Braves 4, Padres 11, I am not responsible

This is on the night owls. When I left it was 1 to 0, Padres. So, the magnitude of this is on you.

This is a continuation of the predominant paradigm. A great philosopher and Rhodes scholar penned the phrase “Monday morning, coming down,” (he made a lot of money off of that one) but we continue to experience “Monday anytime, coming down.”

Eric Hosmer homers (Hosmer Homers, Homer Hosmers, whatever) in the first. Corey Spangenburg (isn’t that one of those deadly beef borne diseases? e. cori, spangiosis) homers in the 2nd. BUT, the Braves got it back even in the 4th. The disastrous 5th giving up 7 runs was the exact differential on this one.

Julio Teheran walked the first one in the bottom of the fifth and was pulled at 78 pitches. He obviously had been wobbly, but was it that bad, those of you who watched? So Luiz Gohara is brought in to pitch 4 timezones west of his body and promptly has his worst performance as an Atlanta Brave. Apparently Brazil doesn’t recognize daylight savings time because they know it is the same amount of daylight anyway or else it would have been 5 timezones. He starts double, ground out, sac fly. One run is in and 2 outs on the board. Then, the dive began. Triple, single, walk, double, double, double (yeah, yeah, toil and trouble). Moylan came in to get the last out, but even this bunch of come back Braves was going to have a tough time overcoming that Barve job.

My couple of experiences and the experts say that west to east jet lag is worse than east to west. Maybe they need to monitor the Braves.

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  1. It wasn’t that Julio was that bad, per se, so much as that they were worried about his health. Looking at a couple things this morning, he claims he was taken out because he jammed his thumb in his final at-bat, but at no point in the game was he not constantly looking down at and rubbing his fingers together like something was wrong, plus he was topping out at 89 most of the game, with 87 seeming to be the fastest he could throw and have any control over it, so he’ll have to forgive me for not buying the jammed thumb thing.

  2. Great recap. Went to bed early too.

    Still can’t help but think Brady Singer raging like a psycho had a role in him falling.

  3. @3 Yeah I agree Julio’s explanation seems flimsy. I wonder why he wouldn’t just say something was wrong (ie. a blister, finger numbness, etc) rather than seemingly trying to hide it…

  4. PSA… I have a vacation home in PCB and my wife is a teacher so we spend a good portion of the Summer there. I have tried various solutions, over the years, to the problem of being able to watch the Braves while I am down there (short of purchasing MLB.TV). I think this year I finally have a solution that works for me and doesn’t hurt my budget. Google launched sometime last year (I think) a new YoutTubeTV service which basically competes with Sling and the other streaming services out there. The thing I liked about YouTubeTV was it included live local broadcasts including the local sports networks. So I replaced my hugely expensive DirecTV account with YouTubeTV. I got a couple of cheap Roku boxes because there is a YouTubeTV add-on for Roku so now I watch the Braves this way. But here is the really good part. If you are watching your YouTubeTV account somewhere else you still get your home local broadcasts including sports networks. The only requirement Google has is you must log in to your account once a month from your home location. I am currently in PCB and last night I was able to watch the Braves is streaming HD with my Roku box using YouTubeTV. Since I would be paying for some kind of cable/satellite/streaming service at home anyway, I do not consider the cost of YouTubeTV an additional expense I would otherwise have to pay to watch the Braves while in PCB.

  5. Hap, I should have looked into that before doubling down on Charter!

    Believe it or not, Fox Sports South over live cable has some pretty bad quality and hiccups. It happens every game with blips and digital artifacts.

  6. I’ve been real happy with YouTubeTV. I work from home so I already have high speed internet so the streaming works good. Using the Roku devices gives me the added bonus of all their add-ons (Netflix, iHeartRadio, etc.). Overall it’s a really good solution for me that is portable between the two houses and I got in on YouTubeTV when it was $35 a month. The other cool thing about YouTubeTV is cloud based unlimited DVR. Lots to like about my current set up.

  7. Brazil has Daylight Savings Time, it’s just that it’s winter down there now. We have sites in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, and it’s a challenge from an IT standpoint managing the various DST rules in the different countries.

  8. I’m a bit surprised that both GA HS pitchers are still available. Good for Vandy and UGA though.

  9. I think Jenista gives us flexibility $$$ wise, but also is gong to be a good player.

    He has some pop and just an off college season.

    Had the draft taken place after the Cape Cod league, he’s a top 15 pick.

  10. 13-Wilcox, the top available player left (local for me) tweeted his thanks to all the teams that were interested in him, but indicated that he will be attending Georgia. He was going to be a tough sign if he didn’t go in the top half of the first round.

    I believe he will be eligible for the draft again after his sophomore season due to his age.

  11. And Kumar Rocker is going to Vandy. All of these elite arms still “available” are probably only available because they were signability concerns, right?

  12. Just pure speculation on my part, but I think Teheran may be pitching through an elbow injury and probably has a frayed UCL. His delivery has the inverted W arm motion.

  13. If that were the case, and Teheran had to go under the knife, his Braves career would probably be over as he would need to take the rest of this year and maybe all of 2019 to recover. (Medlen and Beachy tried to come back in less than 12 months and that ended disasterously.). His 2020 team option would probably be declined.

    This would be incentive for Teheran to try and pitch through the problem with decreased velocity.

  14. JT seems to always have one thing or another. I’ve always wondered if a beneficial side effect of TJ is that it shuts your body down for a long period of time, and any other minor issues heal or rest. Maybe even mental rest and one more year of maturity plays a role. If you told me JT needs TJ, I’d think he’ll be in a really good spot when he comes back for multiple reasons.

    With that said, it’ll be tough to eat his $11M next year. It’s always been assumed that he would help the 2019 team whether by his performance or by dumping his salary and potentially trading him for talent. JT to TJ is sub-optimal.

  15. 19 —It has been theorized that pitchers coming back from TJS often throw harder because they have a new ligament back at full strength for the first time in a long time, AND they learn to condition much better than before when they are rehabbing.

  16. Nick has a .650 OPS in the last week and a half. A lot of guys have cooled off at the same time. They’re going to have to find a way to spell Nick and Ender from time to time.

    I have a feeling missing that $25M from the budget is going to start looming larger as the season goes along. Had they believed Jay and just DFA’ed Kemp, this season could look much different. Of course, next year would look much different.

  17. JT would not be extremely difficult to replace in the short-term. We could get close to his production from Allard or Gohara or Soroka or whoever would not be in the rotation at that time. Or just hold onto Anibal.

  18. Braves take Tristan Beck in the 4th round. He was considered a top 50 pick but fell due to health concerns.

  19. 10/11 – I subscribed to YoutubeTV last spring when I was in Florida. Love it and you can use it everywhere – for me in Europe with a VPN, so no need even to confirm location once a month. A beauty.

  20. Allard has a great ERA and walk rate, but he has stopped striking anyone out.

  21. @21, we’ve enjoyed good stretches where most everyone was hot at the same time. I don’t know this team’s true talent but my guess is that it’s a lot closer to the preseason projections than what we’ve seen in the first 1/3 of the year.

    We’re definitely a bit deeper on offense than I thought going in, and Acuna is such a wildcard, his presence really makes things interesting.

    Don’t freak out if we have a bad 20 games. Maybe that will spur AA to action…

  22. Of course there would be some regression, I guess we were all expecting this. So even this year we will have 3-7 or even 2-8 stretches. I still think that in the end, we will be in close competition for a wild card. Our offense is still in the NL top 5 as well as our pitching, which has actually improved quite a bit. Go Braves.

  23. Just breezed through Keith Law’s chat. He seemed to think they reached on Jenista and said Beck didn’t miss a lot of bats but it seems ATL got good value based on other lists.

  24. Don’t freak out if we have a bad 20 games.

    In their last 20 games, the Braves are 10-10. I mention this only to note that our definition of “bad” now seems to mean “.500”, which is less gracious than in the preseason.

  25. I meant “worse” than .500. It’s going to happen. But your overall point stands.

    My take is that we’ve played a bunch of teams that can’t hit and that’s making us look better than we are. The NL East still sucks (relatively speaking). Let’s reassess once we’ve been around the whole league.

  26. @33 Maybe not. The bats cooled quite a while ago. We have hitters who are due. I don’t expect the offense to simply face plant after 60 games and remain face planted the rest of the year…

  27. New thread is up. It is a pre-cap and potential game thread, because I’m not even going to pretend that I’m staying up to watch a mid-season game against the Padres.

  28. Samuel Hutch
    you have to admire him so much
    early to bed
    when he spots a doozy ahead

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