Phillies 3, Braves 1

Don’t wake me up when September ends. An absolutely dreamy regular season concluded anti-climactically 8 days after the National League East champions were crowned.  We may suffer from a bit of Impostor Syndrome when we assess our playoff chances, so please take some time to stop and enjoy this Division Championship before diving into the playoff … Continue reading “Phillies 3, Braves 1”

one sixty one…Nola 3 Braves zero

mea culpa…the days wither down to a precious few…eyes and thoughts are diverted to other games occurring simultaneously whose results may affect us…but Sunday morning still finds me in possession of memories from our game that are deeply etched so let me spin them out….now that i have realized it is my turn. Anibel…18 million … Continue reading “one sixty one…Nola 3 Braves zero”

Atlanta 10, Philadelphia 2

Things are becoming clearer with regard to playoff seedings as we enter the final weekend of this season. Mike Foltynewicz finished his final start with five innings of one run baseball, striking out nine Phillies to surpass 200 Ks on the season – the first Brave hurler to reach that mark since Javier Vazquez back … Continue reading “Atlanta 10, Philadelphia 2”

Mets 4, Braves 1 (at least, that’s what I read on the internet)

I had another commitment Thursday and didn’t watch the Braves. Judging from the traffic on this site yesterday, you probably didn’t see it either. I assume y’all can find summaries of the action (or lack thereof) elsewhere on the interwebs. From reading those summaries myself, it appears to have been a second consecutive game in … Continue reading “Mets 4, Braves 1 (at least, that’s what I read on the internet)”

Tip Your Cap: deGrom 3, Braves 0

For my last regular season recap, I get Cy-Young-to-be Jacob deGrom against will-he-make-the-postseason-roster Sean Newcomb.  Sean pitched well for 5 innings, but he is in a no win position.  If he pitches well, IWOTM, and if he pitches poorly he’s toast.  If I were Newcomb’s agent, I’d point out that he matched the Cy Young … Continue reading “Tip Your Cap: deGrom 3, Braves 0”

Off-Day Math Speculations: Are We Streaky?

There’s been speculation here at several points about whether the Braves 2018 edition is streaky.  The main reason we might want an answer to that question is the supposition that a streaky team will have trouble when they get into the playoffs unless they get on a long hot streak, because a single cold streak … Continue reading “Off-Day Math Speculations: Are We Streaky?”

Atlanta Braves 2018 National League East Champions

We’d been around too long with this bunch to know it couldn’t be this easy, right through to the end, surely? And it wasn’t, we went from laugher to white knuckle in a matter of minutes, late – just like last night except this time we were the ones trying to hold off the marauders … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves 2018 National League East Champions”