Hey, no walks from the pen!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

How much text does it take to make the “continue reading” button show up? This is a question some of us would like the answer to. We would also like the answer to what is going to happen with the bullpen.

ETA: Well, it takes more than that amount to get the Continue Reading Button to show.

Let’s see if this works.

24 thoughts on “Hey, no walks from the pen!”

  1. Could anyone be troubled to add a few lines to the post so the “continue reading” part shows up?

  2. The Braves sweeping the double header would ease some of the pain of the last 3 games. Let’s hope Julio pitches like good Julio today.

  3. Some guy named Moroff is playing short and batting ninth for the Tribe, He is 2 for 28 with no (zero) walks for the season. He’s leading off the second inning. So what does Julio do? Four straight balls.

    How does that even happen?

  4. Thank you Cleveland. With 60 pitches and counting in 2.1 innings, we still better have the bullpen ready.

  5. Please.

  6. It cannot be overstated just how ass the Cleveland offense has been all season. And now a big dose of Braves pitching to help them out.

  7. Julio was pretty awful today. Could have been much worse than the 4 runs he gave up. 7 hits, 4 walks, and he issued 46 balls in 4 2/3.

  8. Julio has been pretty awful for a couple years. All the media talk at the end of last year and over the off-season was that we’d likely seen the last of Julio in aBraves uniform. It made sense to ditch him.

    Yet there he was. Our opening day starter. Not performing like a player who should sniff a playoff team’s rotation. The failure to move him in the off-season was either a front office failure to make a deal or horrible misjudgment of his talent.

  9. I liked Julio Teheran as a fifth starter/innings eater, but this is definitely one of the lowest spots of his career, and he’s had a few.

  10. I expect we’re going to fire Snitker around the end of May and call it a day as far as making changes.

  11. Not sure there’s any deal involving Teheran in the fabric of this reality that makes sense for the other team. In order to sell-high there has to be some high points…same is true for most of our pitchers. The part of “the rebuild” where we wheel and deal our way to the WS has always been laughable to me. Trades are zero-sum for the most part.

  12. recapped gentlemen while we gird our loins and prepare to hammer them Indians. Not with baseball bats though, apparently.

  13. That was a bad matchup for Julio. He struggles vs LHB and the Indians stacked their lineup with LHB.

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