The Same River Twice Braves 5 O’s7

This will be mercifully brief and bitty, for all our sakes. I was able to watch most of the game live while attending the Relay on one of those I Pads that has the cellular ability to zero in to the nearest cell tower that carries Sprint($10 a month). So 2.5 megs at home on the tail end of a ATT DSL line @ $55 a month suddenly becomes 75 meg for peanuts. Hope I’ve got that right, no nerd me.

We had 12 hits today, they had 7. They had 4 XBH, we 2. When the bases were loaded, twice, 2 hits produced all 7 of their runs. That’s it, really, offensively but really good to see Ozzie with 4 hits, Ender Cakes and Kurt with 2. It’s pretty clear Ozzie and Ender are out of their slump while Freddie is not. If you don’t believe me he’s made at least two significant errors moving too slowly to cut off balls to his right at first. Doubt they were called errors but by his high standards they were. Still maintain he is not well.

But the story of the day was, of course Julio who threw both of those pitches that resulted in the seven runs. Having filled up all the vacant bases immediately prior. Couple of them were walks, 3 overall. I have no idea why, he was so good last time out. You tell me. He was yanked after 4.2 innings, the three that followed from the pen – Jackson/Freeman/Moylan –  totaled 4.1 innings, for no runs. But the damage had been done.

Timely hitting, power hitting when it mattered most, poor starting pitching tonight did us in. What a game this is – the Reds killed the Cubs today, 3 in a row, after going for four tomorrow they will be with us in an hour or two. Bet they can’t wait. Whatever happened to that 14 game amble? REGROUP!!

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  1. Any contending team that loses two games straight to the Orioles should be automatically disqualified from the postseason. Even the Nationals, who got swept by the Blue Jays just prior to their series with the Orioles, and are getting swept in their series now against the Phillies, still swept the Orioles in-between.

  2. Good old Joe
    yesterday he called Machado for going slow
    run ’em out
    who wants to watch a tarnished gold plated pout.

  3. That’s what happens when the pitching is inconsistent. One night it was the bullpen and one night it was the starting pitching.

  4. Nice recap, lousy game; but at times I thought we were going to get them. Even the mighty Braves can’t win them all.

  5. Want to make sure I understand this…Problem with Julio last night was he was throwing TOO HARD?? 91/92/93/94,,,the slam came from a 94 pitch??
    So we have all this brouhaha a week or so back that he simply has to get over the 87 hump he seemed to be stuck at. And he did, 91, perfect win.

    If the above is approximately factual all i can infer from it is above 91 he loses control/movement? He must exist on a very thin line. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Right?

    and, separately…

    Adam R…clerihew, elaborate please, head still fuzzy.

  6. Freeman’s weakness is his range, especially to his right. It’s why he consistently ranks poorly with defensive numbers.

  7. Danny Santana
    we should treat in a dignified manner
    he has ousted the mighty Tucker
    three home runs, then an extended case of pucker.

  8. @7

    Yes, aware of that. I believe we saw something different. The first misplay was ‘under the glove’. He was there. Across but not down.

  9. @10 That’s a positive development. Finally, a sign that the org is not merely going along to get along. Another one would be replacing Bourjos with Michael Reed (and giving Reed Santana’s playing time). And next, opening a spot up for Allard (maybe with a trade???).

    It’d be nice for everyone to remember that even after losing two to the O’s and three in a row, we have a 6-4 record in the last 10. The last time everyone bemoaned a tough schedule coming up, the Braves blew right through it. One of the symptoms of this team being not quite ready for prime time is that they seem to play to the level of competition rather than playing consistently well. I think that’s the hallmark of a team with some maturing yet to do.

  10. 12 — Acuña is supposed to return tomorrow, and I would guess Bourjos would be DFA’d to make room for him.

  11. I think I’ve read he’s 93-95, slightly above average slider, and that’s pretty much it, but I could be wrong. The pining for Phillips is more to do with our current pen, the standings, and his stat line at AAA and less to do with how good he could or could not be. But now that he’s been called up, all the other guys like McCreery, Clouse, Webb, J-M are really not worthy of a call-up seemingly any time soon, so I’m interested to see how fans react if the pen continues to pitch like a $6.5M pen.

  12. LHP Chad Bell was another live arm who was picked up off waivers a month or so ago. He has been decent out of the Gwinnett bullpen and is on the 40 man. Not sure if he has potential to be a late inning guy or just a LOOGY. (Probably just a LOOGY, otherwise he wouldn’t have been on waivers in the first place)

  13. It’s a short bullpen today. Biddle, Freeman, Moylan, and Jackson have to be unavailable with their heavy workload the last couple of days.

  14. Jose Bautista has a .955 OPS in 77 PAs for the Mets. SSS, but maybe we should have kept him as a PH and backup COF.

  15. Little scouting on Phillips:

  16. As depleted as our bullpen is, Baltimore has to be even worse, especially with no reinforcements probably available. A good offense pulverizes this team today, goes McCarthy to Sims, ends the game, and sets itself up for the Reds nicely.

  17. @20 – I remember reading that it was more of a favor from AA to Bautista to let him find another team with more playing time after we decided to go with Camargo at 3B.

  18. This doesn’t seem like a good day to pull McCarthy after 5 IP and 74 pitches.

    Biddle in after throwing 3 IP Friday.

  19. Why is Minter pitching with a 4-run lead and one of our top 3 relievers just hit the DL? So stupid. Do we really trust no one else to get 3 outs?

  20. @26 Right. If you have seven relievers on a team, you might as well use them all every day, right? We’re on our fourth now. And extra innings on Friday. We’re back to having a bunch of tired arms out there.

  21. @29 I thought about that right when Dansby hit his HR. Minter was likely already warmed up in the pen so was essentially used today anyway. I’m sure that was it. Since Winkler blew his save, Minter is now being given the chance (even though today will no longer be a save opp).

  22. Don’t look now but the Reds beat the Cubs again and now have won 7 in a row. When is it that the schedule gets easy?

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