Anti-climax……Braves 2 Brewers 4

It’s not unreasonable to fear after last night’s heroics and scoring outbursts by the Braves middle order that to expect the same again was pushing it. We did indeed lose this game, late, having been ahead for most of the time and you could say, looking back, we asked for the trouble that was to … Continue reading “Anti-climax……Braves 2 Brewers 4”

Atlanta 10, Milwaukee 1

Oooookay. So THAT’S why Atlanta wanted Kevin Gausman. Anyone still miss Matt Wisler and those other three guys, Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe? The Braves jumped on Brewer starter Freddy Peralta early. In the bottom of the 1st Ozzie Albies walked, (No really, he didn’t swing at at least four pitches!), and with two outs Nick … Continue reading “Atlanta 10, Milwaukee 1”