Two touchdowns beat two safeties: DC 14 – ATL 4

The great goalie Jacques Plante once said: “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?”  None of us, I suspect, would like to be known for their worst professional blunder. There have been many Bill Buckner retrospectives this week, and I don’t … Continue reading “Two touchdowns beat two safeties: DC 14 – ATL 4”

Tequila Tuesday – gNats 5- Braves 4

It’s another Tequila Tuesday Bangin’ head slowly on the keyboard Said goodnight Fried was just pedestrian Workin’ on the Nats he planned to fry The innings go by Ev’ry inning as the bats go down Just another Strasburg boy in town And he’s out runnin’ ‘us down Swarzak was just another piker And he couldn’t … Continue reading “Tequila Tuesday – gNats 5- Braves 4”

Shifting Sands–Cards 6, Braves 3

The Braves took a one run lead in the second.  Against the shift (remember this detail), Donaldson reached out on an outside pitch and gently poked a single to right. After advancing on a slow chopper by Kakes, Austin “Zeus” Riley plated him with a hard hit double down the third base line (“Unlike these … Continue reading “Shifting Sands–Cards 6, Braves 3”

Braves 5, Giants 4 – Austin Riley Is Here To Stay

This is my first post in at least a few weeks as work has been exceptionally busy, and your recappers have been doing a tremendous job. Thank you, guys. So I’ve got a few overall thoughts that are relevant to today’s game. Kevin Gausman, even with today’s start, has been disappointing. It’s possible that all … Continue reading “Braves 5, Giants 4 – Austin Riley Is Here To Stay”

It’s Julio Time and Tuesday SUCKS – Braves 3 – Giants 4

Tonight’s game is a perfect test for Julio, especially if we have any intention of trading him to the Giants. Ever since Rob set the bar, I want Julio to get his seven straight good outings in a row to create some trade value. Considering we’d love to get MadBum and Smith from the Giants, … Continue reading “It’s Julio Time and Tuesday SUCKS – Braves 3 – Giants 4”