Braves and Blue Jays Working 9 to 5.

1966, Game 91. The Braves are 43-47 going in (and closing in on the first managerial change of my baseball life) and beat the Reds on a sunny Sunday, 9-6, before 36,522 boiled-peanut-eating fans. (Having never been to STP, and having attended only one game at Turner Field, are there still guys in the parking … Continue reading “Braves and Blue Jays Working 9 to 5.”

Jays 6, Braves 2

Baseball’s a simple game. You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball… You catch the ball… YOU CATCH THE….!!! Oh for chrissakes, people. Editor’s Note: It appears the comment link may not be loading on some browsers, potentially due to the length of the post not triggering the “continue reading…” button. … Continue reading “Jays 6, Braves 2”