Los Angeles 7, Atlanta 3

I wanted to find something fun and entertaining to wite about in this recap, but falling asleep in the second inning is never a good sign that you are going to get a quality recap.

Brandon McCarthy served up two gopherballs to his former catcher Yasmani Grandal, and another to Joc Pedersen before being lifted with two out in the fifth. Sam Freeman and Jesse Biddle also got in on the homer train, surrendering one each to Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger.

Walker Buehler held the Braves in check before leaving with rib soreness in the sixth, and the Dodgers pen finished out the game, with Johan Camargo providing the only Brave homer. So, when your team gets outhomered 5 to 1, it’s a good sign you lost. Anibal Sanchez toes the rubber tonight for the suddenly moribund Atlanta squad, against Alex Wood and his 1-4 record.

43 thoughts on “Los Angeles 7, Atlanta 3”

  1. I turned it off after Albies struck out bunting with 2 strikes. Nothing good happens on the west coast for this franchise.

  2. With Riley’s knee injured, is there greater urgency in getting a third baseman, or do we let my man Johan man the corner?

    Break out your slide rules and enlighten the old and ignorant.

    Edit: at least Brandon does not make excuses. Or good pitches, for that matter.

  3. Nowhere did I mention the phrase, doomed. Your over the top counterpoints bring nothing to the discussion.

    Bats are fading, and the SP(especially McCarthy and Teheran) is leaky at best. The bullpen is overworked and needs reinforcement.

    Millenial memery is dumb.

  4. There’s nothing that tells me that McCarthy is just in a slump. His walk rate is fine, he’s attacking the zone, but he’s getting clobbered. His hit, home run, and strike out rates are some of the worst of his career. There’s nothing in the data to rule out that having one of his worst seasons at age 34 is not an issue. If he has 4-5 more starts like this, you have to think someone else should get these starts, including… wait for it… wait for it…. Matt Wisler!

  5. It really just gets down to what we think the team is. They could get swept by LAD and still be on pace for a Wild Card-contending season. Then they’ll get a much-needed day off, then they’ll get the Mets, Padres, Blue Jays, Orioles, and Reds. 12 of those 14 games will be at home. And now you’re at the end of June, a big trade may have already been made somewhere in baseball, and the Braves will have to begin to decide their place in the market. That’s a tough place to be, but that’s why AA makes the big bucks.

    In other news, Kolby Allard may start Wednesday and Soroka will be given an additional rehab start.

  6. Nobody needs a lecture from you, Chief, on bringing something to the discussion.

    If literally all you do as a commenter is show up whenever the team loses consecutive games to post something negative, you’re going to get made fun of — you realize that’s what Sam’s doing, right? — and deservedly so.

    Same goes for the folks who wait around for whenever Dansby goes on an 0-for-10.

    EDIT: Maybe the most unbelievable thing in this little exchange is accusing Sam of being a millennial.

  7. If he has 4-5 more starts like this, you have to think someone else should get these starts, including… wait for it… wait for it…. Matt Wisler!

    Are you Wisler’s agent?

    McCarthy in his worst season…equals Matt Wisler. This doesn’t need to be the hill that you die on.

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  9. @11 I hope you all know how much really good punk music there is out there in the late 70s/early 80s. It doesn’t have to be new to be good; as long as it’s new to you.

  10. With Riley on the shelf, it’s time for Moustakas. I think the Braves ought to take a run at Hanley.

    I think it’s time to give Kolby a shot. And really thinking Fried needs to be turned into a real starter and get on schedule.

  11. Fried apparently is having blister issues. He struggled with them last year in AA and got hammered last time out at Gwinnett. He probably isn’t getting the call Wednesday.

  12. Wisler is essentially Burt Hooten at the end of his career when he lost his fastball. Hooten was a terrific pitcher when he had it. He had two versions of a knuckle curve. It was his bread and butter. He had a changeup that was for show, and the fastball was good enough that hitters couldn’t sit on it. But when he lost a few miles on that pitch, all they needed to do was lay off the knuckle curves and it was batting practice. He had to be perfect with his diminished fastball just to muddle through.

    And this is Wisler. When he does well, it’s with teams that aren’t patient. He needs to be throwing at least 91 to be good. I don’t see where he’s going to get the 3-4 miles unless he starts chugging Julio Franco’s Jesus Juice.

  13. You can make all of the jorts jokes that you want, but the #1 pick in the draft is getting lit up by the Fightin’ Florida Gators.

  14. By the way, I feel like it is finally time for me to confess that I am actually Matt Wisler. I’ve kept the scam up for long enough.

  15. Wisler’s fastball is 91-93. His problem is that he doesn’t have much of a repertoire. According to Fangraphs, 95% of the time he either throws a fastball or slider.

  16. He’s got two versions of a slider and they’re excellent. He doesn’t have the fastball. When I’ve seen him, he’s throwing 88.

  17. He is averaging 92.5 MPH. Maybe you’re thinking of someone else? I don’t remember him once being that low.

  18. No, that’s him. Maybe I’m seeing him pitch when he’s not feeling energetic.

  19. Nick Esasky…who remembers

    Nick Senzel…deja vu…vertigo/DL..still at Louisville

  20. @17 here’s one

    The Florida Jorts
    are said by some to have abilities of sorts
    but said someone last Monday
    that’s exactly what they used to say about Ted Bundy.

  21. Toussaint is 2/2 with three RBI against Pensacola (AA Cincinnati). Single, double.

  22. Fried’s blisters may hurt the team more than it seems. He’s a guy you always feel like you could throw in long relief or make some starts. Blisters are just as bad as a strained lat or pulled groin and can linger just the same.

  23. With Scott Alexander pitching for the Dodgers, Chip said he loved him on Seinfeld…

  24. Wow…Ender is just lost. How much more time will they give him to work this out? Will we see Acuna in center when he returns and more Tucker in left? Couldn’t be worse

  25. Teams have obviously adjusted to Albies. Now he needs to adjust and lay off that high fastball out of the zone.

  26. Albies’ OBP has finally dropped below .300. I guess they should start batting Swanson and Camargo 1-2.

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