sling TV is generally cheaper than other similar streaming products), but this is the catch on that. They do (usually) eventually get a deal done, but you may have a couple weeks where you’re missing some channels every now and then.

  19. Honestly, I wouldnt trade a used batrack for Douchey McDouche Face. Cleveland is hot on the heels of the Twinkies anyhow.

  20. 34-The point was more that Cle is struggling on offense especially in the OF and the trade could be seen as a win-win where neither is selling, just optimizing assets.

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