Après 5 1/2, Le Déluge (and the metaphorical déluge began earlier)

I think it’s fair to say that in 1966 Hank Aaron was everyone’s favorite Brave. So the way you differentiated yourself from your friends is by specifying who your second favorite Brave was. I was torn between Felipe Alou and Rico Carty. Eventually, Carty became my second favorite Brave, but not in 1966. In 1966, … Continue reading “Après 5 1/2, Le Déluge (and the metaphorical déluge began earlier)”

Braves 9, Rays 5 (Nats 5, Phillies 4)

Let us consider, for a moment, the Phans. Okay. Moving on. I don’t have a lot of time this morning, so this will be a brief one. At this point, in the crush of a pennant chase by a young and exciting team that has real playoff ambitions, you should be watching them yourselves anyway. … Continue reading “Braves 9, Rays 5 (Nats 5, Phillies 4)”

Where the Braves Are Through August

In the month of August, the Braves are tops in all of baseball in pitching fWAR, 5th in ERA, 5th in FIP, 10th in GB% (get the ball on the ground, Newk, Folty, and Teheran!), and are otherwise towards the top in all categories. The new acquisitions, Brach, Venters, and Gausman, are 1st, 4th, and … Continue reading “Where the Braves Are Through August”

the same river twice…Braves 1 Fish 3

Having no idea what to say about tonight’s repeat performance I just reread Painter’s effort on last night’s imbroglio and found some strength in it. It was short, to the point, got the job done and got out unscathed. As these two games were essentially identical, our reason for losing both duplicitous, i shall attempt … Continue reading “the same river twice…Braves 1 Fish 3”

Another Good Julio Outing, Another Sweep: Braves 2, Pirates 1

On Monday night Bryse Wilson made his major league debut, a 1-0 win over the Pirates.  He reminded BJers of two different pitchers: Jaret Wright and Pat Jarvis.  1966 was the 25-year-old Jarvis’ rookie year.  The Little Bulldog, as Milo Hamilton called him, didn’t come up until early August (new manager Billy Hitchcock asked Richmond … Continue reading “Another Good Julio Outing, Another Sweep: Braves 2, Pirates 1”

Braves 6, Pirates 1

So, it turns out, if you can trade a few nice but not all that notable spare parts for this generation’s version of Young Andy Ashby, you probably should. Kevin Gausman continues to be the absolute gank heist of the season. One begins to suspect that Alex Anthopoulos and his team(s) are pretty good at … Continue reading “Braves 6, Pirates 1”