Seein’ Julio Whooped Down in the Confines: Braves 3, Cubs 8

Wilson Contreras got his pajamas ruffled, and he called out the baseball lawman and ranted like an infestation
Then Wilson kept on, he began to shout, and he started an instigation.

He is against the law, the baseball law

He is against the law, the baseball law

Then Tyler looked down and spit on the ground and planned out his next intention
Then Tyler said “Oy! if I get that boy
I’m gonna do things that I shouldn’t mention

Braves are on their way. We hope first’s where they’re going
They’re on their way, not taking much time, first place may be where
Watchin’ this crap, chug six quick Coronas.
Seein’ Julio whooped down in the Confines.

Seven before it’s official is a hole for a Terex Titan
Not one Braves run before the sixth
Then the bullpen was fair for most of the Evenin
Until Jayson Heyward looked fixed.

Braves are on their way. We hope first is where they’re going.
They’re on their way, not taking much time, first place may be where
Watchin’ this crap, chug six quick Coronas

Seein’ Julio whooped down in the Confines.

Seein’ Julio whooped down in the Confines.

Seein’ Julio whooped down in the Confines.

62 thoughts on “Seein’ Julio Whooped Down in the Confines: Braves 3, Cubs 8”

  1. Exactly right, cliff. If I hadn’t fallen asleep late in this game, I might have barfed. Hard to believe Snit left Julio out there that long, but I think he kept giving up hits on the first pitch before anyone could get ready in the pen. Flowers should have gone out to the mound to tell Julio to at least bounce a couple before throwing the next meatball.

  2. @5 After the way he pitched last night, I’d have thought Sobotka earned the right to stay a while longer.

  3. Well, I thought (probably foolishly) that Julio might have turned a corner. Looking over the game logs this year, I don’t see too many good offenses on the list of ones he has conquered. That the Cubs hit him like this seems like a clue that he can gobble innings but not face elite offenses (like the Dodgers). We still need another starter.

    I know that the fifth spot will likely be filled by Bryse this week, but, right now, I’m betting it’s either Gausman’s or Folty’s whoever can get straightened out first. My bet is Gaus starting and Folty relieving by the end of July.

  4. I don’t know if anybody really thought that Teheran was going to be a solution towards beating elite offenses in the postseason. He is certainly helping us with the division, however. I think he has to be your 5th starter, someone who only pitches long relief in the postseason. But that just puts even more pressure on the rest of the rotation.

    It looks like the team is looking more and more like 2018 Milwaukee. A team with a great offense, a deep bullpen, but bad starting pitching. Call me crazy, though, but I think there’s a playoff rotation in the organization. Soroka, Fried, Folty, and Keuchel still offers the potential to have 3 potential legit playoff options. And let’s say you let those guys face an order twice, and then you bring in Gausman or Newcomb to pitch 2 innings, and then you hand it over to situational guys and whatever closer you acquire. That’s a lot of pitching in a short series.

  5. @11 Right now, I sure wouldn’t let Folty stay on the field for more than an inning or two.

    I still like Newk as a potential option. If he can throw strikes, he’ an elite option. And he did one-hit the Dodgers.

    This team is cruising to a division title right now. FG has the Braves at nearly 90% chance to win it. We need the horses to match up with the Cubs and Dodgers for a seven game set.

  6. @14 – I have to agree with Dusty, it’s the 2nd one by a landslide. I think that the first one is more of a classic (as a single quote), but the accompanying thread for 8/12/2009 puts it over the top. And way over the top…re-reading it, and seeing so many names that I haven’t seen in so long, plus 358 comments on an off-day (though to be fair some of them were made after that date). Hard to beat that one

  7. Max is missing BMac’s target. Not a good sign.

    I’ve seen this movie. Hated the ending.

    Heckuva double play. Woohoo!

  8. I think his problem is in the stretch. Seems to be ok from the windup.

    I really would like to see us score a few runs so that the pitchers can relax and just pitch.

  9. There are some bad things I want to have happen to Contreras, none of which are printable in a family forum.

  10. I just hate the Cubs. I wanted them to still be waiting for a World Series title. Chip just adds to my dislike

  11. If you walk enough batters, some of them will score. We need a staff anchor. Max and Mike are good kids and may get there; but today they’re finding their way. Folty has great stuff but doesn’t throw enough strikes. Julio walks the tightrope. We need help, AA. Get somebody, even if it takes a blue chip or two.

  12. The old “Curse of the First Look.” Some random spot starter, can’t hit him.

  13. 46 — I don’t either, but it’s going to happen if the Braves still have the lead.

  14. Good thing we didn’t keep Brach. 29 innings pitched with an ERA of over 6 and a whip of around 1.8. Nice decision to pass.

  15. Swarzak! Good job, young man. I hate to agree with Chip, but can he please pitch the ninth?

  16. Count me on the list that doesn’t want to see Jackson. The idea of a one-run game and him against 4-5-6 is scary.

  17. It sure would be nice if McCann could run. He has had a good game with just about every at bat being a good one.

  18. O ye of little faith in the ninth…

    shame on you.

    heart of the order.

    so glad you were totally wrong…brilliant pitching.

    super catch by Charlie set it all up…remember those guys the other day saying always run into the ball, never dive for it…right.

    Ozzie still at a few million 12 years from now. they don’t deserve him.

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