How sweet it is. An evening when almost everything went right and the hated Cardinals were humiliated and dispatched in front of a sell out, stunned crowd. Max Fried in just his second ML start was the hero throwing a full 100 pitches in 6.2 innings with 11 strike outs, no runs, 3 walks. What a second time around! Poor Matt Wisler in a no-win situation bumbled through in relief till it got to the bottom of the ninth where he was clobbered and gave up 4 runs which, ironically, only served to highlight the difference with he who had preceded him- night and day. Send him away, then I’ll cry.

Fried’s curve ball which he throws at two different speeds was nicely set up by a 93 mph 4 seam fastball and he was able throughout the evening to maintain good control which offered no rest to the hitters. Surely he has established himself in the rotation with this performance and suddenly things look brighter. He should not be corrupted by bullpen use.

Of course, then there was the offense. We produced 15 hits in all, many of the XBH variety in the 6 run fifth which settled the game. Cakes had his fourth career grand slam and a double. Acuna had homered earlier and added a double in an excellent evenings work at the plate. He must learn to throw to the right base though, his throwing motion under pressure no thing of beauty. Ozzie was back in form with his 27th double of the season plus 2 singles. Freddie poked a cue shot single against the shift. In every other respect he exercised no influence at all on the outcome of the game something that is becoming common lately but, at least, no strike outs tonight.

So an important evening that secured us the series rubber may also have uncovered a bright, young star of the future. Let’s move ahead from here.


Max Fried

it would be very strange indeed

if we were not wildly enthusiastic

Snit now insisting on a cloistered lifestyle, monastic.


85 thoughts on “BRAVES 11, CARDS 4 YES!!”

  1. Pitching and hitting coming together in St. Louis. Count me in to keep Fried in the rotation. Not just after this game – the guy deserves it.

  2. We need be concerned about Acuna’s balance when running the bases. Twice last night, back to back at bats, it seemed that rounding second threw him off perfect balance and in the first instance he nearly ‘lost it’ approaching third.

    The powers that be need to spend time looking into this this, now, before he hits the dirt again. He is a fast, very powerful runner but first things first.

    @4 you would, wouldn’t you! thanks

  3. How many of us were able to watch the game last night?

    My MLB sub was useless, they listed the game with an unavailable post as though it was a blackout situation which it was not. Fox Sports had nothing to offer that we could find.

    And yet. When as a last resort we told our ‘cellular’ I Pad to go find it, its App did just that. Kenny Albert, Cone and AJP provided a lively threeway on the Braves and their kids, Cone particularly insightful.

    So what was going on? What happened to the promos featured on the Friday night broadcast? And that I Pad app if you have the more expensive version, is it legal? If not how do they stop it, plead with Apple?

    I raised this here a week or so ago. Anyone?

  4. The I-Pad
    if there’s one to be had
    we recommend the cellular
    but ask first what the hell you are.

  5. Hypothetical I’m curious for your guys opinions on: if the Yankees offered a 1:1 flip of Sonny Gray for Julio, would you pull the trigger?

  6. The 2020 team option is the only thing that makes me hesitant. Gray is better and maybe a little cheaper, and we have so much (potential) pitching.

  7. Good job, blazon.

    Gray’s 28, yielding a whip of better than 1.5; so to what advantage would we send Julio packing? He’s the devil we know, when good very, when bad horrid. Besides, we’ve watched him since he was a pup. No thanks.

    However, tempt me with something better, please.

  8. I have the MLB subscription through DirecTv. I was able to watch the game, although, the display in the Guide was different. Typically, I have the option of the Braves’ broadcast team (Chip & Joe) and the opponents’ feed. Last night there was only option, since it was on FOX. My issue with MLB (other than the price) is that about once a week, my DVR recording abruptly stops in the middle of the game. I’ve tried through customer service to remedy this, but with no success.

  9. Happy Bobby Bonilla day, everyone.

    Only saw the highlights but damn Max’s stuff looked nasty.

  10. @8, no. I think Julio is a perfectly serviceable 4 or 5. Swapping him for an equal or worse version doesn’t do much for me.

    Isn’t Bruce Sutter our own version of Bobby Bonilla, except worse?

  11. @16:
    The Atlanta Braves are still paying Bruce Sutter $1.12 million a year in a deferred payment through 2021 and he will also receive a final balloon payment of $9.1 million

    That’s another great one:
    The New York Mets have paid Bret Saberhagen a deferred payment of $250,000 annually from 2004 and that continues through 2028.

  12. “The Baltimore Orioles will give Chris Davis 15 deferred payments, $3.5 million annually in 2023 through 2032 and $1.4 million annually in 2033 through 2037.”

    Just when you couldn’t imagine that deal getting any worse.

    I think I’d swap Julio for Gray too. Gray’s away splits aren’t bad, the fastball is still there, and while Julio is family, he can’t really lose anything else off his fastball at this point and as he ages it seems a given.

    NYY may not do it, but Gray seems toxic in that ballpark, and after last night, they might.

  13. I’d rather read Foltzie’s box scores than watch him pitch. He’s got stuff, but his loss of control torments him and me.

  14. @24, really? Agree with you up to 2018. But this season, he’s fun to watch I think. 6 SO in the last two innings? Love it.

  15. Boy can bring it though. I’m glad he’s ours, despite how hard it is to watch him pitch. Only 45 pitches through three: who’da thunk it?

  16. As good as his stuff looks, he doesn’t look like he feels good. Maybe some heat exhaustion.

  17. I’m very high on the current version of Foltzie, but I’m also with Coop on how he can be tough to watch. He’s having a great game today, but he also has walked the man leading off an inning twice.

  18. @24

    coop…that’s very Freudian, take care please!!

    Folty today…so brave, so exhausted.

  19. Folty is the kind of guy we want in a playoff series. I don’t think I’m watching the same game as some of you. He’s been fabulous this season.

  20. Freddie!

    That helps. Foltzie going five, no matter how dominating, doesn’t help our pen.

  21. Joe says Carle has stopped warming up, and with a long inning maybe Folty has gotten hydrated and rested.

  22. I would’ve let Folty go another inning. With a 6 run lead, it’d sure be nice to rest the bullpen before going to NY and MIL.

  23. 47 – Completely agree. When one of our JAG relievers craps the bed in a high leverage situation and Snit is moaning about the pen being overworked, It’s games like these you look back to in pulling Folty after 5/86 pitches.

    These are the 1-2 outs Rob referenced in the previous post.

  24. I don’t think Carle was very happy with Freddie’s effort on the ground ball down the line

  25. After pulling Folty, the mission became to get 12 outs before the Cardinals scored six runs. Four outs in and they already have two. Not promising.

  26. You gotta be shittin’ me.

    I just quickly checked out the penalty shootout of Denmark and Croatia – what the hell happened?!

  27. Surprise to precisely no one. I wouldn’t trust these tired arms to hold the watering cans that water my plants.

  28. What a joke. Why is this hack allowed to keep hanging lollipops for home runs? Like was already pointed out, pulling the starter after 5/86 is as much of the problem as anything.

  29. Moylan is up to about 35% inherited runners scoring. Yikes. C’mon, enough already.

  30. Can we release Moylan on the spot. Fire Snitker too. This is the second time this year with a big blown lead for no good reason except that Snitker cannot manage a bullpen. Why in the HELL did he take Biddle out??? No one on this blog would have managed this game the way Snitker has – probably no other manager in baseball would have. Moylan MUST GO.

  31. When your starters struggle to go five, it’s hard to blame your manager for his choice of worn-out relievers; but it is frustrating. Leaving Biddle in could not have worked worse than bringing Peter in. Sometimes everybody guesses wrong.

  32. @66 except Snit is the one pulling them early. Quick hook with starters but goes all in with bad relievers

  33. @69 – I broke my leg playing softball a few weeks ago on a play just like that (collided with the other outfielder). Next year I’m playing 1B.

  34. Yeah, I must agree that lifting Folty after 86 pitches doesn’t seem justifiable. If Folty can’t make 100 pitches then he needs to take a little off and find how to be effective with a bit of craft rather than pure power.

    I’d rather have 7 IP with 6 hits 1 walk and 7 K vs 5 IP 3 hits 4 walks and 11 K.

  35. @66 Bulls**t. There was no reason to pull Biddle like that. Snitker plays out of a tattered and worn playbook. There is no good excuse to have used 5 relievers in this game. Especially as Biddle has proven to be an excellent multi-inning reliever. Who has he not used today? Freeman? Wisler? Jackson? Jackson would have been better than Moylan. Honestly, you cannot use 5 relievers every dang day.

  36. Minter and Winkler are our shut down relievers. Thank goodness Minter is getting better.

  37. Braves win. Despite Snit’s stupidity, Braves keep winning. Just imagine where we’d be if management only listened to us.

    Bring on the Yanks.

  38. It felt like 110 on the field. Folty was gassed. He had hands on knees after several batters in the 5th. This heat is ridiculous.

    No problem with pulling him there. Our pen is AA’s fault. Blame him.

  39. Release Moylan and call up Phillips. Not only does that help the pen and get Phillips some exposure, but it also opens up a 40 man spot.

    With MIL loss (to CIN, haha), the Braves have the best record in the league again. PHL/WSH killing each other in extra innings. Yanks are having pitching problems and have given over the division lead to the Sox. It’s hard to believe it could be much better at the halfway point but we all know it could be.

    I can’t imagine anyone thinking, at this point, that we’re “playing for a wild card”. By wins and losses this is the best team in the league. Management needs to start acting like it and improve what can be improved.

    Anyone know how long it’ll be before Riley comes off the DL?

  40. -Folty has allowed 1 ER or none in 11 of his 16 starts this season.
    -That’s good!
    -But he has only gone 5.1 innings or less in 11 of those 16 starts.
    -That’s bad!
    -But he’s 2nd in the NL in ERA!
    -That’s good!
    -He’s walking 3.96 per 9 innings.
    -That’s bad.

  41. The similarities between Freddie and Chipper continue.

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