Analyzing Austin Riley

Austin Riley is really, really good at hitting baseballs a long way. It’s why the Braves took him 41st overall in 2015 (thank you Craig Kimbrel and BJ Upton). A big strong kid from Mississippi, the Braves convinced Austin to forego a commitment to Mississippi State with a slightly overslot deal of 1.6 million. Now … Continue reading “Analyzing Austin Riley”

The Jinx is Lifted – Braves 12 – Pirates 5

I keep waiting for that night when Fried is going to pitch so well that I can really toot his horn. That hasn’t happened before now and it didn’t happen tonight. So, what I’d like everyone to realize is how well Fried adjusted after a disaster of a 1st inning (compared, say, to how well … Continue reading “The Jinx is Lifted – Braves 12 – Pirates 5”