Cleveland ONE. Can we try again please?

This was a fun game to watch and enjoy for 5 plus innings. Then Julio passed the 100 pitch mark, in came Jessie ‘let me get at ’em’ Biddle and we were wiped all round for 6 runs and looked awful being so.

Naturally, now that it didn’t matter, our flaccid bats sprang to life with back to back homers from McCann and Joyce. Kluger smiled benignly, knowing that though Julio matched him into 5 the pitch count showed up as a real factor .. Kluber himself was still pitching to finish the seventh.

We were out of sorts in all ways.. In the first inning Ozzie and Acuna failed to grab difficult chances. BMac had a terrible time as the game progressed with their base runners running rampant and creating scoring chances the hitters behind them seemed able to grab every time in that fifth. Some guy hitting .077 who Julio had walked first time around smashed his first ML home run.

Our bats were anemic. Freddie, JD, Acuna, Swanson, didn’t hit a ball hard I can remember nor did they look like they ever would.  Kluber – was he that good?? Nick, an honorable exception, accounted for our opening 2 runs that kept us level into the fifth. I thought Julio pitched a fine, fighting game. Our boys in the band starting with Parsons who came into the messy 5th struggled but it wasn’t that bad, the damage had been done. Webb though, for some reason, looked promising. There, I’ve been suckered again.

Lindor has just been announced for the second game. If there is a second game, the weather looking pretty awful. Onward, though, onward to glory.   Bats, PLEASE WAKE UP. Awful hitting.

PS  Here’s an updated Game Sheet for the starters in the second game.,lock_state=preview,game_tab=,game=565322

Below is full detailed scorecard for game 1.,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=565323

45 thoughts on “Cleveland ONE. Can we try again please?”

  1. Minor correction – it was Parsons that sprayed the gasoline on Julio’s trashcan fire. Biddle pitched well.

  2. It appears Shane Carle is the 26th man for the doubleheader. None of the beatwriters mentioned that he was called up.

    Edit: Young Gabe finally mentioned it 20 minutes ago.

  3. There is a strange rule that says the 26th man can only be available for the second game since yesterday’s game was postponed until today. Hopefully Sobotka will be sent down soon to get work in AAA.

  4. I don’t see how you can blame any of this on Snitker. This is on Anthopolous and his accountant McGuirk. Everyone in the NLE except Miami spent on upgrades. We got Donaldson and McCann.

  5. I was responding to gaz’s snark from the first game thread where he said firing Snitker would be our only move of the season.

    Obviously the roster isn’t his fault. But his tactical moves are just bad. Would it be tons better if he played his hand perfectly? Probably not. But it’d be a little better…

    All I ask of him is to have lefties pitch to lefties and righties to righties when making bullpen changes. And to stop trying to steal when our best hitters are up. If we could just put those two things into his in-game managerial coloring book, and have it stick, then I’d be fine with him.

  6. Newk pitched Thursday for Gwinnett. 4 BB, 5 K, in 5 2/3.

    You have a feeling he’s a head case and might be toast.

  7. This is unwatchable. You have to pull him. Good thing we used 5 pitchers in an 8-2 game a few hours ago…

  8. Feels like just yesterday this team was 9-6 and cruising along in that first game vs. Arizona, and then it all fell apart.

  9. Those of you who turned it off (or were lucky enough to have never starting watching in the first place) missed a Tyler Flowers triple. Jealous?

  10. They shouldn’t fire Snitker over this mess, because it was Anthopolous’ doing. He didn’t, hasn’t, and apparently won’t address the bullpen despite it’s ineptitude. They just got shellacked by Cleveland, for crying out loud. Oh yeah, and there’s a guy out there right now… Smh…

    I do agree- Snit could stand to tone down his small ball obsession, though. There’s no point playing for a run, anyway. A safe lead these days would probably be about 30!

  11. I don’t actually blame Snitker for anything for the record he’s just an inescapably easy fall guy. I think AA would have fired him last year but then they won the division by accident.

  12. Kimbrel doesn’t change the outcome today one iota. If this is our starting pitching staff all year we’re gonna win like 70 games tops. It has to get better when Folty gets back.

  13. I’m still listening and watching the fire in the wood stove. I mean, why not? There’s a decent chance here.

  14. Um…did that just happen?

    Of course, what’s also about to happen is that our bullpen is going to have to hold this lead.

  15. Blowing this now would be far, far worse than simply losing 7-3 and meekly going out 1-2-3 in the top of the ninth.

  16. Well that 9th inning was improbable af. That’s what it must feel like to play against ourselves. Stole one there.

  17. With this bullpen, you’re always expecting to slip on a banana peel or take the rake in the face when things are otherwise flourishing. Nice to see something different.

  18. We got so lucky that Ender struck out with one out, instead of hitting a weak grounder to second with the based loaded. It let the table sit down and eat a late dinner.

  19. @43

    I was thinking that myself. Francoeur suggested we pinch-hit Joyce for Ender, and I liked the idea if for no other reason than it seemed less likely that Joyce would mash the ball straight into the ground.

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