One Night in Chavez: Braves 3, Shakytown Wobblers 5

L. A., as the sun is setting
But that city has bought and paid for what it’s getting
The “Can’t win the World Series” Dodgers”
In the city that brought us Yul Brynner

Time flies – doesn’t seem a minute
Before the Dodgers light up Gausman
down 5 after 5, hard to win
Play at this level only works when 9 are played.

It’s Shakytown, or the City of Angels, or Armpit
Or this place!

One night in Chavez and our Braves are just crap
Their fans are fickle, have to leave real soon
A short roller is as likely as a real honest rap,
And if you’re lucky, then you win two of three
This city’s angels are not for you and me.

This town’s not like any other
When your head’s down getting beaten, brother

Then two home runs, with an extra, makes three.
We are looking at the board not finding another three.

Whattaya mean?!
You’ve seen one crowded, polluted, stinking town.

Bullpen set up, 
It’s o.k. after the starter blows up

Got whipped, but almost made a comeback.
No way we ever get that game back.
Liberty Media hates us all, sunshine.

One night in Chavez and our Braves are just crap.
We didn’t like it, but we live for tomorrow.
One night in Chavez and our Braves are just crap.
Make sure your quiver has a worthy arrow.
Braves don’t let this turn into drowning sorrow.

Dayton, Newcomb, and Webb would be the firm
To which the Braves would have to turn.
No runs allowed by this fine group of pitchers
while our three came off Buehler.

But thank God I slept through this game,
Avoiding it.

I can see these Braves winning
Only when they play out every inning.
Yes you can watch, it won’t excite you
But the team we love can only invite you

So, Braves better go back to Miami,
Atlanta, and other places it sometimes rains.

One night in Chavez and our Braves are just crap.
While down in Compton they create a rap.
A good F. O. with money’s hard to beat.
Sometimes a win would seem like history.
This place’s no Angel and it’s not for free.

One night in Chavez made some hard men humble
Not much between despair and ecstasy
One night in Chavez and the tough guys tumble
Can’t be too careful with your company
I can feel the devil walking next to me

30 thoughts on “One Night in Chavez: Braves 3, Shakytown Wobblers 5”

  1. Easy to turn in down five. Glad comeback started after I went. Get ’em tonight, boys.

  2. My barber says we are about to make a big splash.

    ATL Gets:
    Will Smith
    Mark Melancon
    Nick Catellanos

    SF Gets:
    Kyle Wright
    Nick Goodrum

    Detroit Gets:

  3. My expectations for this Dodgers series are not real high. The Dodgers are just simply a better team right now. Maybe we can sneak tonight’s game (Fried vs. Ryu), but tomorrow is Folty vs. Kershaw, so no high expectations there.

    Our talent is just not that consolidated right now. I think we have plenty of talent and depth to get through a long 162 game schedule and win enough games to win the division, but I don’t think the talent is consolidated enough to beat the truly elite teams in baseball. AA is just going to need to make trades at the deadline to consolidate.

  4. @5 Your barber is speaking of trading Kyle Wright, therefore I do not like your barber’s trade.

  5. Forgive me if I leave someone out, but here is my ranking of the “Ace potential” or upside of all the pitchers in the organization:

    1. Soroka
    2. Folty
    3. Fried
    4. Anderson
    5. Touki
    6. Gohara
    7. Muller
    8. Wright
    9. Newcomb
    10. Weigel
    11. Gausman
    12. Teheran
    13. Wentz
    14. B. Wilson
    15. Tarnok
    16. Ynoa
    17. Allard
    18. T. Davidson
    19. Beck
    20. Riley

    I would not be heartbroken if we traded Wright in the right deal.

  6. I don’t really see where the Braves need a SP, truthfully. I mean if they had a chance to get an elite level guy, such as Kershaw, then yeah, sure. Bumgarner strikes me as a guy who’s a tier or two below that now, who’s going to be over-valued for a lack of supply. Why overpay for something that’s not a desperate need?

    To me, the biggest need is the pen. They can address that with money, and a guy named Kimbrel. It also wouldn’t cost a prospect. Maybe you also go out and get a decent veteran lefty, just to help solidify things.

    From there, if they’re going to consolidate talent, I think it makes sense to go after a big bat for the OF to slot 4th in the order. I’m a huge fan of Ender. I’m not that versed in defensive stats, however. I’ve seen some people say his defense has fallen off. As much of a fan of his as I am, if that’s the case, I do recognize his bat doesn’t support playing him for average-ish OF defense. So maybe you do something there?

    It’s still bullpen, bullpen, bullpen for me though… and I’m ok with the rest of the team.

  7. @9 I really, really disagree with you.

    First, there’s no way Wright is behind Gohara and Muller. None. To me, he’s ahead of Touki, as well.

    Also, how are you ranking Sororka ahead of Folty, who’s been there and done it? If you’re going off potential alone, there’s also no way Sororka beats out Anderson.

    Newcomb is way, way too high on there for me, too.

  8. 11-Thanks for the feedback. I imagine each of us has our own pecking order. To reiterate, I am going off upside alone for this list.

    I think Soroka has the ability to be Maddux-esque which is about as high as upside can go for me. He’s got the stuff and the ability to locate exactly where he wants to, just needs experience and health.

    I’m just not sure Anderson’s upside is as high as the top 3 (actually considered putting him below Touki).

    Admittedly, I’m higher on Muller than most and probably lower on Wright than most, but I think Wright is already close to as good as we are going to see from him. I expect him to get more comfortable with experience but I just don’t see Ace upside. You really could argue that if Gohara could ever be truly healthy, he should be much higher.

  9. Also, on Newcomb, the guy has had no hit stuff so I think you are underselling the upside a bit. I agree it’s unlikely he will ever be consistent enough with control, but if he ever did, he could be dominant.

  10. @5 that trade makes our starting OF, Markakis, Acuna, and Castellanos and would be catastrophic on defense. Our OF works now – sort of, this year – because you can position Ender to cover for Markakis and let Acuna’s speed make up the difference. Castellanos is a black hole on defense and we don’t need his offense. The Braves never in a million years make that deal.

    Also, reading on TC about a mick trade with a Giants blogger, apparently, the Giants have no interest in Ender whatsoever. Duvall, maybe – if you believe his bat is back. The Giants have plenty of good glove, no hit, OFs. And they do have interest in Tarnok.

    That said, I think MadBum is worth the price. His current performance mixed with his depth of experience still has him worthy of a top 20 SP.

    Also, I don’t want to get anywhere near Melancon if he jeopardizes our chances of getting Kimbrel because of his gawdawful contract.

    I’ve got no problem trading Newcomb as part of a MadBum/Smith deal. One good lefty with control for an experienced lefty in a contract year. Something like – MadBum and Smith for Teheran, Newcomb and Clouse or Tarnok and Parsons, Duvall, Demeritte or Ortega. Something like that. Including three on 40-man for two from 40-man to create an extra space for Kimbrel. If that sounds lite then just Teheran, Newcomb, Tarnok, Duvall, and Demeritte or Ortega.

    That’s two immediate rotation pieces and 1-2 immediate OF pieces along with a future rotation piece.

  11. I’m personally not that high on Gohara at all, which is probably where some of my shock came from, Dusty. I’m not much on Newcomb, either. The inconsistency bothers me. While I still differ in opinion with you, it is interesting to see where you’re coming from, and helps me understand a bit.

    A top 10 pitchers you like might be an interesting off day thread some time. It’d be cool to see what everyone thinks of the prospects.

  12. Great job, Cliff.

    I’m still very high on Wright. The past month is just a bump in the road. I predict we will see him in the ATL rotation this summer, and within a couple of years he’ll be one of the best starters on the league.

    Or else he is a complete bust. TNSTAAPP, after all.

  13. I suspect Wright’s career will be something like this…

    125-100 with a 4.36 ERA.

    Cromulent (HT to Rob) but not what you’d call good.

    He IMO is probably a 3rd starter at BEST on a playoff team, long term.

    I don’t believe we have even 1 guy that’s an ACE on a WS team or championship roster. I think we have several possible 2s.

  14. If anyone wants to fight, I’ll be in the VIP section of Chase Field for Mother’s Day as our cromulently average Braves take on the overachieving Snakes of the Valley of the Sun.

  15. Chief, I’m flying down to Phoenix for the Braves series next weekend too. Have lodging and car rental done. Haven’t bought Tix yet. What are your recommendations for Tix/seats?

  16. Really jealous of the Chase Field visit. That looks like a cool stadium to catch a game at.

    Y’all, Chief and I on other communication platforms have mended the bridges so well, I’d sure love to buy the fella a beverage at Chase Field one day.

    He’s still wrong all the time, though.

  17. I’m with chief, this rotation isn’t win-a-playoff-series good… yet.

    Soroka and Fried are likely on some kind of innings restriction. Would they even be available in October? Teheran belongs nowhere near a mound in a playoff game. I wouldn’t trust Folty or Gausman against a Kershaw, Lester or Grienke.

    Remember how the Dodgers destroyed the Braves with their depth last year? AA has some work to do yet.

  18. Well, at least there isn’t going to be any drama so everyone can go to bed.

  19. Flowers moves around so much after he gives the target it seems like it would be distracting for the pitcher. It annoys me and I’m just watching from home!

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