Pure Evil 5, Braves 4

For those who desire a summary of the game before my idiosyncratic ramblings about matters related and unrelated: Top first, Max Varsity Fried Pie (I prefer the peach, but my wife insists on the apple)—retires the Fish without any damage.  First pitch bottom of first–RAJ bomb.  Immediately thereafter, Ozzie triple (don’t pay attention to the … Continue reading “Pure Evil 5, Braves 4”

Rain Delay 1, Seat Painter 0

I have become convinced that one of the pernicious evils that the 1994 baseball strike has inflicted on us, is the Tyranny of the Long Ball. Think about it for a minute. After Cal Ripken Jr passed Lou Gehrig‘s consecutive game streak, MLB needed something to continue its recovery of popularity after pissing off the … Continue reading “Rain Delay 1, Seat Painter 0”