Not Quite Good Enough: Braves 3 – Padres 4

The Padres’ pitcher, Paddock, was pretty incredible through four – just allowing one well-placed RBI single to Ender-replacement Matt Joyce (I am getting really tired of Chip saying that every hit or AB Markakis has is “a professional hit”). He was every bit as good as Soroka. As is his pattern sometimes, Julio pitched up … Continue reading “Not Quite Good Enough: Braves 3 – Padres 4”

Atlanta BravesNation: Indigenous Persons 3 Disguised Colonialists 1

The might of the whole Tomahawk nationWouldn’t let us go station to station.Soroka kept his shoulder loose Until he whooped the Padres caboose. Ozzie hits lefties like a plague.The Pads fielding taken to the Hague.Tomlin has been a revelation.The pen avoided fornication. Atlanta Braves people, Atlanta Braves tribeOur pennant flies. We don’t take jive. Ender … Continue reading “Atlanta BravesNation: Indigenous Persons 3 Disguised Colonialists 1”


One strike away and we met our match. A team that over the last two nights has an XBH percentage of their hits at around 85 took full advantage of that new life in the ninth and turned a one run deficit into a four run lead, all with two out. Brutal, Minter gassed presumably … Continue reading “XXXXXTRA BASE HITS… ROCKIES 9 BRAVES 5”

Badda-Bing Badda-Boom: Braves 6 – Reds 7

Going into GABP, I thought that we were in for it with our pitching staff and the Reds hitters. But I looked at the Reds hitting numbers and thought that maybe we could get’m while they’re down. Then I looked at Sonny Gray’s pitching stats and thought… why, again, didn’t we trade for this guy??? … Continue reading “Badda-Bing Badda-Boom: Braves 6 – Reds 7”

Off Day Ruminations: The Albies Extension

As promised last week, I want to put my economist hat on for just a minute to discuss the Albies extension, in which people argue that Albies and his agent are leaving $100 million or more on the table.  There is nothing in economics that makes this impossible, but there are good reasons to think … Continue reading “Off Day Ruminations: The Albies Extension”