Braves Journal Podcast and Game Thread

Time zones are stupid. The Braves will play at 10:10 EST against the Padres. Dallas Keuchel vs. something called a Dinelson Lamet. Sounds like a cocktail.

Anyway, Ryan and I are going to try to kick up a podcast for the ole Journal. There’s a lot of Braves podcasts out there, but where I think ours will be different — I hope — is that it’ll be short and concise. I just can’t listen to these other podcasts that are an hour long, and there’s all this nonsense that has nothing to do with Braves ball. Perhaps you’re the same way. Let’s get you your thoughts, your analysis, your news, and get you on with your day. But we need some help from our wide base of readers:

-Does anyone have any mixing and editing skills? We need to create a template for the intro and outro of the ‘cast. We’d also really appreciate a small amount of education on how to easily mix the show together. I’ve got mild audio editing/mixing skills, but I’m not real efficient at it.

-Guests! If you’d like to come on and talk Braves baseball, let us know.


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52 thoughts on “Braves Journal Podcast and Game Thread”

  1. Piggybacking on this thought, while I listen to other podcasts fairly often, it’s always on my commutes. Seeing that the average commute to work across the nation is right around 30 minutes, a shorter podcast, quick and precise, would work well.

    Also, anyone with music talents that would like to write the Braves Journal intro, we would gladly take samples!

  2. What would the Braves have to give up to get in on that package deal for both Stroman and Ken Giles?

  3. I do enjoy some of the longer podcasts out there. I’m not a very time conscious person, though. Anyway, I think a podcast is a cool idea for Braves Journal. Looking forward to it. I have no musical abilities whatsoever though, so I’m of no help. Lol

  4. Swarzak is back. Dayton to the IL with a fractured big toe. No word yet on how that happened.

  5. Totally talentless here, so I am of no use whatsoever. Might I request that a transcript of the podcast be linked somewhere in Braves Journal? I read much better than I hear.

    Thank you.

  6. Love that you all are considering a podcast and will eagerly listen! I unfortunately have no audio skills :(

    Of the names that have been floated as trade targets, Boyd is the one I’d go all-in on. His K to BB ratio is insane, and thought the ERA isn’t stellar, a lot of his other metrics look really good. He’s under team control for a long time as well.

  7. “Also, anyone with music talents that would like to write the Braves Journal intro, we would gladly take samples!”

    Might maestro urlhix be able to help?

  8. I assumed you would just run with a sample from a Phil Collins track for the intro… (ducks)

  9. As if I haven’t lost all credibility on this website, I like Invisible Touch. ::ducks as low as I’ve ever ducked before::

  10. Some info about Zack Wheeler:

  11. Rangers say they will listen to trade talks on Minor. That could be fun. Doubt they’ll trade him.

  12. @15 I assume they’re just floating him to see if someone is willing to grossly overpay, considering demand. I’d like to bring Minor back, but I don’t get the sense the Rangers are actually interested in selling.

  13. I’ve done slash do some radio/audio production work, Rob/Ryan, I may not be able to answer every question but I’d be happy to try.

    I play some music too but not sure if it’d be the kind of thing you’d be looking for… would of course be rad for y’all to have something original, but if you don’t know about it, the Free Music Archive is also a great resource, to be able to use music without having to worry about rights/royalties/etc. I’ve used it for production work in the past.

  14. On the Braves’ broadcast, you will hear about their NL-leading bullpen ERA. But you won’t hear that the bullpen came into today 7th in the NL in bullpen FIP.

  15. He. Is. Not. A. Closer.

    (But thank you to Machado for jumping on the first pitch.)

  16. how to get RAJ going…i.e where he actually makes contact with a full swing…

    make him mad, frighten him too maybe.He might well have been frightened by that pitch. Then angry.

    chalk and cheese.

    would it work for Riley?

    LUKE…tying run, lovely last pitch of the game, all he could do was smother it… all that money. My man.

  17. Watched the end of the Angels game. Absolutely amazing.

    Vintage Keuchel and JD and RAJ keep producing.

    Go Braves!

    I am very excited about the Braves Journal podcast. Excellent idea. Thanks for making this happen, guys.

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